Interview with Jin Yong during his lifetime: am I not so much like heroes?

 Interview with Jin Yong during his lifetime: am I not so much like heroes?

Jin Yongs novels convey the excellent traditional Chinese culture to the readers in a popular way. His works have completely changed the situation that martial arts novels are not elegant and become one of the most widely disseminated books in Chinese literature. Although the evaluation of Jin Yong has not yet been unified, readerslove of Jin Yongs works is more than the affirmation of all literary awards. Fifteen swordsmens works are enough to make Jin Yongs name forever in history.

Jin Yongs witty remarks and big fans died.

At 9:00 a.m. on May 21, in front of the ball saw yard of the middle beam, which had just been washed away by the rain, there were full of students coming to listen to the report. An hour later, the students waited for the main character of todays report, Mr. Cha Liangfu, with warm applause. For students who love Jin Yongs swordsman novels, this precious morning may be remembered for a lifetime, because, as the host said, Whatever Mr. Jin Yong says today, he is saying, and we are very happy.

When the seventy-year-old man, who had only seen many times on the screen and was eager to communicate a hundred times and a thousand times in his heart, entered the theatre with great spirits, reporters guessed it must be chivalrous spirit that made him live so young. The applause lasted for five minutes. The students rushed to their feet to see the Golden Knight but were blocked by flowers. The student union specially sought out two girls to present flowers because Mr. Kim expressed this view when he attended an International Symposium on his works in Beijing last year: I adore women because they pay more attention to family, love and children. Another point is that lesbians are better than men. The hosts wonderful speech drew laughter from the audience.

No matter what subject Mr. Jin Yong is going to give a lecture, lecture or give a lecture, the topic will become a discussion of his swordsman novels without exception. The same is true of Jin Yongs meeting with students at Sun Yat-sen University in Guangzhou. Students are much more familiar with Jin Yongs martial arts novels than with their own textbooks. They can always ask some profound and professional questions about Jin Xue. Of course, Jin Yong is also very responsive. In this enthusiastic conversation, Mr. Jin Yong said His fragmented views on five aspects of literature, film and television, life and so on. Editor

Jin Yong speaks literature

Q: for a long time, I heard that the master wrote for many years. I heard that it is true to write the thirteen Musketeers recently.

Jin Yong: I never thought that I was not prepared to write martial arts novels. Now that I am a professor, I find that my knowledge is not enough and my ability is far worse than that of other professors, so I have to work hard in this area.

Q: how much do you think people can grasp about fate is really as deep as Xiao Feng says, and the deeper they struggle?

Jin Yong: Thats what Tianlong Babu said. Ones fate can not be controlled by oneself. People believed in life at that time, and modern people do not believe it. Confucius spoke of the destiny of heaven and knew it at sixty. By that time he was old and his life was coming to an end. Life is regulated by all kinds of things. Modern people believe in science and control their fate. Because Xiao Feng was born in the Song Dynasty, he was a Khitan, so finally formed such a tragic character, life is immutable to him.

Q: would Mr. Jin Yong please comment on three gentlemen, Chen Yinque, Hu Shi and Qian Zhongshu?

Jin Yong: All three of them are well-educated people, Chen Yinke has a high level of historical accomplishment, profound knowledge, is a model of the academic circles, high character; Hu Shi is educated in the West, he studies literature from the Western point of view, advocates vernacular, has some original ideas, advocates scientific democracy, and introduces modern ideas; Mr. Qian Zhongshu has a good literary accomplishment and understands. West lac and Latin are three narrower scholars, but have made great contributions to the society. Mr. Chen is one of my most admired scholars, so good knowledge, I was too late to learn a lifetime.

Young Jin Yong.

Jin Yong speaks on TV.

Jin Yong: no way. Just as I had 15 children and couldnt take care of them and had to leave them to the nursery, (laughter) I was angry that they abused my children and had to negotiate with the principal. They didnt make a good change to my novel, and Ill never sell it again, as if I knew the nursery wouldnt let the children in next time.

