Jin Yong, the knight errant, died: once I laughed, I have died more than 20 times.

 Jin Yong, the knight errant, died: once I laughed, I have died more than 20 times.

Everyone was surprised.

Mr. Jin Yong, who had been dead and laughed himself as Ive been dead more than 20 times, really left this time.

Jin Yongs birthday is celebrated on the 92 th birthday of Ma Yun (left).

Someone once asked Jin Yong, how should we spend life? The old man replied, make a scene and leave quietly. Life is in the world. A persons life, why can not be a martial arts novel, the first half of life indulge in arbitrary, free and unrestrained arrogance, the second half of life with respect, there is a heart of constant learning. Just like the life of chivalrous warrior, it is admirable.

Anyone who has read Jin Yongs novels will be curious. Jin Yong is exactly the same character as he wrote. Is it clever and slippery Wei Po Po? Honest and honest Guo Jing? Or indecisive Zhang Wuji?

Although he was called Che Chivalrous because he created many heroic chivalrous images, Jin Yong felt that the title was really overpraised: If I chose a role in my novel to do, I would like to be Duan Yu in the Eight Dragons. He did not overwhelm people with the power of hegemony, always leaving room for people.

TV series Duan Yu and Wang Yuyan

Ni Kuang once commented that Duan Yu had the greatest martial arts. It seems that Zhu Jis martial arts had not been used very much. Six-veined magic swords were not used when it was important, but they were widely used when fighting wine. It is quite true that Lingbo had to make a small step to escape his life. In character, Duan Yu is learned and kind and stubborn, and is taken by his father and mother as nickname. In view of this, Duan Yus characteristics are somewhat similar to those of Jin Yong.

Born as a idiot

Jin Yong, born in Haining, Zhejiang Province, is a famous family. He is not only good at business, but also has many learned descendants.

Although there were some decline in the birth of Charles Liang, there were still three thousand acres of good farmland. Boys are naughty, but they are different. He had a lot of books in his house, so he spent all day in the library. My father was afraid that he would read out the trouble and he would try to get him out to play.

Once, his father dragged him out to fly a kite and put it there.

My father was too anxious to be afraid of being abducted. After looking for it for a long time, he went home and looked at it. This kid is reading in the study room.

In this aspect of reading, Zha Liang Yong can be regarded as a fool. But although he loves books, he is not dull. On the contrary, he is quite talented in business. In fact, his real maiden work is not a martial arts novel Enmity of Swords and Books, but a collection of questions called for junior high school candidates, written by Cha Liangfu and two other students according to the content of their own test. The test books are sold in several provinces, and the first pot of gold earned is enough for him to go to university. At that time, he was only fifteen years old.

Chivalrous exsert

Despite his excellent performance, Cha Liangyong is not the kind. In his own words, born free and undisciplined.

In 1940, Zhan Liang Yong was admitted to Zhejiang united high school. At that time, the school often set up a wall newspaper, and excellent writing and Zha Liang Yong became a frequent visitor to the wall newspaper. One day, there was a crowd in front of the newspaper, and everyone was scrambling to read an article entitled Alices Roaming:

Suddenly I saw a colorful Cobra walking eastward.

Spread poison tongue, spray poison, return mouth to speak,

Intimidating students: I told you never to be born again...

The students looked at it and couldnt help laughing. Because everybody knows that cobras are referring to their instructor, whose famous motto is that you can never be supernatural.

The author of this great work is Zhan Liang Yong. Unaccustomed to the various practices of the director of training, see that he can not do anything to insult students, they insist on justice, with a pen to attack him.

When the instructor saw the article, he trembled with anger. He ran to the headmaster and cried, Please fire him immediately. A few days later, Charles Liang was ordered to drop out. He transferred to Quzhou middle school and finished high school.

When he was a university student in Chongqing, Sichuan Province, he studied in the Department of Foreign Affairs, hoping to become a diplomat to realize his political ambitions. But because he couldnt bear to see the bad school atmosphere, he was once again bold and outspoken, so he was expelled for the second time in his life. The ideal of diplomats is disillusioned.

