Details of Li Yongs funeral revealed: only eight family members took part in the whole process for about 1 hours.

 Details of Li Yongs funeral revealed: only eight family members took part in the whole process for about 1 hours.

Photo source: Orient IC

Over the past year or so, the household name of the host has faded from public view, and rumors have been circulating about his whereabouts. It was not until Haven Weibo said publicly, Lose my love forever that Li Yong had been fighting the disease for the past 17 months.

Li Yongs funeral was held at a funeral home in downtown New York at 9:30 p.m. local time (9:30 a.m. Beijing time) on the morning of Oct. 28 (the evening of Oct. 28, Beijing time). Harvin announced Li Yongs death on his microblog.

From illness to treatment, death, and funeral, everything has been put down in a low profile and has not been revealed to the outside world. Now, its time to understand the real meaning behind the sound of Good Morning that Haven has been tweeting every day for so long.

Photo source: havin micro-blog screenshots

Everything is the origin. Every movie and TV journalist is on business trip to New York.

US local time on October 29th, the reporter came to the funeral parlour in downtown New York.

The first morning, Li Yongs funeral was held here.

Funeral parlour staff told reporters:

No news was released, no more people came to deliver the microphone. Just like his attitude before his death, about treatment, about the pain, do not shout pain to the outside world, do not complain about half a cent, only leave everyone with eternal brilliant smile. Such silence is appropriate, so heartbreaking.

When the familiar faces suddenly disappear,

It makes people feel deeply what is called impermanence.

On the morning of October 29, Beijing time, a microblog posted by Li Yongs wife Harvin suddenly jumped out of the fragmented information. In the United States, after 17 months of anticancer treatment, at 5:20 in the morning of October 25, 2018, I lost my love. The picture is an exquisite picture of Li Yong.

Photo source: havin micro-blog screenshots

The news of Li Yongs death was bubbling like a bomb.

Not only the general public, but also friends in the circle, and colleagues of CCTV who worked with Li Yong in his lifetime, could not believe the truth of the news of Li Yongs sudden death.

CCTV host Zhang Bin told People of the Day that colleagues in Taiwan hardly knew about Li Yongs treatment.

Every year there is news of celebrity death, but Li Yongs sudden departure seems particularly shocking and sad, hot search for a long time, friends circles, all the Weixin groups continue to discuss. Perhaps not only did he regret his premature death, but also because of his high national standard, which brought so much relief and joy to the nations audiences over the years.

In response to the question about the death of Li Yong, a former CCTV host, what memories did he leave behind for you, one of the highest compliments was a remark by netizen @Beethoven 123, which was short but struck many peoples hearts:

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In the past, when we heard about celebritiesdeaths, we might also put a candle around our microblog or friends to remember the memories they left behind in their unforgettable works, but for most of them, we often felt a little distant.

Li Yongs departure was like a neighbors uncle leaving. He smiled with a wrinkled face. It seemed as if he was still there. Suddenly, the man was gone. It is deeply felt that what is impermanence.

In 17 months, Li Yong and his wife were photographed many times in the United States. The outside world questioned its immigration to the United States and attracted netizens to abuse. In this case, he only replied to the two word Mu you.

After five days of Li Yongs death, he released the sad news after the funeral.

Some netizens tweeted: Dont sell miserable, dont complain, dont explain dont engage in serious illness consumption, quietly struggle, slowly retreat, gradually forgotten, a word is not even, and then die, are not allowed to leave the worlds final posture is struggling, which is cool, but also very painful.

Photo source: havin micro-blog screenshots

If a huge stone enters the water, it will trigger waves.

But chose to be silent in the ripples.

I thought there would be a large scale and many people came over, but I didnt think there were eight people. Workers at the funeral home in downtown New York told television and film reporters that Li Yong was also known to be a famous Chinese host after the funeral. Very young, 50 years old, its very regrettable.

When telling the staff that Li Yongs program is the classic childhood memory of the post-85 generation, he asked the reporter, Why didnt you come over at the farewell ceremony yesterday?


