Officialdom is now two faces: first, look at whether the ancestral grave has broken the Fengshui after the window.

 Officialdom is now two faces: first, look at whether the ancestral grave has broken the Fengshui after the window.

People who do not believe in the ghosts and gods of Marxism Leninism are usually two sides. In recent years, many leading cadres have a common feature, that is, they do not believe in ghosts and gods of Marxism Leninism. They opened their mouths and told Marx, but they were superstitious spirits. Some people can not help asking, a leading cadre who has been educated by the Party for many years, and who has taken an oath under the Partys banner, how can he not believe in the ghosts and gods of Marxism and Leninism? As the saying goes, a man does not lose his mind, but he does not fear the ghost at midnight. This sentence can also be understood as follows: as a leading cadre, if he abandons Marxism and engages in feudal superstition, hoping for the protection of ghosts and gods, he is likely to have done something wrong.

One of the leading cadres, who was investigated and punished, always liked to hang horses and lengths on his lips and recite Buddhist sutras every day in his home. After the East Window Incident, he did not take the initiative to explain the problem to the organization, but let his wife go home to see if his ancestral grave was destroyed Feng shui. Such a practice is stupidity and incompatible with the requirements of the Party Constitution for Party members and cadres. Naturally, this person can not escape the punishment of Party discipline and national law. This example shows that the leading cadres who burn incense at the sight of temples and kowtow at the sight of Bodhisattvas do not really believe in Marxism, and most of them are double-faced people.

The person with the highest personal interests and the expansion of selfish desires is likely to be two faced people. In Yanan period, Comrade Mao Zedong pointed out in his article Against Liberalism that liberalism was putting individual interests first and revolutionary interests second. This is exactly the case with two faces. When personal interests conflict with the interests of the Party and the people, they only consider their own interests and sacrifice the interests of the Party and the people, and even break the law and discipline for personal interests. In order to cover up evil deeds and evade punishment, the two faced people have to be honest and upright in front of people. For example, some deceased leading cadres not only accept bribes by themselves, but also indulge their families to collect money, but also publicize themselves everywhere, their families, their relatives and their surroundings. Such people are often good at acting and acting. They are typically two-faced people, who are good at speaking and doing one thing, one thing on the stage, one thing on the stage, one thing on the stage, one thing on the face and one thing on the back.

Most of the people who are interested in organizing a group are two sides. People who are gangs and gangs tend to have ulterior motives. This kind of person is similarly one set in front of one another and one set behind ones back, pandering to ones personal promotion, setting up hilltops and dividing factions without hesitation to destroy inner-party unity and political ecology. We often say we must not let honest people suffer. But once the political ecology goes wrong, the honest man is easy to lose, but some double-faced people will take advantage of it. Before the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, some local political ecology was seriously damaged. Some double-faced people carefully managed their own small circles and made profits by canvassing votes and bribery. However, those hard-working and honest people were long buried and made the political ecology black.

How to prevent two sides in the party? The key is to grasp three key points: first, to grasp the education of ideals and beliefs. In theory, it is clear and politically determined. Only when Party members and cadres understand Marxist classics and deeply comprehend Xi Jinpings thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era can they truly build up their ideals and beliefs. Two is to grasp Party discipline and Party discipline education. We should make the Constitution of the Communist Party of China, the Guidelines for Clean and Self-discipline of the Communist Party of China, the Several Guidelines for Political Life within the Party under the New Situation, the Regulations on Supervision within the Party of the Communist Party of China and the Regulations on Disciplinary Punishment of the Communist Party of China deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and make Party members and cadres revere Party discipline and Party rules and self-discipline. We should observe Party discipline and Party discipline. Three is to grasp the construction of political ecology. The key to purify political ecology is to strengthen supervision. We should persist in taking drastic drugs to remove cancer and pay great attention to pawns to deal with chaos. Once we find two-sided people, we should punish them severely, and let them become crossing rats and everyone shouting in the Party.