Q: whats your comment on the new edition of laughter and arrogant rivers?

Jin Yong: before the film was filming, they said they would never change. I sent them no royalties. But they did not keep their promises, I was a little angry, but later became friends with them are not good to scold them face to face. But they took it with their hearts, props and scenery. They all worked hard and spent more money and energy than Hong Kong and Taiwan. I admire that, but their artistic ideas are different from mine. They think its too late for Linghu Chong to play too late. I dont think this is true. They also filmed the romance of the Three Kingdoms. When did Zhu Geliang appear? He did not participate in the three justice of Taoyuan. When did Song Jiang appear in the outlaws of the Marsh? There is also a foreign outstanding movie gone with the wind. Clark gable did not come out very late. So I said they didnt hold this view.

Jin Yong tells the movie

Q: Recently, the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon has caused a sensation. What do you think of it? Do you think swordsman films can represent Chinese culture to the world? Have you ever thought of turning your work into a movie?

Jin Yong: I think the film lying is very good. The director and director handle it very well, but the original novel is not very good. So Im not saying that my novels cant be changed, so long as they are talented and emotional, they are all right. Lu Ding Ji has been prepared to turn into a movie. Chinese culture can not be represented by swordsman movies, Chinese culture is very broad and profound, if there are swordsman movies to represent, then others think that Chinese culture is a fight and kill it, (laughter) of course, this is not right. Wugong is just a tool to defend civilized culture.

Q: you have written more than a dozen martial arts novels. Who do you think you are most like?

Jin Yong: I am completely different from heroes. In Hong Kong, people call me Cha Chivalrous. I dont think so. This time I met someone who called me Jin Chivalrous. I turned to him and said, Are you going to compete with me? (Laughter) The novel is actually a compensation for the authors real life and vent, I do not have martial arts, so I take into the novel, imagine myself so strong, I will not drink, so Xiao Feng wrote a very good amount of wine, my novel Knights martial arts are very good, there are opportunities to fight grievances, I do not have a very beautiful girlfriend, place. It is a kind of hope and ideal that all the female chivalrous men in my novels are beautiful and lovely. I am not a chivalrous man at all. If I write myself, I am not tall, beautiful or clever, so I cant use realistic writing. Some people criticize my novels for being too romantic and the knight errant is romantic. This is different from other novels. Two styles.

Q: is there any plan to adapt novels to movies and cooperate with Ang Lee?

Jin Yong: I saw him in Taipei a short time ago. He said he liked my novel very much. He called me teacher and I said sir. If he wanted to make my novel, I would give it to him. I was unsuccessful as a film director. It was a very tedious job to direct this and that. I dont recommend cooperating with him. But when he wanted to shoot it, I gave it to him.

Jin Yongs culture

Question: Chinese martial arts novels may reach their peak prematurely because of the appearance of masters like you. How do you think martial arts novels will develop in the future?

Jin Yong: This kind of evaluation is improper, martial arts peak is also to develop, I like to read martial arts novels, if someone wrote to me in the future I would like to see, I think their novels are just more lively, entertaining, people feel good when they are free to read it.

Jin Yong speaks of life

Q: you and Mr. Gulong can say two times in the history of martial arts novels. Can you talk about your association with him?

Jin Yong: he is from Jiangxi. I am a little bit chivalrous. He drinks for many years and dies young. I associate with him. I think he lives like a knight-errant. Once he refuses to drink with a group of Japanese and gets his arm cut. I am a regular scholar. He talks with me very well and it is not easy to live together.

Question: An American expert said that true love lasts only 18-30 months and then goes into a plain marriage. Do you think so?

Jin Yong: Maybe this American expert said that because his own love is unreliable. Four months and five months passed. This expert is a false expert. I think true love lasts a lifetime. Maybe after he dies there will be...

Originally published in the Southern Metropolis Daily, May 22, 2001.