Many ferries are not decent, but they are real enough.

 Many ferries are not decent, but they are real enough.

Shanghai Lujiazui to Guangzhou Baiyun District martyrs east road distance is about 1400 kilometers.

Three months ago, the 5th floor of the Lujiazui Shanghai Central Building was completely covered by the bright red color, which was the main color of the building. At 9:30 p.m., the founder of Pingduo, Huang Zheng, sounded the launch bell with four Pingduo users from the same family. After the bell was struck, the stock price of Chuiduo opened up nearly 40%, with a market value of nearly $30 billion. Applause and congratulations surrounded Huang Zheng for a long time. Three years of entrepreneurship, hundreds of billions of RMB market value, the domestic capital market has long seen no more exciting business cases.

On the other side, the martyrs East Road in Guangzhou Baiyun District became quiet after the daytime noise. Xianlie East Road is one of the important procurement channels for garment e-commerce on multi-platform. There are tens of thousands of garment shops, which are called net files by the insiders.

The bustle of Shanghai has little to do with the practitioners of the martyrs East road. When the bell rings, the people living in villages all over Guangzhou are preparing for the opening of the martyrs East Road market tomorrow. Networks skillfully pack replicas in packaging bags and talk to people about which models on the market are bursting, whether orders for tomorrow can be rushed out, and which brands of cloth can be found and duplicated, how many brushes hand in dozens of tweets to distribute clumps of links, how many merchants from eat chicken Back to reality, pack your clothes and send them to a nearby courier.

The two ends of 1,400 kilometers are like two worlds in many rivers and lakes, one bearing the hope of capital markets, the other bearing the livelihood of the martyrs of the East Road practitioners.

No one accompanying Huang Zheng rings the bell belongs to the martyrs East Road, but it is undeniable that on the way to go on sale in Pingduo, the network owners, porters, courier brothers, brushers (billing staff), Pingduo merchants are like ferrymen, passing goods from the factory to consumers, which is Pingduo more than 1,000. One of the important driving forces behind the completion of 262 billion 100 million yuan GMV. Underneath this seemingly successful ferry, however, there was a surge of undercurrents, with small movements revolving around interests.

Compared with Lujiazui, the martyrs east road is not decent, but it is real and even barbarous.

Attack and defense

Go out and see if the clothes are ready.

At 12 in the night and 9 at the end of, the village in Haizhuqu District, Guangzhou is still very hot. Huazi turned off the game of chicken eating on his mobile phone, lit a cigarette and walked out of the rental house half naked. Recently, a green sweater sold well in Huazi Store, and the first batch of 200 water test sweaters nearly sold out in less than two days. Taking advantage of the hard won heat, he wanted to hurry up and make another batch.

Huazi is one of the suppliers of clothing storekeepers on Pingduo Platform. His shop is located on the first floor of a clothing wholesale city called Womens Street on Xianlie East Road. The three stores share a single facade. The width of Hua Zis door is about 1.5 meters wide, about 1 meters deep, and about 2 meters high. The total monthly management fee is 5400 yuan, and the rent is 345,000 yuan a year, one third of which is borne by Huazi. There are 6 stories on womens street, and thousands of shops like Hua Zi are sold in womens clothing.

Weve sold more than 10,000 original suits with black skirts, and were sure to burst at home. Well have to speed them up. Huazis pace is very fast, he said the original suit came from a total sales of nearly 100,000 pieces of Taobao Red Store. In everyday leisure time, Huazi will habitually look at the high-selling clothing styles of various e-commerce platforms. If luck is good and speed is fast, it is very likely to create a burst of money.

According to Hua Zi, there are mainly two ways to create a popular explosive fund.

One is that, like Huazi, through browsing the various e-commerce platforms of online red stores, star stores, will sell high-volume clothes back, and then take the original version to find their own cloth, editing, garment making. After making the sample clothes, you can return the original clothes, and then hang them out at your shop door and on the website of the proprietor of the exclusive network, and store 100-200 items, waiting for more merchants to come forward to inquire, according to inquiries to decide whether to continue production.

The second is to rely on their own aesthetic sense, to collect those self-perceived explosive potential clothes, or go directly to the mall to buy some good-looking clothes, and then copy out.

