Paris cemetery is expensive and the supply is out of demand. Ordinary people cant afford to die.

 Paris cemetery is expensive and the supply is out of demand. Ordinary people cant afford to die.

Paris cemeteries are no longer in place because of policy choices and the way they have been managed, said Michelle Carnegie, chairman of the French Funeral Information Society (AFIF), who assisted family members on the eve of Monday, November 2.

It is reported that there are at least 20 cemeteries in Paris, 14 of which are in the city of Paris, 6 in the suburbs, with a total area of 422 hectares.

The largest Cemetery of Father Rachez in Paris has about 70,000 cemeteries and many celebrities are buried there, such as British writer Wilde, Polish piano poet Chopin, American rock singer Jim Morrison, French playwright Moliere and French singer Eve Montang.

The graves of these celebrities belong to the historical heritage and should be preserved and respected, but do we want these cemeteries in Paris to be just tomb museums? Carnik said.

A recent report by the regional audit bureau of Paris has predicted that Pariss burial ground is in short supply. The city of Paris says this has a long history, and as Pariss population grew, there were signs of cemetery saturation in Paris as early as the 1850s.

Its impossible to be buried in Paris a few years ago and be on the waiting list now, Carnik said. The only possibility is to have the right to break the rules or to move to a cemetery outside Paris belonging to the city government.

In 2017, 171 of the 5,000 applications for the right to use Pariss cemeteries were approved, according to the city government.

Penelope Komites, deputy mayor of Paris responsible for funeral services, said: Although cemeteries cannot be chosen, the city ensures that all Parisians have access to a cemetery.

The latest solution proposed by the Paris municipal government is to impose cemetery caps (10, 30 or 50 years), which have long been permanent.

In addition, Paris cemetery is expensive. In Paris, the permanent right to use a 2X2 square cemetery is priced at 16000 euros.