How many 90 years of love enlightenment started from Jin Yongs rivers and lakes?

 How many 90 years of love enlightenment started from Jin Yongs rivers and lakes?

Speaking of childrens love, many people first think of Qiong Yao. In the past, there has been a popular saying, men look at Jin Yong, and women see Qiong Yao. Because Jinyongs rivers and lakes are all fighting and killing, suitable for boys to see, while Qiongyaos Republic only stresses love, meet the needs of girls.

But actually, for the post-90s, many people began their love enlightenment from Jin Yongs martial arts world.

At that age when we didnt know what love was, we hated Li Mos sad feelings, and she always destroyed Yang Guos love, hated her paranoia, madness and cruelty to people.

But when Li Mo-chou asked the question ask the world what, direct teaching life and death Xu, the heart of that simple hatred has become complicated.

Why does Li Mochou, who is a snake and a scorpion, still spare a life for the handkerchief she gave her to the person he likes? Kill apprentices are not soft Chi practice fairy, but holding the wrong meaning for the sisters children show maternal softness?

Young people may not understand how painful it is to be betrayed by a loved one. It can make peoples heart twist to hard as iron. But when we see Li Mos sad eyes and feel lonely, there are more idiotic children in the middle, that hatred will always be a little intolerable.

In Jin Yongs world, we slowly realize that love can make people like a bait, but also make people feel broken.

Jin Yongs sons and daughters of the rivers and lakes have no choice but to sit back and relax.

Although I didnt know what true love was when I was a child, I thought Qiao Feng had a deep meaning for Ah Zis words: You are good at everything, everything is better than her. You have only one flaw, you are not her.

When Ah Ju has passed away, if Qiao Feng and Ah Zi together, can not also create a perfect ending?

But Jin Yong didnt let it happen. Even if Ah Zi treats Qiao Feng wholeheartedly, she can treat the injury of You Tan perfectly, but she can not bear to hurt her brother-in-law, but ultimately, Qiao Feng is not with Ah Zi. A Zi dug his own eyes before the cliff and hugged Qiao Feng to jump off the cliff and kill himself.

Did you ask Joe Feng that there was no love for Zi Zi? When we were young, we could not give the answer. Now what?

It can only be said that love is a puzzle without solution, when the first person I love is not you, maybe this life will never be. A Qiao Feng has only one Zhu.

Although we had no first love when we first read Jinyong, it seems that we have touched the fragile side of green plum, bamboo and horse in Jinyongs martial arts world.

No matter Guo Jing, Yue Lingshan Linghu Chong, or Wang Yuyan and Mu Rongfu, they could not get together at last.

Even if Guo Fu finally graduated from Yang Guo, he did not marry Dawu and Xiao Wu.

If Guo Jing had not walked with Huang Rong and married Hua Zheng under the interference of his elders, would he have lived a stable life in the desert with his innocent character?

If Yue Lingshan doesnt give up letting Fox Chong choose Lin Pingzhi, will Ling Fox Chong take care of her all her life and keep her from being hurt?

If Wang Yuyan had seen Mu Rongfus real intention in the morning, would her first love be Duan Yu, and the two of them would have made a story that lasted from beginning to end?

Maybe. But the richer our life experiences are, the less likely we seem to feel that these possibilities are, and the more convincing Jin Yongs love setting is.

Although the two small guesses have a beautiful side, from the end also has a perfect appearance, but the love story of the children of Jianghu is more profound than the simple love story. Because men and women only experience the ups and downs of life, will really understand themselves, understand others, then meet that person, is his/her life.

The end result is beautiful or cruel, but its the only thing you are willing to put in.

The more I love Jin Yong, the more I realize that love needs time and experience.

As time goes by, we will read Jin Yong when we are an adult. We also find that the love in Jin Yongs novels may be more varied than Qiong Yaos.

These were born 60 or 70 years ago love, even if it still looks very avant-garde today, can be said to be love without taboos.

Love between teachers and students

Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nus love between teachers and students in the feudal society can be described as incest, is taboo, even today, but also to face a lot of gossip. When an older male teacher falls in love with a female student, gossip flies everywhere. If a beautiful female teacher falls in love with a male student, there will be more blame. Because of this, Yang Guos life together with Xiao Long nun has always been envied, even jealous.

Because such love, need too much courage, once one side has a slight retreat, love will die half way, otherwise there will not be Liang Jingrus courage in the lyrics: I would like to follow you wherever you go, I know everything is not easy, my heart has been learning to convince myself, most afraid you suddenly said to give up.

Because we know the difficulties of love in reality, when Mr. Jin Yongs Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu can resist the bitterness of sixteen years of love is still not given up, we can not help.

Marry my mothers fiance

The non-partisan Yin Liuxia was originally Ji Xiaofus fiance of Emei School. He didnt want to make love with Yang Xiaofu in Ming Dynasty, and he didnt regret having given birth to Yang Xiaofu. This is a love tragedy that cant be both ends, but Mr. Jin Yong boldly let Yin Liuxia marry his fiancees daughter.

Although most people accept forgetting love, there are still many doubts about the intimacy of an older partner with a father or mother. Even the urban romantic drama Heaven If Love did not dare to let Dong Jies role of Yan Zhan marry his mothers good friend Ji Dongyang. But in Jin Yongs novels, we see the ending of love.

Denatured masochism

The top three martial arts experts in Jin Yongs novels must occupy a seat in the East. In order to practise magic skills and achieve hegemony, he did not hesitate to shoot his own sword. Since then, yin and Yang have been reversed. However, it is such a hero, but only love the male pet Yang Lianting, let it get power, he does not care about the government, but self-sigh is not the daughter body.

Even before he died, he had not forgotten to ask Ren Yingying to let Yang Lianting go for the sake of taking care of Ren Yingying for many years.

Long-sleeved dancing, thanks to the idea of the East unbeaten, in the face of loved ones can also be infatuated with not Jiangshan, regardless of life. True love in the world is not related to gender in Jin Yongs writing.

Jin Yongs swordsman rivers and lakes have attracted generations of people, regardless of gender, because he writes about true feelings, great love, can accompany people to grow up.

In the vast and extensive narrative of time, those forbidden taboos add warmth to fireworks. Of course, Jin Yongs love for his children is also heavy, because love in the world has always been hard to find. Maybe in the end, only the infatuated men and women will be left behind. But even so, it is not a good thing to taste the suffering in the world.

Unfortunately, the rivers and lakes are far away. In October 30, 2018, Jin Yong left.

Do you remember Hu Feis farewell to roundness in fox fox?

Hu Fei chased him and said, you... Where are you going? Circular way: why do you bother with me? Since then, just like a year ago, you dont know that there are me in the world. I dont know if you are in the world. Is it not clean?

Hu Fei stayed for a while and saw her floating away. Hufei was shaking, standing still, and sitting on a large stone outside the temple gate, gazing at the roundness of the place, only to see a grassy path with her shallow footprints on the Yellow sand.

Those who say goodbye to love for a long time can never be summed up in heartbreak. Jin Yong left, but it made him more precious. When we grow up, we only hope that those who admire us can meet again.

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