Dandong Ni: Rockets are now playing like a waste crisis.

 Dandong Ni: Rockets are now playing like a waste crisis.

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Melon: I dont know why the Rockets are so bad. 65 win, the team is ridiculous.

The home court was a game the Rockets had to win, but it was a complete defeat. They were 15 points behind in the first quarter, 15 points behind in the second half. The game started in the third quarter and the Rockets lost again. At the press conference after the game, Danny looked down and said, Last year we played very well, now we play like trash, thats the difference. We are not playing well now. We will look at it and continue to fight. Now, if we dont score goals, we will not go into free throws, but we will not go in.

He hoped the Rockets would survive the crisis. We must continue to fight and maintain an upward spirit. These guys are good players, well find something, hopefully not too late now, but we have to get back on track as soon as possible. Well have to wait until James comes back, hes an important part of our offense, and at the same time, I feel the guys are holding on and I can feel that spirit. I hope you can keep this spirit until we solve the problem.