From Zhan Liang Yong to Jin Yong

The fate is sometimes strange, although Cha Liangfu did not realize his ideal as a diplomat all his life, but he later said: Although I did not become a diplomat, but I do not regret. My free and loose character is really not suitable for this occupation. There are too many rules for diplomats. Maybe I will be dismissed after a week.

So fate brought him into another direction of life. In the autumn of 1946, Ta Kung Pao published an announcement: it openly recruited three international telecom editors for the whole country. There were as many as 3000 applicants. By virtue of his talent, Cha Liangfu was selected from thousands of miles and entered the Shanghai Ta Kung Pao, formally stepping into the newspaper career.

In 1948, when the Hong Kong edition of Ta Kung Pao was re-published, Cha Liang-fu was sent to work in Hong Kong, which was the most important turning point in his life. Working in Hongkong was not a good job at that time. Compared with the current international metropolis, Hongkong was much poorer than Shanghai at that time. But in the development of Hongkong, Zhan Liang Yong as a journalist, as Jin Yongs life is also gradually on the right track.

In 1950, the New Evening News under the banner of the Ta Kung Pao was published, Cha Liang-fu was transferred to the New Evening News as an supplement editor.

At that time, Rover, editor in chief of the new evening news, noticed that the competition of the competition will be noticed by many people. So brainstorm, decided to invite editor Chen Wentong to carry out martial arts novels in newspapers and periodicals. After the serialization of the novel, it caused a sensation and opened the door of the new swordsman novel since then.

This novel is called Dragon Tiger fighting JINGWAH. Chen Wen Tong has written a pen name for himself, called Liang Yusheng.

In early February 1955, Liang Yushengs Biography of the Grass Mang Dragon and Snake was almost finished, but he had not yet thought about what to write next.

Rover had to find another martial arts fan, Zhan Liang Yong: Liang Yusheng can not attend to it, only you.

Therefore, Chiu Liang Yongs martial arts debut, sword and revenge came out even more than Liang Yusheng. He divided the last word of the name into two parts and signed the name Jin Yong.

From Zhan Liang Yong to Jin Yong

After 1950s, the political climate in Hongkong was rather complicated. Wherever they go, they are all lying. Jin Yong could not resist: I must speak. So he found his former classmate Shen Baoxin, and the two people contributed together and founded the Ming Pao.

To run Ming Pao for one hundred thousand yuan, Jin Yong himself came out eighty thousand. He invested all his money in writing novels and manuscripts. His editorial every day is unique among many newspapers. Jin Yong wrote a novel and an editorial at the same time. The novel had to write eight or nine hundred words, and the editorial had to write more than one thousand words. Attention should be paid to international news at any time.

Every day when he opened his eyes, there were two thousand words of manuscript waiting for him. If you dont eat dinner, you need to write an editorial to sit down and eat at ease. When the editorial is finished, it usually comes to the newspaper. Jin Yong was often seen writing on the side, and the newspaper typesetting worker was waiting for him.

Jin Yong has continued to speak for justice, and has incorporated the theme of the country into the novel, so there are Sculpture Chivalrous Men, Flying Fox Outside Biography, Relying on Heaven to Slaughter the Dragon... As a public figure who keeps giving voice, Jin Yong is bound to be regarded as a thorn in some power. Some people say: to eliminate five Hongkong people, the second place is Jin Yong.

Jin Yong said: Although I became the target of assassination, life threatened, the heart can not help but fear, but I never give in to unreasonable pressure, and even be despised by the heroes in my book.

Jin Yong and Ni Kuang

At the most dangerous time, Jin Yong heard the wind and ran away to Europe for a month. The serial dragon eight has to find Ni Kuangs ghosts. A month later, Jin Yong returned to Hongkong. Ni Kuang smiled and said to him, Im sorry, Im sorry, I hate purple, so I wrote her eyes blind.

But Jin Yong, who was not yielding, wrote the political fable Xiaoao Jianghu and the social problem novel Luding Ji. Jin Yong is a true portrayal of for the country and for the people, and for the Chivalry.

In 1970s, the mood of public opinion was calm. In 1972, Jin Yong declared his pen closed: If nothing happens, Luding Ji is my last martial arts novel.

