Yan Bingtao, the 6-5 winner of the national championship, enters the top 16, Fu Jiajun and Zhou Yuelong.

 Yan Bingtao, the 6-5 winner of the national championship, enters the top 16, Fu Jiajun and Zhou Yuelong.

The first round of 6-0 swept Jimmy Whites Yan Bingtao, the second round with Welshs Ryan Dai. The first Yan Bingtao took the lead in opening up the situation to win the top 80-42. In the second inning, Yan Bingtao scored 20 points and made a mistake. Ryan Dale broke one hundred points and got 111 points to win the game. Yan Bingtao scored 84 points on one stroke in the third set and went on to the next, but Ryan Dai won the fourth set and drew in the first half.

After the short break, the fifth game, Ryan Dai several times to take the lead, with 61-30 win 3-2 lead. In the sixth and seventh innings, Yan Bingtao felt hot and hit 137 and 62 points in a row, two consecutive sets of zero. In the eighth game, Yan Bingtao cleared the stage, winning 60-46 games, winning three games and winning 5-3 matches. In the ninth game, Yan Bingtao scored 67-73 against Ryan Davin at 52 points in a single pole. Yan Bingtao scored six points in the tenth inning, and Ryan Dai broke 100 with one stroke and scored 133 points to take the game to the final. The decisive match Ryan wear two points first got 55 points, Yan Bingtao after the start of a 64 point reversal, 6-5 6-5.

Fu Jiajuns first round of 6-5 killed Higginson and the second round against Rissov J Ki. In the first game, Lisovsky hit a 74-point shot, followed by a city. In the second game, Fu Jiajun seized the opportunity to clear to reverse 65-61, but in the third and fourth innings, Lisovsky scored 54 points and 69 points, and Fu Jiajun fell 1-3 in the first half. In the second half of the fifth game, Li sowssky also broke the score by one stroke, scored 112 points and won again, and Fu Jiajun was 1-4 behind. In the sixth and seventh innings, Fu Jiajun hit the ball and hit 100 points with two shots, scoring 116 and 100 points, reaching 3-4 at one point. In the eighth inning, Fu Jiajun took the lead and was reversed by Lisowski with 63 points on one stroke. In the ninth inning, he was defeated and lost 3-6.

Zhou Yuelong beat Mark WilliamsThai player Song Shawa in the first round of the world championship. He lost one game and then drew two consecutive innings. In the second set, he hit 53 points, but Song Shawa scored 77 points in the fourth. In the fifth inning, Zhou Yuelongs 51 points in one stroke were reversed, and in the sixth inning, after 56 points in one stroke, he was reversed by Song Shawa to 62-59, losing 2-4 in three consecutive innings. In the seventh game, Zhou Yuelong scored 135 points and zero wins. However, the eighth game song Sha tile returns one point 101 points to win 137-0, Zhou Yuelong 3-5 delivers the match point. In the ninth game, Zhou Yuelong scored 56 points and won 60-45 points to catch up with a match point. In the tenth game, Zhou Yuelong lost in the defensive battle, and finally 4-6 lost his opponent.