Womens late night trip was forced to fight after being unfamiliar with a strange man.

 Womens late night trip was forced to fight after being unfamiliar with a strange man.

We must look up and down, look left and right.

Watch your body and watch your belongings.

Recently, Ms. Xiao of Shenzhen met.

Such a thing that frightens her.

Beauty midnight travel is tailed

Failed to hook up and forced to push it down.

At 23 p.m. on October 21st, Ms. Xiao was followed by a man after she left the A exit at the mud Gang subway station.

In front of the picture, the man wearing a white shirt is the tail man.

When Ms. Xiao walked to a dark path in the West Village of Nagang, the man went up and put his hand on his shoulder and said, Beauty, you have a nice skin. Would you like to have a drink and make friends with me?

Ms. Xiao immediately pushed the mans hand away, the man suddenly embraced her, Ms. Xiao resisted while shouting for help. The man was so angry that he did not succeed, and forced Ms. Xiao to fall to the ground.

Police! What are you doing? Stop it! At this time, the Qingshui River patrol police Cheng Yuanjiang far away to see two people on the ground tearing, immediately led the team to the incident. The man suddenly heard a policemans voice and fled immediately.

Police have been aware of tracking all the way.

Difficulties encountered in case detection

Cheng Yuanjiang, on a patrol mission to Luohu, found a young woman following a suspicious-looking man at the subway station. Years of experience told him what might happen and he followed him from the subway station.

Cheng Yuanjiang decided to get out of the car and keep track of the vehicles as they were unable to cross the village road in the city. As soon as he stopped the patrol car, he heard Ms. Xiaos call for help.

After the occurrence of the case, the Qingshui River police station of the Luohu public security sub Bureau immediately cracked up.

Through discussion, the police agreed that the suspect came out of the Nigang subway station at more than 11 oclock, living in the village of Nigang is very likely, through repeated analysis and judgment, finally locked in the identity of the suspect Hou Moubin.

The wretched man was arrested! Because of loneliness

Heart evil, do not want to go to jail

At about 22 oclock on October 22, Hou Moubin, a criminal suspect in a light blue shirt, entered the police line of sight and was arrested at Exit A of Nigang Metro Station.

Luohu police, Hou Moubin, male, 31 years old, junior high school culture, Jiexi people in Guangdong. After graduating from junior high school, he came to work in Shenzhen, and now he works in a real estate company.

According to Hou Moubin, for various reasons, there has been no girlfriend, long-term single let his heart very depressed, psychological and physical needs often torture him. When he saw some pretty girls in the street, he began to fancy.

On the evening of the 21st, when he left the subway station, he saw Ms. Xiao in good shape, so he followed her until he reached the dimly lit path. He thought the opportunity had come and decided to take action. I just threw her down and you came.

Luohu police said Hou Moubin confessed to his own indecency and had been detained for administrative detention.

Girls see such a case.

Is it good at heart?

So the girl is alone.

We must protect ourselves.

How do you protect yourself?

Hurry up and put down tips

Read it carefully, remember your heart!


Remember to keep it well! If you live well,the day will be fine! Source: Shenzhen editor in chief: Qiao Jing _NN6607

Remember to keep it well!

If you live well,the day will be fine!