I feel like I need to take a bigger risk, maybe I cant sell any of the 200 clothes Ive stored. Now most of the network is using the first program, directly on the Internet to find high sales, no matter how much money, buy back first, made a sample clothes can be returned. Hua Zi said that if you find a good product, you must make a quick decision, because you are not the only one to see this dress, thousands of network owners in Womens Street are watching it! On both sides of the streets less than 1 kilometer east of Xianlie Road, there are densely distributed large-scale wholesale garment cities such as Womens Street, Golden Horse and Trousers Capital. Nine nine-pack jeans, Chanels short skirt and 10,000 pieces of net red sweater can all be sourced from the owners. If youre willing to spend money, you can find the right people on this street, from picking, packing, handling, dispatching and even writing off orders.

East corner of martyrs Road

More than 10 minutes later, Hua Zi came to Xiao Zhangs house to make his own clothes. This is a tin room on the top floor of a residential building. There is no air conditioning in the room. There is only one fan whistling hot air. Xiao Zhang and his wife are rushing to make a badly needed Chinese cloth. The needle of the sewing machine carries a thread to tie the pieces of cloth that have been cut into shape into a garment.

Without careful examination, the finished product next to the sewing machine is almost the same as the original one. But in the hand, there is a clear difference in the handle and weight between the two garments, and the color is slightly different. The cost of such a product is about 35 yuan per piece for Huazi, 45 - 50 yuan per piece for Chuanduo stores, 55 - 58 yuan for Chuanduo platforms, and 229 yuan for this dress at Taobao Yijin Crown Store. If you take part in the platform activities such as more than one second killing, more than one merchant may take the price as the selling price, take the way of zero profit or even loss (including the merchants shipping Express fee) to offset the sales volume and improve the ranking of the stores.

According to Hua Zi, Xiao Zhang and his wife worked as tailors in a large factory before, and decided to work alone because they couldnt stand the bad food and the strict work schedule (half a days rest a week). In the village where Huazi lives, there are still many such couple stores, and these couple stores take on the work of online shopkeepers like Huazi. Because of their own survival, Xiao Zhang and his wife can control their own workload, compared with the past with greater freedom.

Xiao Zhangs family

The single order of the net file is mostly 100-200 pieces, such a small order large garment factory generally will not receive, can only find the couple shop to do. If you are lucky enough to make a blow-out (orders up to more than 2,000 pieces), when the production capacity of a couples shop can not reach, the network will seek a large factory production line or find a number of couples shops to work together. But such a situation is generally not much, after all, the so-called explosive is often difficult to find, put together more than 10,000 pieces of clothes or even hundreds of thousands of pieces of clothes, or by brushing out, or the best of the explosive.

In addition, unlike most office workers who work from 9 to 5, the couple work from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next day. The reason for choosing such a pace of work, because the needs of the boss above - every noon Huazi needs to take finished products to Xianlie East Road shops to distribute to the downstream Pingduo merchants.

Early and timely supply is crucial to the sales of the network, because once word-of-mouth, it is possible to follow up additional orders. At the same time, in addition to the thousands of womens street, the martyrs of the East Road, there are Golden Horse, Trousers and rich and womens Street volume of clothing wholesale city, active tens of thousands of online stalls. Like Huazi, these online shopkeepers are nosy hunters who can sense in the shortest time that the warmth of the martyrs clothes on East Road is rising, and then seize the opportunity to capture them.

There will always be people who can find cheaper fabrics, cheaper workmanship, and lower wholesale prices. Huazi said that no more merchants would refuse a lower offer, if not to do a batch of early, to the later price reduction stage, the money will not be profitable.

According to the Guangdong Garment Industry Association, there are more than 50,000 apparel enterprises in Guangdong Province, of which more than 4,000 are enterprises of scale (with an annual main income of more than 20 million RMB) and more than 45,000 are enterprises of scale below, accounting for about 90% of the total. Compared with these big and small clothing enterprises, Huazis small shop is like a boat in the vast ocean, and can only scratch as fast as possible to break out of the siege.

