Apple releases new Macbook Air: new retinal screen /8348 yuan

 Apple releases new Macbook Air: new retinal screen /8348 yuan

Before officially introducing the new Macbook Air, Cook also shared a big message that it was a memorable moment for Apple to sell 100 million Mac products today. Although Apple last updated the Macbook Air series last year, the Macbook Air experience is much weaker than core Mac products like Macbook and Macbook Pro, and the biggest advantage is price.

But this generation of Macbook Aires is a big upgrade from the inside out. First of all, the appearance of the computers B-side aluminum screen has been removed, and it looks closer to the main Macbook line. Of course, the final thing is that the Macbook Air series finally supports the retina screen, with a 13.3-inch retina screen and a front-facing camera to support high-definition Facetime. Notably, the new Macbook Airs metal shell, made of 100% recycled aluminum, is the most environmentally friendly Mac computer ever built.

In terms of hardware configuration, the new MBA upgrades to the latest Intel 8th-generation i5 processor, with faster memory (up to 16GB) and faster solid-state drives (up to 1.5TB). At the same time, the new MBA not only carries the third generation butterfly keyboard, but also supports TouchID fingerprint identification, and in order to ensure security, the fuselage also built-in T2 security chip, the users core private information will be stored here.

On the renewal, although the battery capacity was not directly disclosed at the conference, the official said that 12-hour web browsing and 13-hour music playback could be achieved. In addition, in terms of audio and video, the new MBA also supports dual stereo speakers, built-in 3-mic matrix, and has two lightning 3 interfaces.

Apples new Macbook Air will be available in advance today. It will be sold in the first countries and regions on November 7. Official duty-free prices start at $1199 (RMB 8348), and there are also three fuselage colors: gold, gray and silver. Although the State Bank price has not yet been announced, but it can be predicted that the starting price compared with the current old MBA line 6928 yuan starting price will certainly rise a lot, it seems that this years price increase is a big trend.

The latest price updates: Just after the launch, Apples domestic website also updated relevant information about the new Macbook Air, including its sales price. Two standard versions, 128GB and 256GB, are officially available. Both carry the latest Intels eighth-generation 1.6GHz i5 dual-core processor at a price of 9499 yuan and 11099 yuan, respectively. Thats normal compared with foreign sales, including the value-added tax on domestic products, but it looks like the starting price of the new Macbook Air is close to the 12-inch Macbook starting at 10,200 yuan, but certainly better than the Macbook in terms of performance. Source: NetEase digital editor: Wu Bo _NT3514

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