Jin Yong, a eighty year old student

Jin Yong wrote fourteen classic novels of martial arts. But although Jin Yongs fame is well known both at home and abroad, and he has a profound knowledge of history and politics, he still feels that he has not learned enough. So even after receiving an honorary doctorate from Cambridge University, Jin Yong insisted on applying for a doctorate from Cambridge University as an ordinary student, at the age of 81.

When studying in Cambridge, Jin Yong was just like an ordinary student. Carrying a shoulder bag, it is full of textbooks. For a while, Jin Yong was able to ride a bike to school, but his wife was worried about the danger.

When he was in Cambridge, Jin Yong became another Mr. Cha who did not pay much attention to him. There is no longer a halo of well-known writers, no longer the dean of the School of Literature of Zhejiang University, he did everything not for a degree, just for learning.

Some students wanted to take pictures of Jin Yong and sign their names. Jin Yong said, I am a student now, not a writer. When I am not a student, I will sit down with you to eat and drink tea.

In Jin Yongs eyes, learning at any time is not too late. Always keep a humble attitude to explore the unknown in life, self-esteem without arrogance, pride without complacency, which is a martial arts secret that each of us must practice in life.

Jin Yong and Nanfang Daily

Mr. Jin Yong had been interviewed twice by Nanfang Daily. On October 18, 2003, when Jin Yong was employed as an honorary professor of Zhongshan University, he was interviewed by Nanfang Daily. As a veteran of journalism, he said to reporters like this: Be honest and upright, run a newspaper to be clear about right and wrong.

In 2003, Mr. Jin Yong received an exclusive interview with Nanfang Daily.

No matter what kind of newspaper must have their own credibility, only this newspaper said, the article can be convincing, it can have a lasting charm. I think some newspapers now think that as long as the newspaper looks good, or even to create false news to please some readers, this may be a short-term sales in return for a sensational effect, but this approach is really the same as stoning your own job. To run a newspaper, we must have a long-term vision, to tell the truth, to establish credit, it is already said, it must be sincere, the brand can last forever, it is the most competitive.

Jin Yong also mentioned his expectation of University:

The most basic composition of a university should be to attach equal importance to both natural sciences and social and humanistic sciences. If we only attach importance tonatural sciencesand cultivate talents in this field, the society will become a mechanized and technological society. However, peoples thinking is very low and lack the basis and space for progress. If humans only value technology and ignore sentiment, I think, what is the difference between animals and animals?

In the interview, Jin Yong also expressed his expectations for young people, hoping that they would become chivalrous men, help others, and uphold justice.

Young peoples primary task is to learn and learn knowledge so that they can arm themselves. Next is learning to be a man. Being a simple person is to be honest and magnanimous.

4 years later, in 2007, Jin Yong received an interview with our reporter on the occasion of Hongkongs return to 10th anniversary.

Facing reporters, how can a newspaper be most competitive? Jin Yong answered that running a newspaper should have a long-term vision, to tell the truth, to establish credit, it is already said, words must be sincere, the brand can last forever, it is the most competitive.

Newspapers and people are the same, to tell the truth, to be good people, the lowest limit is not to tell lies, not bad people, not to harm. A man should be open and aboveboard. Words are powerful and powerful.

When asked by reporters, what is the practical value of learning Chinese traditional culture? Come to Jin Yong and ask, If human beings only attach importance to technology and ignore sentiment, I think, what is the difference between this and animals? Looking at the characters in Jinyongs novels, Chen Jialuo comes from a noble family, while Wei Xiaobao is relatively small. This change is mainly due to Jinyongs desire to give readers new imagination and encourage readers to face up to difficulties no matter what difficulties they encounter.

In response to the growth of young people, Jin Yong sent a message: learning, of course, is learning! The primary task of young people is to learn and learn to arm themselves. Next is learning to be a man. Being a simple person is to be honest and magnanimous. Faced with many of the novels a lot of emotional love stories,Jin Yong said, some college students for the sake of love, said to imitate the love story in the novel, I feel very sad and sorry, students should actively face life and love, do not easily give up their lives.

Some readers may get some psychological hints or fantasies from my works, hoping to meet a special occasion, meet a knight-errant, this fantasy is not very healthy, but I hope readers can be inspired from my book, influence themselves to become knight-errant to help others, adhere to social justice. This is the message Jin Yong hopes to deliver to the world through martial arts novels.