Easy comment machine: Apple conference only upgraded products? The whole realm has been upgraded.

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 Easy comment machine: Apple conference only upgraded products? The whole realm has been upgraded.

The announcement, Apples slogan is Theres a marvel in hemaking, the Chinese version is wonderful group, waiting. Before the announcement, many media had predicted that Apple would launch a new product. Most people agreed that Apple might bring a big wave of products and its surroundings. So after watching the brisk and crisp announcement, Xiaobian had some surprises and some ideas to share with you.

No product has been madly tied up for three directions.

Basic user orientation: big revision MacBookAir for city assists

In terms of rhythm, Apples announcement was nimble, without the expected mass release of new products. The three products were well-positioned, clearly presented, and prioritized. Compared to the pace of previous releases of the iPhone XS series and the iPhone XR, Apples performance was absolutely commendable.

In terms of products, this time from the point of view of small editing, Apple is divided into three directions, the first is the basic user direction of the MacBook Air, before the formal introduction of the product, Cook shared a message that Apples MacBook Air series has successfully sold 100 million units.

Thats an amazing achievement in terms of data, and thats enough to justify the acceptance of the MacBook Air, the experience of being good enough to match a competitive price, and the fact that the new generation of MBAs arent the protagonists. But the introduction of the first appearance sequence by Cook also shows Apples emphasis on this basic user to the product, and the product from the inside out of the big upgrade, also fully reflects Apples sincerity.

Geek direction: old friend Macmini returns to show Apples business thinking.

The second in turn is Macmini, a product that many friends should be able to feel emotional about. Macmini was once the second choice for many who couldnt afford to buy a Mac but wanted to experience a Mac OS system. It was a series of products that sustained basic users. Lijun, however, due to the use of the display, although small but not portable features, combined with the product itself configuration has no advantage, so the positioning of this series of products is more embarrassing, Apple did not update it for four years has explained some problems.

But the good news is that perhaps Apples updating of the product also means that it wants to pinpoint its precise positioning, that is, the geek direction, or rather, the positioning between the base user and the geek user, giving the choice to the user, and offering the new Macmini a richer extension capability. The core, in fact, from the product point of view, the new Macmini changes little, just internal hardware configuration and interface upgrades, but it is because of the interface changes, so that Macmini has a strong scalability.

In addition to speed and bandwidth improvements, Blackmagic Design has built two External Graphics Processors (eGPUs) for Macmini, which, when purchased, allow users to have desktop-level graphics performance without sacrificing the portability of their laptops, low-threshold scalable devices + upgraded peripherals. Maybe after the release of the new product, many long-standing Mac OS users will use it as a pedal to move into the Mac camp. Some of them will upgrade, while others, depending on the Mac, may also. Purchase a Macbook series notebook for portability.

And for more advanced corporate users, the countless sets of Macmini configurable large servers also make it more likely to jump from an embarrassing device to a golden oil-like product and have to be praised by Apple.

IPadPro is the key to professional development.

Of course, the highlight of todays event is the iPad Pro, and the new iPad Pro is also on the market as a spindle. In the field of tablets, the iPad line is absolutely king. From mini to Pro, Apples tablet computer can be said to eat all walks of life, with 400 million devices sold. The series is the worlds most popular tablet computer product, with a dominant global market share, as Cook said at the launch, The second place is far from Apple. This sentence is really no exaggeration.

As a performance role in the iPad series, this time Apple has further deepened the positioning of the iPad Pro, that is, professionalism. This generation of iPad Pro subverts previous generations of product design, with significant changes in appearance. Full screen design allows the whole machine to ensure screen size while also having a better portability. The addition of A12X and FaceID has also made the product more secure for mobile office needs, and its clear that Apple wants to make it a mobile workstation.

The upgrade of Apple Pencil and the launch of a hundred professional software platforms also enabled Apple to implement its strategy. At the launch, the mobile version of Photoshop was perfect for the new iPad Pro, and designers were finally able to create beyond the computer experience on a portable device anytime, anywhere, for artists The lure of some creative engineers should not be explained too much, and the new iPad Pros game-processing capabilities are attractive enough for gamers, and the only thing well have to consider is that the tickets in our wallets arent enough. After all, after this upgrade, the iPad Pro has established a professional position. At the same time, it is farther and farther away from the masses.

The introduction of environmental protection concept to hardware products is another escalation in the realm.

In fact, in addition to the products, the most worthy of other companies to ponder the Apple conference is the contribution to the cause of environmental protection, and even in the view of the editor, this is the biggest point of view of the site release, 100% recyclable aluminum in the product, can be said to be another upgrade in the Apple realm. We live in the rapid development of science and technology today, have been accustomed to a variety of electronic products, accustomed to rapid updating, do not mind, but we do not know that, in terms of domestic mobile phones, about 2 billion old mobile phones a year, and every year in the number of 200-400 million increase, the number can be said to be very large The waste cell phones produced each year are linked to the earth for a week.

While notebook products and computer hardware have a longer lifecycle, the larger size offsets the longer lifecycle, so when you hear about Apples new MacBook Air and Macmini today using 100% recyclable aluminum as a material, many people can feel the difference in Apples realm without feeling it. As a company, from a business point of view, Apple can completely avoid increasing research and development costs, not to develop environmentally friendly materials, because this part of the cost is absolutely additional to the business expenditure.

But in fact, Apple has always attached great importance to the cause of environmental protection, by contrast, many are still fighting gimmicks, mutually harmful words of the manufacturers, from the state has lost, if Apple in the appeal stage, many manufacturers may not understand, then when Apple actually brought the first 100% recyclable aluminum. Should MacBookAir manufacturers think deeply about these materials? In the future, Apple will inevitably bring in environmentally friendly materials for the iPhone, iPad and even more peripheral, many manufacturers, after learning the Bang Hai Ping, whether it is in the concept of environmental protection, really a meaningful imitation of it?

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