When the boy hit a high bar, did he not take responsibility for the whole process?

 When the boy hit a high bar, did he not take responsibility for the whole process?

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According to @ Xinyu traffic police released the news: October 28, 2018 at 16:58 Xu, Yushui District in Xinyu City Jingkai Avenue, a traffic accident occurred. Driver Yuan Mou drives a small car, driving along the road from south to North (Liangshan Town to Xinyu City) direction, rider Zhong Mou (13 years old) will stretch out the roof of the skylight, when the vehicle to Liangshan Town 800 Bridge Village Weiliyuan Village Road section, through the road high bar, Zhong Mous body and high bar. The collision happened, causing the clock to die on the spot. After the accident, the traffic police detachment of the Xinyu Municipal Public Security Bureau rushed to the scene for processing. At present, the accident is still under investigation.

Video capture

Video heat transfer, netizens are talking about one after another. Modern Express reporter interviewed a number of law experts, they all think that this is not a traffic accident. The rear car is not legally liable, but there is a moral obligation to remind the front car. The main responsibility is the 13 year old driver and his guardian. In addition, drivers should do their best to remind drivers that they can not extend their duties outside the window.

Focus 1: Witness the whole process of the rear car while shooting, while talking in the car, did not remind the front car, should be responsible?

Xiao Zesheng, a professor of law at Nanjing University and a doctoral advisor, believes that, legally, the rear passenger has no obligation to remind the front passenger. The rear driver and the front car have no contractual relationship, no other relationship, shouldnt be responsible, the video did not stimulate him, to make things happen. From a moral point of view, he should remind the former driver to pay attention to driving safety, but he did not remind, there is no legal fault.

Focus two, can the childrens family claim compensation from the highway management department?

Professor Chun Hongming believes that in this incident, whether the highway management department setting the ceiling pole is responsible depends on whether the ceiling pole is in conformity with the requirements and whether the warning signs are installed in place. If there is no violation of the regulations, there is no need to assume responsibility. The main responsibility lies with the childs guardian.

Focus three, is the driver suspected of causing traffic casualties?

Xiao Zesheng told Modern Express that the relationship between other people in the car and the 13-year-old passenger was the key to determining responsibility. The child may be playful, but has his guardian been reminded? Did the driver do any duty when he saw the high bar? He believed that the main responsibility was the 13 year old bus driver and his guardian.

Xu Hui, a lawyer at Zhongshan Mingjing Law Firm in Jiangsu Province, believes that drivers should bear criminal responsibility if they let such behavior happen without knowing it but not preventing it.


Xu Zhengyue evergreen never carved Xie: Can take a video, then how can the rear car not desperately chase to stop the car before it? There are still many ways to stop the emergency, too immoral! Later on, the baby bear, Dads asshole, is too sad.

Netizens calm down... : The skylight opens is for you to breathe, not for you to sit on and stick out, this is the basic knowledge of driving, I do not know how the video of the boys parents driving license test out.

Netizens fate: Although everyone has a heart of pity, if I was the driver of the rear car the first time I must think of ways to remind the front car, but this idea is estimated to be instantaneous, because if the event was stopped, but did not prevent the tragedy, then the rear car is inextricably linked with this matter!

Netizens fart is sweet but not mustard: There is no need to blame the rear car for inaction, because if it had not been for the tragedy now, I think the people in the front car might not have obeyed the advice at all. We can only hope that this incident will give some warning to future people.

The boy saw the car skylight and hit the high bar and died.

Xinjing News on October 29, a video of a teenager in Xinyu, Jiangxi Province, sticking out of a car skylight and crashing to death on a high bar caused concern. On the afternoon of October 29, Xinyu Public Security Bureau issued a circular saying that the incident occurred in the afternoon of October 28, the Party hit the bar and died on the spot.

Video shows a silver-gray car on a one-way two-lane highway running in the inside lane, a passenger standing in the car, through the roof skylight, the upper body out. When the car goes to a bend, it encounters an elevation bar. The car continues to move forward. Passengers sticking out of the window hit the elevation bar and lie on the roof.