American media Tucao Trump: the time of sending TV to watch TV is longer than that of working hours.

 American media Tucao Trump: the time of sending TV to watch TV is longer than that of working hours.

Trumps personal schedule shows that he spends more and more execution time on tweets and television than planned, according to Newsweeks website Oct. 29.

The Politburo newspaper, which obtained the U.S. presidential calendar, analyzed Trumps October 23 agenda on October 29. He had nine hours of execution time, three times the length of briefings, formal meetings and public appearances. His schedule was dominated by a two-hour, 45-minute chunk of free time, with only a meeting with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly later in the morning, a briefing to military leaders, a half-hour conference call with CEOs and a brief speech at the leadership meeting.

The Politburo found that the president sent dozens of tweets in succession during the execution time period, usually related to television news coverage.

In a three-hour tweet on October 26th, Trump complained that homemade bombs sent to hurt CNN, former President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton drew attention away from key mid-term elections in which Republicans hoped to maintain a majority.

Less than 15 minutes ago, Trump attacked the twitter website itself.

The President tweeted: Twitter has deleted a lot of people from my account, and more importantly, they seem to have done something thats hard to add back. Theyre killing growth everybody knows. A few days ago, it was a rocket ship. Now its a small motorboat. Complete prejudice?

At 6:45 a.m. on October 25, in another free time, Trump attacked the New York Times: The so-called Trump expert of the New York Times wrote a long and boring article on my mobile phone, which was so wrong that I had no time to correct it here. I only use government landline, only one rarely used government mobile phone. The article is wrong!

Apart from the lack of formal working hours, Trump started working late that week - not a day before 11 a.m., the report said. Mona Sutfen, Obamas deputy White House chief of staff responsible for policy, said Obama usually has a full day of formal work, and her successor, Nancy Ann Depar, said he has six to seven hours of policy meetings a day.

Former President George W. Bushs domestic policy assistant, Ewal Levin, said: Given the demands of this position, the lack of a holistic arrangement will lead to disorderly decision-making and loose discipline, which will be a major problem. I will never call free time execution time.

In October 29th, the White House did not respond to the enquiry of Newsweek.

Photo: President Trump of the United States.

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