The man put his newborn daughter in the bag and threw it off the cliff.

 The man put his newborn daughter in the bag and threw it off the cliff.

My father threw the baby girl down the cliff:

Maoming, Guangdong, October 26th. A baby girl was missing in a hospital. The father of the baby girl said that he was a boy, and had left his daughter in a cliff after bagging. Rescue workers rushed to the scene to search for help, because the baby girl was held up by vegetation. The father was arrested by criminal detention.

A woman who killed her 7 year old daughter was sentenced to 14 years imprisonment.

At 5:30 a.m. on July 14, 2017, a couple sent a 7-year-old girl to Changshu Meili Hospital for emergency treatment, accompanied by a small boy, but when the girl arrived, she had no vital signs and died after rescue.

Medical staff found that the little girl was blue and purple, belly swelling, like an abnormal death, asked the little girls father after he learned it was a kick by the parents, and immediately called the police. After receiving the report, the local police station immediately went to the hospital to carry out an investigation. It is shocking that the girl was beaten to death not by others, but by Wang Xiaoyan, the mother of the little girl.

The father killed a pair of daughters: his wife said he owed the net loan to about one hundred thousand boys.

Two little sisters missing in the Liujiang River District of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region city of Liuzhou people are very regret that their bodies were found in the early morning of June 8th, confirmed that two people had been killed. Currently, suspects Weimou -- was the father of the two sisters have been controlled by the police, and confessed to the facts of crime.