Youd better speed up your progress. There will be quite a lot of people tomorrow. Until about 1:30 a.m., Huazi decided to leave, considering that he would have to go to the stall for delivery tomorrow morning and pick up the goods at Zhongda Fabric Market. Before leaving, Hua Zi saw that the number of garments was not large enough.

Its all fake.

Waiting for a night, Huazi finally got more than 100 pieces of net red garments at 10:00 a.m. the next day. Womens Street opens at 11:00 a.m. every day. Its a bit tight. Hua Zi needs to pack these garments according to their size as soon as possible and stick on his company brand.

These brands are specially designed for people to do, the company and brand logo are their own ideas, there is not a feeling that from beginning to end is all false. Hua Zi, as he skillfully wrapped the package, laughed at himself. The net red garments were littered with unwashed floors, with boxes full of counterfeit name tags in a large carton next to them. Around an hour later, these trendy online Red garments will be carried by Huazi to Womens Street, waiting for downstream merchants to pick up the goods.

All are fake is the deepest feeling of Huazi since its inception, and is one of the key reasons why many platforms can grow rapidly with low prices. In an interview, Huang Zheng, the founder of Jiduo, said publicly, If we crack down on fake from the beginning, Jiduo will not be able to get to today. With such a value orientation as platform, there is a martyr on the East Road like the survival of tens of thousands of Chinese Internet files.

Before doing Taobao, if the store plagiarism was reported by peers, Taobao platform will find you Off-Shelf goods. Now do more, Taobao merchants can only report through more than one platform, and more than one platform is generally to protect the attitude of merchants, not to trouble us. Therefore, generally do not get off the shelf. Xiao Wu is a clothing e-commerce company, but also a customer of Huazi, before a few years Taobao e-commerce, he now turned to a multi-platform, because more for the tolerance of plagiarism is higher than Taobao, do not have so much trouble.

The No. 252 bus to Woman Street arrived, and Hua Zi would carry a large black plastic bag with about 100 garments on his shoulder. Every morning, Route 252 is almost all the passengers with big black bags like Hua Zi. They have the same destination, the clothing wholesale market on Xianlie East Road, 10 kilometers away.

At this moment, the martyrs of the East Road less than 1 km on both sides of the street, a glance to all the back of black plastic bags to pick up shop owners and delivery of the network owners, the majority of the people picking is Taobao, Jiduo, Mushroom Street and other platforms. In addition, there are Henan people lugging carts among the crowds to help pull goods, online business cards handbrushing, smokers near trash cans and policemen.

Due to the excessive flow of people, the road traffic of the martyrs east road must rely on the traffic police to command. On both sides of the main road, the pedestrian road, due to the density of the crowd is too large, anxious to pick up and rush to transport goods are easy to produce some bumps. On the road less than 1 kilometers, there will be a quarrel almost every 3 minutes.

Zhou Qing is the boss of Lao Wangs wealth making network. Zhou Qing was a traditional clothing wholesale business before, a few years ago, Zhou Qings eldest daughter found the opportunity of e-commerce network, with Zhou Qing came to the martyr of the East Road, do online business.

Zhou Qings clothing wholesale city is called big west Hao, adjacent to womens street. Because of the early entrance, the competition was much less intense then, Zhou Qing and her daughter soon found their way out on the martyrs East road, earned the first barrel of gold, and bought a house and a car in Foshan, Guangdong Province. After her daughter got married, Zhou Qing let her son who was still at University drop out of school and take up his sisters work. Zhou Qing doesnt know about the Internet. She gives her 23-year-old son Mingkun all the savings she has worked hard for most of her life.

Business is different from what we did then. E-commerce is about playing with computers. Its the age of young people. Zhou Qing said, now she can only help her son to fight, she can not do the high-tech gadgets. However, as Ming Kun just started to do, not very good at reading the edition, Zhou Qing will often nag, urge Ming Kun to go to see other peoples house sell explosive model is what style, where to buy. More and more people are doing now, and the harder they are, the harder it is to find them.

On the Xianmartyr East Road, there are still many net owners like Zhou Qing, and most of them are self-employed. They belong to a higher class group of ecological middle class along the Xianmartyr East Road, and are the most important or even the only source of income for porters like Lao Wang.

