The students are very fierce. Ten thousand people can block six hundred thousand armies!

 The students are very fierce. Ten thousand people can block six hundred thousand armies!

At the beginning of November, eight hundred warships of Jin army began to cross the river and ran to the south bank. Yu Yunwen, on the one hand, commanded the infantry to fight to death, on the other hand, harassed the enemys transport ships with the navy, making it difficult for the Jin soldiers to cross the river smoothly. Under Yu Yunwens command, the morale of the Song Army soared to ten enemies, but the number of Jin Army was too large, the two sides fought fiercely for half a day, and the Jin Army still had the upper hand.

At that time, a defeated army of three hundred people came to support under the leadership of Wei Sheng. Yu Yunwen knew that Wei Sheng was a good general, so he ordered Wei Sheng to take the flag and change his armour. He sailed around the rear of the Jin Army by boat from the back of the mountain as a suspect soldier. After Wei Sheng was commanded, he led his army to the rear of the Jin soldiers and sent out the flag of the Song Army. At the same time, he ordered people to tie branches to the tail of the horse and raise dust to suspect soldiers. The golden soldier was in the middle of a retreat and camped out.

Yu Yunwen decided that Yan Liang would launch an attack the next day, so he dispatched some ships upstream, blocking Yanglinkou (now Anhui Province and County), blocking the Jinjun ships in the river; at the same time, he sent someone to inform Wei Sheng that his flag was out and launched an attack.

On the second day, he started to attack. Song Jun first killed the gold troopers with arrows and arrows. The army was in battle, but was suppressed by song army. Yan Liang kept pulling out the rear troops to attack, but they were resisted by Yu Yunwen, and the morale of the soldiers gradually declined.

Yu Yunwen seized the opportunity and ordered people to send a signal. Wei Sheng, who had been waiting for a long time, led 300 people to attack the Jiangbei Camp of Jinbing. At this time, Jiangbei Camp had been empty, Wei Sheng easily conquered the Camp, and then set fire everywhere in the camp. When he saw the camp fire, he thought he had been truncated by song army and had no intention to fight again. At that time, Yu Yunwen ordered the cavalry to launch the last blow. The gold army was defeated and the song army decapitated more than 4000.

After leaving the river north, he tried to cross the river by Jingkou, but he was heavily intercepted at Jingkou. He was furious and slaughtered generals, which led to mutiny and killed by his subordinates. The battle of quarry, the song army won much less, and saved the land of the south of the Yangtze River.

Yu Yunwen has been praised for nearly a thousand years for playing Yan Liangs tricks, and his military wisdom is evident. In the hand in hand tour, there are also cases where players find loopholes and complete reversals.

Zone X103 entered the stag race season, and after a short period of development, and Yangzhou players were challenged by Yanzhou players, the other side is strong, and Yangzhou can not compete with it. The Yanzhou Legion pushed forward and seized the enemy. Yangzhou [bloodstained] front army was in danger. At this critical juncture, Yangzhou and Jiangzhou skillfully exploited the loopholes of the Yanzhou Legion in the Wuchao unmanned defense, and carried out a two-sided strategy. The Yanzhou [famous world] Legion was successful in planning, dividing the troops back, Yangzhou frontal army immediately sent out troops, counterattack, north-south sandwich, and ultimately won a great victory.

Yu Yunwen successfully used a lost army to confuse the gold army, and finally won the victory by winning less. And Leading the Land hand tour, and Yangzhou players reached a strategic agreement, the North-South sandwich, but also the embodiment of wisdom, in the game played his wisdom, created his own legend.