When did Li Yong get sick and what disease was so threatening? None of us knows.

However, there is no point in pursuing these questions again.

Li Yongs alumni and colleagues asked Lu Yu, do you know Li Yong? Im sorry that he passed away. On weekdays, shy and silent 85, Xiao Chen immediately rose red and held up for a long time and said, I am so sad.

I know a lot of media friends want me to comment on Li Yong from a peer perspective. I dont think I need to comment on anything. Xiao Chens reaction is the most common audience in the news of Yongges death, the moment the most real pain response, which is a television host, the best praise.

After the news of Li Yongs death spread, Li Yongs alumnus and colleague Chen Luyu told the Beijing News in an interview.

Li Yongying died quietly in the year. As a former colleague, the platform is different, intersection is not many, high-profile Chinese clothes is only his shell, restraint and insipid is his true. CCTV host Achu said, Once the mainstream was gorgeous, could be hidden in the wild continued brilliant, but dragging the already anointed disease does not bother or beg for pity is not weak, like a boulder into the water, originally can stir up waves, but choose to escape silently in the ripples. Think of a poem: Gently I left, just as I came softly...

Contrary to the unusual stage makeup.

Li Yongs marriage and family are fairy tale pure and beautiful.

In New York, people came and went.

I have interviewed their husbands and wives many times, and thats why they are so hard to accept. They do not want to believe it now. Every film and television (WeChat ID:meijingyingshi) reporter and have interviewed Li Yong colleagues exchange. Very good dealings, no matter what time, you will not. Li Yong does not have to interview through any public relations company, brokerage company, he always answered the phone directly, can help as far as possible. So is havin, beautiful, competent, frank and frank. Even though CCTV became more and more strict with the management of the hosts voice, Li Yong seldom refused to do anything on the program, which would lead to an operational shortcut to help reporters complete their interviews.

I know Li Yong because he was interviewed by CCTV variety show lucky 52 in 2003. Chengdu Commercial Daily reporter said that this program with fire Li Yong. Unexpectedly, Li Yongyongs farewell was also at 5:20 a.m. on October 25, 2018, but I had no time or opportunity to send him the last journey with live reports. What I couldnt imagine most was that the two numbers of 5 and 2 initially brought fire to Li Yong, and finally took away Li Yong.

At that time, there was no popular live entertainment program in China. Li Yong was the first entertainment program host in China. He stood in the middle of the CCTV stage and pioneered entertainment programs in mainland China.

In January 25, 2007, 6+1, which was hosted by Li Yong at CCTV studio, Beijing, is being recorded. (photo source: Orient IC)

His wife, Li Yong, is the first love, career partner, life partner and love of his life. She was once the producer of lucky 52 and music exchange. Harvard was a brilliant director at the CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2012, and later became the director of the CCTV Variety Channel Program Department, and in 2015 he took on the responsibility of the CCTV Spring Festival Gala director.

Contrary to the unusual stage makeup, Li Yongs marriage and family are fairylike and beautiful.

In 2015, havin once released micro-blog: two more years, I will have a silver wedding. Li Yong replied, good drops. When the sky is full of words, the red dust will go all the way, without baggage, only with curiosity.

In November 2017, Li Yong released the picture: ThanksgivingDay. He said his wife and daughter, and allpeople. That was the last micro-blog he had ever had.

Source: Li Yong micro-blog screenshots

Guan Zhengwen deplored Li Yongs last moment loneliness, which was a physical loneliness. The two men ran to the United States and sent off one. It pains me to think that he ended up in an American ward, leaving so painfully and quietly. Maybe this is what he wants. Maybe he only wants havin. He really loves him. But from my feelings, it is really too lonely. I want him to be accompanied by everyone and see them off, and I always feel that his heart will be warmer.

Today, every film and television correspondent (Weixin ID: meijingyingshi) dials Havens mobile phone number again, which is a long shutdown. Li Yongs cell phone number in the address book has been systematically prompted to be empty, after a busy tone, are reluctant to regret.

Photo source: Orient IC