The woman took the bus to Chongqing and lost contact with the family.

 The woman took the bus to Chongqing and lost contact with the family.

Chongqing Wanzhou bus crashed into the Yangtze River frontal impact video exposure (source:)

In the last 21 seconds of video, the running No. 22 bus suddenly turns left, crosses the yellow solid line in the middle of the road, smashes through the guardrail and crashes into the river after hitting a red car heading in the direction. The whole process did not slow down.

At the moment of life and death, the bus driver, who ran for 24 years, ran in front of the steering wheel. According to the Wanzhou public security patrol police detachment, ran Yongs first driving license was dated October 1, 1994. Rans neighbors told a reporter once in depth that about six years ago, as a bus driver, Ran began driving the No. 22 bus.

At 5:24 a.m. on the day of the incident, ran Chung had been in a k song software and sang a look back again. The 42-year-old man with the online name of Dragon Traveling the World by K-song software was confirmed by his friend Li Qing (not his real name) as the driver of the bus that crashed into the river.

4.5 hours later, ran Yongs 22 bus crashed into the Yangtze River on the Second Changjiang River Bridge in Wanzhou. Fourteen passengers, including at least two babies, aged three and one, were also on board.

The bus driver ran for 24 years.

Bus driver of 24 years driving age

On the afternoon of the 29th, a reporter in depth rushed to the North Bank of the bridge. The intersection leading to the river was blocked, but many people still gathered on the bank to watch the rescue.

Reporters noted that the No. 22 bus is still in operation, the Yangtze River Bridge around a few stations have been avoided, the former ring line has now become a one-way round-trip line.

The government issued an emergency briefing that day, the underwater positioning of the bus has been determined, located in the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Bridge about 28 meters, water depth about 71 meters.

After preliminary verification, the accident resulted in 15 missing persons (including 1 bus drivers). The previous day, the Wanzhou District Government issued a notice that the scene of the accident has recovered the bodies of two victims, the identity of the victims is still in the process of further verification.

The second bridge of the Yangtze River is 20 meters wide and four two-way lanes. On the 29 day, the two scene video of the incident was exposed, recording the life and death time of the 22 bus falling into the river.

A 21-second video captured by a traffic recorder on the opposite side of the road showed that the No. 22 bus was running normally before the incident, then suddenly turned left in the middle of the bridge, crossed the yellow solid line in the middle of the road, continued to break through the guardrail of the bridge and crashed into the river after hitting a red car approaching the road.

According to the traffic patrol detachment of Wanzhou District Bureau of Chongqing Public Security Bureau, a 42-year-old bus driver, Ran Chong, has 24 years of driving age. His driving license file number is 5122,0092116, driving type A1A2. His first license date is October 1, 1994. His driving license is valid until October 1, 2021. He drives a large-scale ordinary passenger named YuF27085. Car.

The guardrail of the bridge did not block the 22 road bus that crashed.

Xu Gongyi, Deputy Engineer of the China Railway Bridge Survey and Design Institute, said the main function of the second Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge is to serve the urban area. The speed limit of the second Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge is within 60 km/h. In fact, it is a slow-speed road system, and the design standard of anti-collision barrier will be relatively weak. From the current media reports, the bus is a frontal impact barrier, which is an accidental impact.

Another bridge design engineer, who did not want to be named, said that the Ministry of Transportation issued in 2017 Highway Traffic Safety Facilities Design Code stipulated that the super-large suspension bridge fence protection grade should be eight. Public information shows that the second Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge is a super large suspension bridge type.

According to the engineer, Class 8 is the highest level of protection. If the standard of Highway Traffic Safety Facilities Design Code is followed, the bus should not fall into the river. But the Second Yangtze River Bridge in Wanzhou was built in 2001, and the design at that time could not meet the current standard. Now we should increase some effective protective measures to avoid two injuries caused by accidents.

A shot of the Yangtze River.

Falling behind the river

5 oclock in the morning, online K song

On the morning of 30, a reporter came to the bus driver, ran Chung, at the home of Shicheng road in Wanzhou district. Ran Chung family has lived here for more than 10 years, usually living with his parents and brother.

