After retirement, the tiger was found in addition to Zhou Yongkang, Xu Caihou and them.

 After retirement, the tiger was found in addition to Zhou Yongkang, Xu Caihou and them.

Among them, Wu Shuilin, the chairman of the CPPCC at the prefecture level, was relatively high-ranking and retired relatively late. In the first half of October, he had just retired from the position of chairman of the CPPCC and began to retire. However, the leisurely retirement life, Wu Shuilin even a month did not enjoy has become the subject of investigation by the Commission of Discipline Inspection and Supervision, in the meantime, it also shows the local discipline inspection and supervision organs to eliminate evil, suspected of violations of discipline and law retired cadres can not let go.

Wang Yang, the former vice chairman of the CPPCC who was examined in Chaoyang District, Beijing, is more special than Wu Shuilin. Unlike Wu Shuilin, who has just retired, Wang Yang retired as early as 2016. That is to say, after retirement, he has spent two years of peace and security in his later years. Two years later, the Beijing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection has listed this retired veteran cadre as the object of investigation, digging deep into the old cases, in the level of supervision, it is undoubtedly more noticeable.

The official briefing did not specify the specific content and nature of the issues involved, but the wording was the same: both were suspected of serious disciplinary violations. This statement implies that the two mens problems are absolutely serious and may eventually be handed over to justice after party discipline.

From the resume, Wu Shuilin and Wang Yang are both typical local cadres. Their career and career paths are basically in the same place. Wu Shuilin was born in Huzhou and grew up in Huzhou. At first, he was a teacher in Huzhou. Later, he became a teacher in Huzhou. He was promoted all the way to Huzhou. He was the Secretary of Changxing County Committee of Huzhou, the Secretary-General and vice-mayor of Huzhou government, and finally the chairman of Huzhou CPPCC.

Wang Yang, a Luotian native of Hubei Province, has been working and promoted in Chaoyang District of Beijing since he graduated from Beijing Post and Telecommunications Industrial School. It is noteworthy that in his resume, Wang Yang served as Deputy Secretary of the Party and Labor Committee of Jianwai Street in Chaoyang District, director of the sub-district office, deputy secretary and manager of the Party Committee of the Beijing Wangjing New Industrial Zone Comprehensive Development Company, director of the Development Office and chairman of the Wangjing First-class Development Company. Today, Jianwai and Wangjing are the most prosperous areas in Beijing. Whether Wang Yang has ever sought illegitimate interests in these positions deserves public attention.

There has always been a misunderstanding in many peoples minds that retirement equals a safe landing, as if a cadre can retire smoothly, even if there is a historical problem, can enjoy his old age. There are not only misunderstandings among the public but also some cadres themselves.

However, this understanding is not correct, especially since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, discipline inspection and supervision institutions at all levels have been working to break this wrong understanding, for which a number of retired officials of all sizes have been investigated and dealt with. Among them, Zhou Yongkang, the largest retired tiger, is high to the state level. In addition, Xu Caihou, Guo Boxiong and other senior military officials have retired. The fly swatter campaign has never stopped. In August 2008, for example, at least nine retired officials were intensively investigated.

Among them, some of the problems of retired cadres mainly exist before retirement, they were investigated after retirement, mainly from all walks of life before their retirement to report. Before retirement, such cadres often take many measures to hinder and confront the censorship of organizations, and even have their own influence in the local areas, but after retirement, it is naturally difficult to sustain.

In addition, some retired cadres, although retired, are still eager to fill in, so that after retirement, they also use their own contacts and influence to make a variety of violations of law and discipline, in order to seek illegitimate interests. In this regard, China Youth Daily Ice Point Weekly in 2005 launched a blockbuster report a retired senior officials business has been in-depth depiction.

In fact, it is impossible for both past offenders and current offenders to obtain the light grace of the Party discipline and state law just because they retire. In this regard, the hearts of the majority of officials should be suspended. This time, Beijing and Zhejiang investigated retired officials, again reminding those who are new to the idea of luck - not to fail to report, the time has not come.