Jin Yong, the hero of martial arts novels, announced the death of Lu Ding Ji.

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 Jin Yong, the hero of martial arts novels, announced the death of Lu Ding Ji.

Born on March 10, 1924, Jin Yong has written many famous novels, such as The Heroes of Shooting and Carving, The Knights of Sculpture, The Story of Slaughtering Dragons by Heaven, The Eight Dragons by Heaven, The Laughter of Ao Jianghu, The Story of the Deer Ding and so on.


A hundred-year history of martial arts novels, since returned to the Pearl Tower below the owner, famous scholars have emerged in large numbers, but Jin Yong is the most famous and reputable, sweeping the Chinese world. With his wild imagination, he wrote 15 works in more than ten years.

Flying snow shoots white deer in the sky, the miracle Book supernatural Knight relies on the blue duck in this couplet 14 words, is precisely his 14 martial arts novel title first word. Another one that is not in it is the sword of Vietnamese women.

Information map: Jin Yongs works

What many people dont know is that Jin Yongs creation of martial arts novels is a very accidental opportunity.

In 1955, the Ta Kung Paos next evening newspaper had a very successful martial arts novel written by a young man, and Jin Yong was a colleague, his name is Liang Yusheng. That year, Liang Yushengs martial arts novels were about to end, and his creation was in a period of exhaustion, so the newspaper editor-in-chief invited Jin Yong to continue writing martial arts novels.

Although he had never written a novel before, Jin Yong promised to succeed Liang Yusheng on the basis of his understanding and love of martial arts novels. He took apart the characters in his name and made a pen name. The book Enmity of Swords and Swords was his first martial arts work, and it became popular.

After the success of the book, Jin Yong created such works as Bi Xue Jian, Snow Mountain Flying Fox and Shooting and Carving Heroes in just a few years, which became popular all over Hong Kong. Over the past decade, he has written 15 masterpieces.

In the early 1980s, a magazine in Guangzhou began to serialize The Heroes of Shooting and Carving, and Jin Yongs martial arts novels entered the mainland officially. Even if you havent seen his original works yet, the movies and TV plays that have been adapted from his works on both sides of the Strait and three places may be a sign of your growth.

Barbara Yung 1983 the hero of the shooting sculpture is decorated by Huang Rong. Source: Golden Eagle Web

Carman Lee 1995 divine carving heroes adorn the little dragon girl; 1997 dragon eight adorned Wang Yuyan. Source: Golden Eagle Web

Although author Wang Shuo once criticized Jin Yongs novel as one of the four great vulgarities in modern society (including Jackie Chans movies, Qiongyaos TV plays and the four great kings), Jin Yong did not think it was a bad criticism. He said vulgarity is close to many people, or many people like it.

Indeed, Jin Yongs martial arts novels have been welcomed by readers from all walks of life. He has been received by the top leaders of the three places on both sides of the Straits, and is also loved by ordinary men, women, old and young.

In 1972, Lu Ding Ji ended in a row. When Jin Yong announced the closing of the pen, many readers regretted it.


In 1924, Jin Yong was born in Haining, Zhejiang.

In the reign of Kangxi, the Cha clan in Haining created the imperial examination myth of a decimal scholar, five nephews and uncles. In modern times, there have been industrialists, educators and translators of the Nine Leaves School.

Data: Mu Dan: Source: CPPCC

Many of you are familiar with the names of Jin Yong genealogy collateral relationships, such as:

Xu Zhimo - Jin Yongs cousin (Jin Yongs mother Xu Lu is Xu Zhimos aunt);

Jiang Baili - Jin Yongs uncle (famous military strategist Jiang Bailis wife Cha Pingzhen is Jin Yongs cousins aunt);

Qian Xuesen-Jin Yongs cousin (Jiang Ying, Jiang Bailis daughter, is the wife of Qian Xuesen, the father of space flight and two bombs and one star

Qiong Yao -- Jin Yongs cousin niece (Jin Yongs cousin, Charles Liang min, married Yuan Hangyun, the three uncle of Qiong Yao).