According to Rans neighbor, ran Chung drove for many years. He first opened a tourist bus and started the bus about 6 years ago. Ran Chung, 42, looks very young. He likes fitness as a great hobby.

A shop owner told reporters that Ran Yong once came to buy cigarettes in the morning, wearing short-sleeved shorts, saying he had just finished exercising at home. Ran Yong usually buys a package of 19 yuan a Yellow Crane Tower, do not want to eat, but can not get rid of smoking addiction, he once complained to the store owner.

In the neighbors impression, Ran Yong filial piety, no character to say, do not play cards, do not say dirty words, also do not like to joke. Once this summer, Ran Yong drove his car back from fishing with his cousin. He also said that he thought it was a good fishing trip and that he caught everyone eating and playing cards was harmful.

At 5:24 a.m. on the day of the accident, K-song software recorded the last social activity of Ran Yong. He logged into the software and sang a song Look Back Again. Four and a half hours later, the crash occurred.

Ranyong friend Li Qing (not his real name) confirmed to a reporter once in depth that the 42-year-old man named Dragon Traveling the World by K-song software on the Internet was the bus driver of No. 22 Ranyong. Its signature is singing when you are free can relieve pressure.

In the past 6 months, ran Mou has released 29 singing works. Among them, the first work, applause, was released in April 13th this year. At 21:44 on October 27, Ran released his work Looking Back on the K-song software, and the concurrent state indicated that he had not sung it. At 5:24 on the 28 th, ran also released a look back again, saying that he did not sing well. This song has also become one of Rans last works.

In Ran Yongs personal photo album, he uploaded 19 pictures, including seven personal life photos, one photo, one of which written: Life is an out-of-print film can not be replayed, some things, no matter how hard you try, can not go back or can not go back. Even if you really go back, you will find that everything has changed beyond recognition. The only thing I can go back to is my memory.

According to Li Qing, he met with ran Mou for many years, and when he was free, he gathered to sing and drink. Li Qing recalls, 27, 22 oclock, ran after a meal to sing at home. When Li Qing saw his song, he also commented on his singing well.

On the software of song song, ran Yong net name Dragon World.

At 5:24 in the morning, ran Chung sang look back again.

14 passengers who fell on the river together

According to Chongqing Wanzhou District Official Weekly released the news on 29, after the public security organs visited and investigated and received a comprehensive alarm, preliminary verification of the accident lost 15 people, including a bus driver.

On the morning of 30, the relief work on the river is still being intensified. Outside the river, there are people waiting anxiously for news of those who have lost contact or their loved ones.

As of 29, more than 70 rescue vessels reached the surface of the accident. Fifteen divers from Chongqing Long Flight Team, Shanghai Salvage Bureau of Ministry of Transportation, Ram Team and Blue Sky Rescue Team were on standby at the scene. The depth of dive operation could reach 80 meters. A 45-ton floating crane ship from Chongqing Long Fleet and two 60-ton and 20-ton floating crane ships from Wanzhou have also reached the accident waters. The rescue site is also equipped with multi-beam sonar and three-dimensional side-scan sonar, which are dispatched and directed by the Chongqing Long Flight Force.

At the same time, the psychological counseling of relatives of the missing persons has also started. The family members of the lost contact began to extract DNA, and the blood samples had been collected to prepare for the identification of the missing persons.

Ms. Xiong, the family member of the missing couple, once told Shenzhen that her niece Xiong Jing (not her real name) took a pair of children and mother-in-law out to play in Wanda Square on the other side of the river on the day of the accident. Now her nieces body has been salvaged ashore, and the other three people are probably also on the river bus.

According to Xiong, according to their usual habits, they will take the No. 22 bus. More than 10:00 a.m., the family heard that the No. 22 bus accident, quickly contact Xiong Jing, the result has been unable to call. Afterwards, family members rushed to the scene of the accident for help and identified one of the two bodies recovered from the scene as Xiong Jing.

It is reported that Xiong Jing is 25 years old, two children, 3 years old, and the other is only 1 years old. Now, apart from Xiong Jing, there is no news from the children and the old man.

Bridge night rescue scene

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