Zuckerberg: Apple iMesseger is the biggest competitor of the company.

 Zuckerberg: Apple iMesseger is the biggest competitor of the company.

Netease Technologies News October 31, according to U.S. media reports, when Facebook counted on its messaging applications Messenger and WhatsApp to drive future growth, Mark Zuckerberg was not even concerned about the company that was still in the social media arena: Apple.

Our biggest competitor is Apples iMessage because its built into the iPhone and other Apple products,Zuckerberg said on Tuesday in a conference call with investors. Although Facebooks messaging service is strong in Europe and elsewhere, where iOS and Android devices are selling comparatively close, it still fails in important areas where iPhone sales are dominant, such as the U.S.

In important countries like the U.S., where the iPhone is dominant, Apple uses iMessage as the default messaging application, and its still in the lead, he said. Apple CEO Tim Cook has been criticizing technology companies for profiting from personal information. During his recent speech in Brussels, he criticized Facebooks business model for violating privacy.

Zuckerberg countered Cook at the meeting, saying Its important to note that people like our services, especially Whats App, mainly because we have a better record of privacy. WhatsApp is entirely peer-to-peer encryption, it doesnt store your message, it doesnt store the messages key, which is important because if our system cant see your messages, it means that governments and bad guys cant access them through us.

At the conference, Zuckerberg said the vast majority of the growth in platform-shared content came from messaging services and Stories features, with people sending about 10 billion messages a day, and photos, videos and links posted on WhatsApp and Messenger outnumbered those on social networks. Former Facebook Messenger director David Marcus had previously said that Messenger wanted to be the default messaging application, replacing iMessage and Android Messages. Marcus is now in charge of Facebooks block chain project.

On the same day, Facebook reported third-quarter results, earnings per share exceeded analystsexpectations, but revenue and active users were less than expected. Shares of the company rose $4.13, or 2.91 percent, to $146.22 on Tuesday, after which they rose $4.78, or 3.27 percent, to $151.00. (Mu Xiulin)