Under the influence of the environment of calligraphy, Jin Yong spent his comfortable childhood.

In 1937, when the war of resistance against Japan broke out, Jin Yong, 13, went down with his school and began a journey of exile. From peace to danger and from wealth to hardship, Jin Yong did not languid in the turbulence of war.

At the age of 15, Jin Yong and his two classmates worked together to compile a book dedicated to junior high school entrance examination. According to the entrance questions, he made some model answers for the students, which is roughly equivalent to todays five-year simulated three-year college entrance examination. The book has been very successful, making them earn a lot of money.

Some people say that Jin Yong is the most profitable scholar-errant, this point, Jin Yong in high school has been quite sharp. Jin Yong, who looks gentle and generous, has a very crazy character when he is young.

In school, dissatisfied with some of the schools actions, he wrote satirical articles on the director of training, but also in college with the director of argument, the result is that the school was expelled twice fate. The worst part was the second time when he was dismissed. Because he had no money, he lost all his food and clothing. Jin Yong solved the livelihood problem with a help from a cousin surnamed Jiang.

His greatest dream during his schooling was to become a diplomat. But for historical reasons, he still brushed past the dream of diplomats. Later, Jin Yong studied international law in another school, and this background of legal knowledge, as well as his subsequent experience and prestige, gave him another little-known identity - he was appointed to the Hong Kong Basic Law Drafting Committee in 1985.


As a swordsman novel, this identity is perhaps the most popular among him. Another indelible label in Jin Yongs life is the journalist, an outstanding journalist.

In 1947, he entered the Ta Kung Pao of Shanghai and stood out from three thousand candidates. In the second year, Ta Kung Pao published the Hongkong edition and Jin Yong was sent to Hongkong, when he was 24 years old. Hong Kong was underdeveloped compared with Shanghai at that time, but Jin Yong said, Ive enjoyed taking risks all my life and living a bit of a new life.

Author Li Ao once criticized Jin Yongs swordsman novel What is it written about. He said that some of Jin Yong himself did not do the same thing, do not tell the truth, do not do the truth. However, as a journalist Jin Yong, he did not seem to be what Li Ao said.

In 1959, 35-year-old Jin Yong founded Ming Pao, which is not accustomed to the false facts reported by Ta Kung Pao. He said:

When I ran Ming Pao, I wanted to be able to preside over justice and tell the truth to the readers.

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His editorial articles, a daily one at the peak, his martial arts novels, almost at a more gradual pace, for decades without interruption.

In this state of work, there is an interesting story. When the dragon eight was published in Ming Bao, Jin Yong traveled several times out of Hong Kong. If the novel cant be broken, he asks his friend Ni Kuang to write. In the eighty-ninth chapter of the novel, Ding Chunqius eyes were blinded by the purple eyes, which was written by Ni Kuang. Later, Jin Yong replaced A Zi with eye treatment.

TV drama eight dragon of heaven

In 30 years, Jin Yong shaped Ming Pao into an influential newspaper in Hong Kong.

At the beginning of the newspaper, only six thousand copies were issued. In difficult times, the salaries of all staff were twenty percent off. Jin Yong said, it was everybody who was with me.


Jin Yong, a famous martial arts novelist, a prominent newspaperman, a scholar, and one of the most important figures in Chinese culture, has witnessed numerous important historical events in China in the last century.

In 1972, Jin Yong sealed his pen; in 1989, on the 30th anniversary of the publication of Ming Pao, Jin Yong resigned as president; in the 1990s, Jin Yong sold Ming Pao Group to businessmen and quit business; in 2007, Jin Yong resigned as Dean of the Humanities College of Zhejiang University.

After finishing the curtain call again and again

This time, he really quit.

This is still a love affair.

There are no more chivalrous bones.

Goodbye, Jin Yong; goodbye, Jianghu.