A homeless man in Anhui was sentenced to death for 1 deaths and 1 injuries.

 A homeless man in Anhui was sentenced to death for 1 deaths and 1 injuries.

It is alleged that Dong Mochao, a homeless man, was sleeping in a lounge chair in a corridor in the garden of East Huancheng Road in Luyang District at about 2 a.m. on June 5 last year. In his sleep, he could faintly hear a man-woman quarrel. The voice suddenly and violently pause, for a moment, woke Dong Mouchao up from his sleep. In a rage, Dong picked up the boards around him and hit Zhou on the shoulder several times. Zhou instinctively protected his head and turned away. But Dong Mouchao did not give up and continued to chase Cho. Then he stabbed thorax and other parts of the Zhou with a fruit knife. The man with Zhou came to stop, Dong stabbed the man with a knife, Zhou ran to the roadside from a small garden, asked for help and called the police, then Zhou died. At 4 oclock in June 5, 2017, the defendant Dongmou was arrested by the investigation agency.

After identification, the victim was killed by a single edged sharp instrument stabbing the left chest and causing acute cardiac bleeding. In addition, the defendant Dong Mouchao was not mentally ill and had complete criminal capacity.

After trial, the Hefei Intermediate Peoples Court held that the defendant, Dong Mochao, committed the crime of intentional homicide in bad circumstances, the crime was extremely serious, the social harmfulness and personal danger were enormous, and should be severely punished according to law. Finally, the defendant Dong Mochao committed intentional homicide, sentenced to death, deprived of political rights for life, and compensated the plaintiff with incidental civil action for economic losses of RMB 34575.

Source: Zhong an online writer: Chen Chengs editor: Ji Guo Jie _NBJ11143