The girl sold the passion fruit to be killed by adultery: mother only wanted to wait for the murderer to be shot.

 The girl sold the passion fruit to be killed by adultery: mother only wanted to wait for the murderer to be shot.

It was October 4th, and in this remote field lane, the confrontation between human innocence and cruelty.

However, the story is more than that.

The flowers of the passion fruit girl Yang Xiaoyan (middle) family for map

The 10 year old girl disappeared after selling 100 passion fruit by herself.

Yang Xiaoyan, 10, is still in the funeral parlour. Second sister saw in the window of the anatomy room, Xiao Yans neck was purple and bare.

Yang Xiaoyan, a native of Pingxin Village, Bolao Town, Lingshan County, Qinzhou City, Guangxi Province, was a senior in the bench teaching of Pingxin Primary School, several hundred meters away from home. There are only 13 students in this class. She is sitting by the window in the third row. She is the group leader and likes skipping rope to play basketball.

The family of Yang Xiaoyan girl

Father died early. Yang Xiaoyan had three elder sisters and one younger brother. He planted some hundred fruit trees at home. At noon on October 4th, Yang Xiaoyan and his sister Xiaofei went to the Passion Fruit Field with a small iron bucket and a knitting bag. Yang Xiaoyan is short of height and sometimes has to stand on tiptoe to pick fruit. When she was tired of picking, Xiaofei sat down by the roadside and ate the passion fruit. Sometimes I can eat more than a dozen at a breath. Yang Xiaoyan was playing with flowers and plants on the roadside. After picking the fruit, Xiaofei wanted to go home to the toilet first and let Yang Xiaoyan wait for her to sell it together. Yang Xiaoyan, however, carried the knitting bag alone and ran across the hill to the Passion Fruit Sale Center, which sold for 32 yuan.

Taking the 32 yuan and empty woven bags, Yang Xiaoyan runs back.

Its only 500 metres from the Passion Fruit Fair: through a hidden bamboo downhill, through a sugarcane field, two panicled paddy fields, a low Passion Fruit Forest, and then up a small slope, you can get to the dam.

The source of the fragrant fruit forest of Yang Yang family: Red Star News.

Photo source: Red Star News

There was an old lady down the road. At that time she saw Yang Xiaoyan running away from the slope by herself. I used to see Yang Xiaoyan with her sister. I advised her not to run too fast. Then I went back to the house and had a rest. My ears were not very good. I didnt hear anything.

Yang Xiaofei hadnt seen her sister for a long time, and looked around until mom and Chen Liyan came back. Chen Liyan was also anxious. From the acquisition point of passion fruit, Yang Xiaoyans figure disappeared in the bamboo grove. The whole village searched all over the mountains and found Yang Xiaoyan until late at night.

Yang Xiaoyan, A fourth-grade student, went to the village next door to sell passion fruit at 12:00 noon on October 4, 2008, and has not returned yet. He was suspected of wearing a school uniform coat, black trousers, slippers and shoulder-length hair when he disappeared. Family members released a notice in friends circle.

The passion fruit girl Yang Xiaoyan (former) family for map

The suspect is an unmarried young man in the same village. His father sent him to the police station.

In October 5th, Lingshans Interpol arrived at Ping Xin village with a police dog. The police dog didnt smell Yang Xiaoyan.

On October 6, the Lingshan County Public Security Bureau reported that Yang Mouyi, a 29-year-old unmarried youth from the same village, had been arrested and confessed to the crime. The police found Yang Xiaoyans body according to his complaint and arrested Yang Mouyi.

Lingshan County Public Security Bureaus announcement on this matter

A staff member of Pingxin Village Party Committee said that Yang Mouyiping was foolish to work with his father in a lumbering site, only doing some simple work, and returned home after a long National Day holiday. On the morning of October 6th, Yang Mouyi took his father to the police station. On the morning of October 6th, the police found Yang Mouyis place with Yang Xiaoyan.

Standing at Yang Jiayuan dam to see the source of hundred fragrant fruit forest: Red Star News

There is a small store across the street from Yang Mouyi. The owners wife told Red Star News: Yang Mouyi went out to work with his parents after he graduated from elementary school, and talked to him for a long time to find that he was stuttering. The landlady also said to Yang Xiaoyans sister Yang Xiaofei, Usually you both run together. How can you let your sister come out alone this time?

After the incident, Yang Mouyis parents stopped living at home, and the door was closed.

Yang Mouyi, the suspect, was closed after the incident. Red Star News.

Her seat is still empty there.

In October 6th, Yang Xiaoyans second elder sister and several relatives went to the funeral parlour for confirmation before anatomic examination. They saw in the window outside the dissection room that Yang Xiaoyans head looked as if it had been hurt, swollen, as if it had been beaten, only clothes, no pants, neck as if it had been pinched, very swollen, blue and purple.

After Yang Xiaoyans death, according to local customs, her mother burned all her toys, books and other items. Her sister refused to part with her sister and secretly left three of her sisters awards.

After the news of Yang Xiaoyans murder was reported, many love people donated money to the Chen Li family. Mother Chen Li Yan began to feel a little scared, not very talkative, she was afraid of the media coverage of her family, after the bad people hit their other childrens ideas.

