Former top foreign aid: bad food in China for 5 months is too bad.

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 Former top foreign aid: bad food in China for 5 months is too bad.

Riordan, interviewed by the television show opengoal, recalled the short-term experience of playing for Shaanxis former Chinese Super League team in 2011.

Riordan grumbled about the short trip to China, revealing that he was supposed to join Rogers at Swansea, but failed to make it. The agent called and he eventually came to play in the Chinese Super League.

It was a good salary, but my agent wasnt involved in the negotiations at all. Everything was done by myself, and thats what made me very angry.

I swear to God, when the meal comes up, I feel like a big plate of chicken and a big plate of rice, but the chicken is still running around. I was hungry when our team got together because the food was so bad, like me, Fabio Fermani didnt like the food there, and he was hungry.

We can only eat a little noodles. Lets put some ketchup in it and parmesan cheese. The party got together and we ended up starving. We stayed naked in the swimming pool. This is really terrible.

Where Riordan was unhappy was the grass on the Chinese Super Court. He complained that the grass was too deep. He exaggerated that a league match seemed like a pit of water. After the game, he got gray nails.

Leonardos needle therapy also made him miserable. Simply put, they pulled out my gray nails and left five gaps. It was really horrible. There was no physiotherapy at all. All the treatments were acupuncture. If you are injured, you can only accept acupuncture.

Asked if he regretted playing in the Chinese Super League, Riordan answered, Yes, to be fair, its too rubbish.