Porter on the East Road of martyrs

Lao Wang can earn 20 yuan by helping buyers with large orders to carry packages of up to 50 or 60 kilograms from the clothing city to the surrounding cargo distribution point or bus stop. If the business is good, the daily income can reach 200-300 yuan.

The martyrs east road is the Henan people. Henan people can not do complicated online business, but these people can work hard, women than men can do. There are more than 3000 Henan people on the road to martyrs East. The annual income of their hometown is estimated to be 3 hundred million. Speaking of this, Lao Wang looked very proud. After five years of hauling goods from the martyrs East road, Lao Wangs legs were covered with bruises, which were left by day-to-day collisions with a trolley, but he traded the bruises for the cost of three childrens schooling.

Lao Wang couldnt tell when the solicitors of Xianlie East Road had all become Henan people and other provinces could not enter. But just like the noisy, martyr East Road, there is no rule that seems to be the best rule. With the arguing, the collision of carts, the Hawking of singles, and the smell of nicotine drifting through the streets, the Eastern Martyr Road is showing more and more vitality day by day.

Hua Zi carried the package, almost pushed by the crowd into the womens street clothing wholesale city.

Womens Street was like a giant beehive, with rubbing crowds and thousands of online stores cramming the six-storey building, blocking all the aisles less than a metre long, and downloading pictures of costume models from e-commerce websites filling the doors of the aisles.

Womens street, a network of doorway businesses are queuing up for goods.

In this closed space with such a high population density, there is no need for security checks in and out of the clothing city, because everyone here is pressed for time, the owners of the network need to sell more goods in the new window period, the merchants need to get the goods they need as soon as possible, and then within 48 hours to ship them to the whole country. Everywhere, otherwise it will be faced with a drop in store credit score, a decline in ranking, or even a high fine.

In order to speed up the delivery as much as possible, downstream merchants will usually contact the owner of the network through a wholesale website called 17-net in advance, confirm the style and order quantity, and then go directly to Xianlie East Road to find the owners shop number, pick up the goods and make a withdrawal.

Everyone is in a hurry. No one will think that if there is a fire in this place, you cant escape. Huazi managed to squeeze into his shop, saying that two people were burned to death last year at the Daxihao next door.

The man who died was a man and a woman, two shopkeepers. Because of emotional disputes, the man rushed into the womans shop with gasoline, and then locked the door, two people were burned to death in the shop together. Zhou Qing of Daxihao said that no one dared to knock open the door to put out the fire, because once the fire broke open the door, it would spread and the whole building would catch fire. At the same time, when the incident happened, the fire engine stopped on the road of martyrs, and could not fire in.

Apart from emotional disputes, the more common pressure of shopkeepers comes from supply. Huazi said that when business is bad, the network needs to find the original clothes that meet the explosive potential, and then make a batch of goods as soon as possible; when business is good, based on the judgment of the length of the new window, the network should balance risk and output.

Once the window period is over, other nets will sniff the wind, they will barbarously enter the market, find cheaper cloth and workmanship, substantially lower prices, which will lead to early admission risk tolerance low nets shipping difficulties. When the cargo reaches a certain magnitude, it will be a terrible disaster. In the first half of this year, a person next to the rental house jumped from the 6th floor, because downstream merchants want too much goods, and they can not supply goods in a short time, too much pressure, chose to jump. Hua Zi said.

In fact, in addition to internal competition among their peers, the owners of Xianlie Donglus downstream customers, Pingduo, can also become their new competitors. When the order quantity is small, Pingduo will get the goods through the owner of the net. Once the order quantity is too large, the net cant supply in time or the price is too high, Pingduo will give priority to customers, abandon the original supply of the net and take charge of the order production. Because cloth, workers can find the owner of the network, more merchants can also find, but the latter needs to bear the greater risk than in the past to find the network to pick up goods.

They all know very well that this is a game of supremacy of interests, mutual love killing.

Brush hand, empty bag, big cloth City

We do not have enough assurance that we will not choose to abandon our nets and make our own orders. There must be enough temptation to walk away from this step. Pingduo businessman Xiaowu said that the vast majority of businessmen encounter a small chance of large orders, mostly to spend real money to gamble. Every time we gamble, everyone wants to seize the opportunity to make a profit.

