A spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office: Jin Yongs death and his novels grow with us.

 A spokesman for the Taiwan Affairs Office: Jin Yongs death and his novels grow with us.

The Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council held a regular press conference at 10:00 on October 31 in the press release Hall of the Taiwan Affairs Office (the fourth floor of Guangan Building, 6-1 South Street, Guanganmen).

ETTODAY, Taiwan News Cloud Reporter: Yesterday there was a news aroused cross-strait peoples discussion, is the author of the death of Mr. Jin Yong news. How would the spokesman comment on the impact of his literary works on both sides of the Strait? Do you have any of your favorite works? Thank you.

Ma Xiaoguang: yesterday, like everyone else, I was shocked to hear the sad news of Mr. Jin Yongs death. In my generation, in our growing environment, Jin Yongs novels are accompanied by us to grow up, probably few college students and young intellectuals did not read Jin Yongs novels. Mr. Jin Yong is a great writer who is respected by both sides of the Taiwan Strait. He wrote 15 great works by emperors. I noticed that netizens also have a summary of flying snow shooting white deer in the sky, laughing books and magic men leaning on blue ducks, which I think I have read.

Ma Xiaoguang: Mr. Jin Yong has expanded another aesthetic field for Chinese literature with his creation. He has expanded the connotation of Chinese traditional culture with his creation. Therefore, it is of course our duty to commemorate him on both sides of the Strait, and to carry forward Chinese culture together.

Lin Zhengyuee mourning Jin Yong: deep condolences to Professor Cha Liangyongs family

Hong Kongs chief executive, Lin Zheng Yuee, who is visiting Japan, today (October 30) expressed deep condolences for the death of a famous writer and senior newspaperman, Professor Cha Liangyong (pseudonym Jinyong), according to the Hong Kong Media Wenhui.com. Lin Zheng is deeply saddened by Professor Chas death. On behalf of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, I would like to extend my deep condolences to Professor Chas family.

Jin Yongs wish to make a living: one hundred or two hundred years after my death, some people still read my novels.

Jin Yong once said in an interview that when he was free, he would think of himself as a knight-errant or a knight-errant when he was in a car or an airplane. Among the heroes in many of his masterpieces, Jin Yong himself likes Ling Huchong best, and also likes Qiao Feng. He dislikes Wei Xiaobao very much. See this kind of people and avoid them. In addition, he once said, I hope that one hundred or two hundred years after my death, someone will still read my novel. I am very satisfied.