The tourists family was Wild Guide group beating media: scenic spots can not be barbarous growth.

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 The tourists family was Wild Guide group beating media: scenic spots can not be barbarous growth.

The whole family travels for pleasure, but does not want to be beaten up by violence without the rash disaster, which is really infuriating. After the treatment, the local police for the perpetrators of the violence to criminal detention, the relevant department heads also apologized by phone, and promised to tourists medical expenses and property damages to be coordinated, the treatment should be in place.

However, some netizens expressed different opinions and thought that the treatment of violence implementers was rather light. The administrative penalty decision provided by Yangshuo County Public Security Bureau shows that the incident was a dispute and physical conflict between Jiang Mouyun, a local villager who pulled tourists, and Ms. Hais family. But according to Ms. Hai, when they found out the identity of wild guide to prepare the original way back, her husband was pulled, and charged, and refused to ask the other side after the wild guide first hit her husband, then the two sides triggered a conflict, the other side also called nearly 10 people, to call the police, wild guide and the family hand. When Ms. Hai snatched back her cell phone, her mother-in-law, her mother and her 5-year-old daughter were kicked and beaten by a group of wild guides.

In broad daylight, it is an obvious fraud to cheat tourists away in the name of group guides, and it is even worse to coerce and assault them violently when their intentions are detected. From this point of view, simply to solicit customers can not lead to conflict between the two sides to determine the case, it really seems a bit relaxed flavor. Finally, the case was regarded as a typical case because it caused the attention of county leaders, so the party was transferred from administrative detention to criminal detention. In other words, under normal circumstances, the disposal of similar acts is likely to be more inadequate, or there is a certain degree of uncertainty in the standard of disposal.

Recently, the police station of Gulangyu, Xiamen Municipal Public Security Bureau, seized two wild guides who had repeatedly engaged in the activities of undocumented tour guides, and educated and admonished the two wild guides according to law and forbidden foot Gulangyu. But unlike Gulangyus wild guides who may belong to outsiders, Yangshuos wild guides are said to be villagers near Yangshuo County Town. They are not qualified to guide tours, and their purpose is to earn tour guidesfees. So it is obviously impractical to adopt the soft method of forbidding feet for such wild guide, and it is necessary to increase the punishment according to law. Of course, compared with the strict handling of typical cases, strengthening the rigidity and sustainability of governance, and strictly reducing the survival space of wild guide from the perspective of daily management, the governance of wild guide and other disorders may be more regulative.

The phenomenon of wild guide fraud and forcible soliciting tourists in scenic spots not only destroys the interest of tourists, but also seriously damages the environment and reputation of a local tourism market. In fact, on the Internet, keyword search with Yangshuo and Wild Guide can find many tourists Tucao on this aspect. This shows that Yangshuos wild guide phenomenon is probably not an example, the local treatment of this matter should also cite one another, in a normalized way to trace the entire industry.

In the future, the competition in the tourism market will be more and more reflected in the market environment, touristsactual experience and so on. Touriststolerance for such scenic spots as wild guide, black guide, forced solicitation and compulsory shopping will also become lower and lower. Accordingly, all aspects of tourist attractions should be in line with the direction of standardization and legalization, providing tourists with stable services and security expectations, and should no longer be infatuated with a certain original market environment, indulging the growth of various wild forces.