Jin Yong died today two years ago today, dream lover Xia Meng died.

 Jin Yong died today two years ago today, dream lover Xia Meng died.

After Jin Yong had no river, he saw his legendary life in 200 seconds.

I hope this is still a false alarm. In the late autumn of 2018, Mr. Jin Yong, who was killed for 5 times, came again with bad news of his death. The cover reporters repeatedly called Mr. Jin Yongs son to check the telephone number of the silk, and no one answered it. Mr. Jin Yongs media contacts and office telephones have never been answered. The writer Zhu Yong said in the circle of friends, Mr. Tao Jie, the writer of Hong Kong, told me that Mr. Jin Yong is not going to be able to do it soon, but I didnt expect it to be so fast.

The Internet has seen a clean screen, and missed Jin Yong, recalling the frenzy of his martial arts reading time. I started reading Jin Yongs novels in the fifth grade of primary school, and the first book I read was Liancheng Formula, because it was relatively thin in a large number of Jin Yongs complete works from my classmates. But after reading it, I regret to read it for the first time, because it is too gloomy. Years later, I was glad to have read it for the first time, because it taught me very early that the light of human nature is rare and valuable. I spent the whole night reading Jin Yongs books all night, and the other one was Gulong. The impact is too deep!


A sad sigh is that Jin Yongs dream lover Xia Meng died in October 30, 2016. Two years later, on October 30, the anniversary of the swordsman and the summer dream is the same, perhaps in the dark also confirmed a different kind of deep feelings.

Xia Meng was born in Shanghai on February 16, 1933. She was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. She was the chief actress of the Great Wall Film Productions Company of Hong Kong in the 1950s and 1960s.

In 1957, Jin Yong assumed the name Lin Huan and wrote a script for the Great Wall. Thus we know Xia Meng. Jin Yongs ancient costume film The Great Beauty for Xia Meng was highly praised and won the honorary award of excellent film from the Ministry of Culture of China. Jin Yongs once-in-a-lifetime director was Xia Mengs opera film The Tiger King, which set off a wave of Chinese opera movies in the 1960s. Jin Yong once said, I dont know what Xishi is like, but at least she must have the appearance of a summer dream before she is worthy of the name. It is said that the original beauty of Wang Yuyan and Xiao Long nun in Jin Yongs novels came from Xia Meng.

Jin Yong and Xia Meng

Xia Meng, who starred in 38 movies, was the head of Great Wall, Hong Kongs largest left-wing film company at the time. In 1967, Xia Meng passed away in the most beautiful years, leaving the screen. She was the star of many Hongkong stars. In 2014, the 65th anniversary of Xia Mengs film career, the Shanghai-born star returned to Shanghai to celebrate with old friends and fans. In November 15, 2014, Xia Meng also held a picture book signing conference at the Sanlian bookstore in Huaihailu Road. On November 16, Xia Meng held a fan meeting at the Film Museum. Qin Yi, 10 years older than Xia Meng, also congratulated her as a fan. Xia Meng died in October 30, 2016 at the age of 83.

No gold warrior in the world! Jin Yong died in Hongkong at the age of 94.

The reporter interviewed Jin Yong daughter to prove Jin Yongs death.