I still think the little swallow is still there, my little swallow is so small, so sensible, the murderer is too cruel, I will not forgive him, just want to wait for him to be shot. When Chen Liyan talked about the murderer, his eyes were full of hate.

On October 14, the Lingshan Procuratorate announced that, after investigation, at noon on October 4, Yang Mouyi saw Yang Xiaoyan selling passion fruit alone, and on his way home, Yang Xiaoyan was robbed to the mountain, raped and killed Yang Xiaoyan. In October 11th, the procuratorate arrested Yang Mouyi in accordance with the law on suspicion of intentional homicide and rape. At present, the case is still under further investigation.

In October 16th, Chen Liyan and his family came to the village committee to consult with Yang Mouyis parents who had not shown up for many days. Yang Mouyis father did not take off his helmet after parking his motorcycle. He sat in his chair, smoking one cigarette after another, and only said Bye-bye folks without a face and then said nothing. Yang Mouyis mother kept her mouth shut and never took off the sun hat.

But this consultation was fruitless. Yang Mouyis parents did not receive the Red Star News interview.

After the National Day holidays, Yang Xiaoyans former school principal arranged for teachers to give safety education to the children, and made use of social practice lessons for female teachers to carry out sex education for each female classmate.

Yang Xiaoyans teacher said, Yang Xiaoyans achievement in the top, is the group leader, the students are very sad about her death, Yang Xiaoyans seat is still empty there, did not move, reluctant to part with this student.

In the classroom, Yang Xiaoyans seat is empty.

My father died early and his family was waiting to build a new house.

After Yang Xiaoyans death was reported in the media, the news of her fathers death nine years ago for volunteering was brought to public attention.

In the eyes of the villagers, Yang Xiaoyans father, Yang Shiyin, is an unsung hero. Yang Shihuang went to a lumbering site in August 2009 to earn money. He heard the sound of someone falling into the water in the reservoir. He could not swim. He threw the towel at the loser. He did not pull the loser up, but he sank.

The news of Yang Shihuangs death spread in the village, but at that time the family and the local village committee did not realize that they could declare valiant deeds for him. Only the owner of the logging site paid more than 7,000 yuan for Chen Li Yan. In case of accidental death, the body was not buried in the house, and was buried in grass.

After Yang Shiyins death, Chen Liyan had to bring 5 children to earn a living by farming and doing odd jobs. Chen Li Yan often carries, holds and leads his children to the fields. Yang Xiaoyan and his sister and brother are pulling grass and playing.

Yang Xiaoyans family is about ten kilometers away from the town of Shriao. Her mother Chen Li Yan takes a child with her at most every time when she goes to the market, so she can buy meat to go home. More often, families rely on their own vegetables.

Mother Chen Liyan stood at the door, haggard. Picture source: Red Star News.

Yang Shihuang has four brothers, only one brothers built a new house on the side of the road, the other two brothers each have three children, three families live together in the old house of earthen walls and tiles.

Among them, Yang Shihuangs family was divided into two small bedrooms, which contained no furniture except beds, benches and tables sent by others. If it rained heavily, one room would leak. Over the years, Yang Xiaoyan, her sister and brother wore clothes from other people, and her mothers mobile phone was also an old-fashioned non-intelligent machine.

Yang Xiaoyans family has a TV set, but it doesnt work very well. She usually goes to her aunts house to watch TV. Yang Xiaoyan likes to watch cartoons, especially the roles of Princess Butterfly and Fairy Yellowstone. She likes to play the role of Princess Butterfly when playing games. She also likes to play the roles of mother and sister as caregivers.

The flowers of the passion fruit girl Yang Xiaoyan family

Chen Shanqiang, the first Secretary of Pingxin Village, told Red Star News that there were 151 poor households in Pingxin Village, totaling more than 700 people. He was the village with the largest number of poor households in Shriao Town. Chen Liyan was a poor household with a minimum living allowance and was listed among the last batch of households to get rid of poverty. The village will rebuild dangerous houses and receive 19 thousand yuan subsidy after acceptance. At the persuasion of the village cadres, one of Yangs brothers had begun to build a new house, and Chen Li Yan decided to borrow some money to build it first.

Yang Xiaoyan and his brother slept with their mother in a room. If she built a new house, she would have her own room. On October 4, Chen Liyan first went to the village committee for skills training, and then went to a place more than ten kilometers away from home to get some information for the future construction of new houses.

Yang Xiaoyan and his mother and younger brother were squeezed in this bed.

Chen Liyan went out before arranging Yang Xiaoyan and his sister Xiao Fei to pick up hundreds of incense fruits and sell them to the villages purchase points.

Yang Xiaoyan, 10, left the door with a small iron tube and a woven bag, and never came back.

On October 4, a 10-year-old girl from Pingxin Village, Lingshan County, Qinzhou City, Guangxi Province, disappeared on her way home after selling her passion fruit. Two days later, her body was found at the top of the mountain. Meanwhile, Yang Mouyi, a criminal suspect from the same village with the girl, was arrested. Suspect suspected sexual assault, the girls neck was pinched.