Ready for armed conflict with Russia? Us massive speculation on European ammunition

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 Ready for armed conflict with Russia? Us massive speculation on European ammunition

NATOs multinational tanks participating in the joint steel battle axe.

On October 23, NATOs battle group in Latvia, composed of armored forces from the United States, Britain, Germany, Spain and Poland, held a live ammunition exercise code-named Iron Tomahawk at Adazi training ground near the capital Riga in Latvia, about 200 kilometers from the Russian border. The Russian army is full of provocation. The picture shows NATOs multinational tanks participating in the joint military exercises of iron and steel axes.

During the military exercise, NATOs multinational tanks were assembled, and dynamic targets were shot.

The line-up for the live ammunition exercise included: the U.S. Army M1A1SA improved main battle tank, the British Challenger 2 main battle tank, the German Leopard 2 A6 main battle tank, the Spanish Leopard 2 E main battle tank and the Polish PT-91 main battle tank, almost including most of the third generation main battle tanks in active service in the West. .

The picture shows the U.S. Armys M1A1SA improved battle tank, nicknamed Ghost Rider, equipped with a new infrared thermal imager and a third-generation depleted uranium composite armor. A new shutter-shaped IFF device is visible on the side of the turret and a German Panther 2 is visible beside it. A6 main battle tank.

The M1 series main battle tanks, named after the famous US general Clayton Abrams in World War II, have been the backbone of the US Army since 1980. The M1 series tanks will remain active in the front for some time to come.

The dynamic charts of tank drills in the United States, Britain and Germany are presented.

The British Challenger 2 main battle tank formation, which is advancing to the shooting position at the Adazi training ground in Latvia, has appeared frequently in Eastern Europe in recent years.

Although the Challenger 2 production line was closed in May 2009, it is still one of the British Armys main battle equipment, with the mysterious armor of Jobam and high-precision 120 mm rifle gun, Pick 2 in the battle has created a record of destroying many Iraqi tanks, and its own low losses.

The dynamic chart of the British Challenger 2 tank formation and the firing of live ammunition.

The picture shows the Poland army PT-91 main battle tank co operated with the US M1A1 tank during the military exercise. The PT-91 was improved on the basis of the Soviet (Russian) T-72M tank made by Poland using Western technology. Major improvements include the addition of Polish-made ERAWA-1 additional reaction armor to enhance the tanks defense capability against armor-piercing and armor-piercing projectiles, with the total combat weight increased to 45.3 tons; the replacement of Polish-made LLL night vision equipment to enhance the night battle of the PT-91. Ability and so on.

In addition, the PT-91 tank body surface also uses the code 1K2KS radar stealth coating, which can effectively reduce the probability of the tank being found by enemy radar. The picture shows the smoke emission data of PT-91.

Poland army PT-91 tank arrived at Latvia information map.

One of the continuous shots of NATO multi-target tanks.

Participate in the British Challenger 2 tank cross-country propulsion close-up.

NATOs multinational tanks are three of live shots.

Spanish tank soldiers replenish 120 mm tank shells during the military exercise.

After the training of live ammunition, the multinational tanks and tanks assembled to take a group photo.