According to Xiao Wu, in order to gamble to large orders, the early multi-merchants will choose several clothes on the shelves to their online stores. In order to get the flow of these clothes on the platform, they will choose to brush sheets - the store clothing collage link to brush hands, each brush hands have hundreds of Wechat groups, the cost of each brush is 3 yuan. When the order is completed, the merchant will go to a website called Empty Packet Network to buy the fake logistics data, and the price of each data is 2 yuan.

In addition, businessmen will alsoburn money to drive through the car, that is, to buy keywords on multiple platforms, such assweater,knitted shirt,jeans, etc. Buyers click on your store by searching the key words, many platforms will charge a certain amount of information fees. Generally, the cost per click is not set by the merchants themselves.

As long as you spend more money, the display of your store will be as close as that of Baidu. Xiao Wu said he spent thousands of dollars on the bills to boost sales, which was almost a months income for the poor business at the time. But because the keywords are not accurate enough, and the same kind of merchants too much, money basically drifted.

In fact, these techniques are all left over by Taobao, but its a lot of tricks, but its just a change of style. Xiao Wu, who had been a Taobao before, showed the disdain of this idiomatic way. In addition, Xiao Wu from Taobao to fight more another important reason is that fight more buyers are mostly rural, if not satisfied with clothes, low prices so that they can not afford to spend money to return, so fight more business to do better.

According to Xiao Wu, the reason for spending a lot of money to pay the bill is to get more traffic on the platform, thus attracting buyers. When more and more buyers, more and more orders, merchants will give the owners of the network boss a lot of pressure. Because once the spelling data is generated, a lot of businesses must be shipped within 48 hours. And once the upstream owner of the network can not supply goods, so many merchants are likely to fight against customers, to find their own channels of production. When the cooked duck has gone, some net owners will not be able to accept it.

In this game of supremacy of interests, Xiaowu represents a lot of merchants and Huazi, Zhou Qing represents the relationship between the owners of the network, has always maintained a dynamic balance. The basis for maintaining this balance is that both of them can get the fabric in the Zhongda Fabric Wholesale City by similar means.

Located in Haizhu District, Guangzhou City, Zhongda Fabric Wholesale Market is the general name of several fabric wholesale centers such as Guangzhou International Textile City, Zhongda Fabric Market and Yinling Textile Plaza. The maze-like fabric market, large and small, is active with the martyrs East Road mesh volume of cloth stalls. Knitting, wool, chemical fiber, threads, stripes, camouflage, all kinds of mainstream patterns of fabric can be found here. Fabric stall will not be divided into network and multi-merchants, will not be divided between the original and piracy, will only be divided between customers and non-customers.

In the large and medium-sized fabric market, due to the narrow road and large flow of people, a large number of battery trucks are the most important means of transportation to transport goods. The vast majority of the people who came to see the cloth were carrying large or small handbags containing the original version of the explosive they each believed in, with mysterious expressions, shuttling back and forth in the cloth market of Norda. They pull out the corner of the bag and ask if they have the goods, how much they sell, and when they will arrive. After everything is confirmed, the buyer orders, the seller delivers, the whole trading process begins with mystery, and finally calm down.

No one is willing to reveal any secrets in the handbag. Hua Zi said.

By the middle of the afternoon, the flow of womens streets reached its peak, and Hua Zis goods had already been sold. He packed up, handed over the rest to his wife, and secretly pocketed another original Chanel Style skirt he had just bought. Now Hua Zi has been quite familiar with the situation of the distribution market of CUHK. Based on his grasp of the feel of clothes, he can basically determine which market, which area can find similar cloth. This skill takes time to learn, and its a lesson that Huazi learned in the 10-kilometer daily shuttle in the market.

3506, two, 3301, and how much? (3506, 3301 are files for easy management, for each clothes produced code) the martyrs of the East Road pick up the voice of one after another, traffic management police added two. After carrying a single piece of goods, Lao Wang, a Henan native, found a corner in the dense crowd and sat down, lit a cigarette and waited for the next customer. Huazi, on the other hand, went to the bus stop to Zhongda, and beside him stood a line of webmasters with the same purpose and dream of exploding money.

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