In the face of heavy encirclement, what is the courage of Wei Qing?

 In the face of heavy encirclement, what is the courage of Wei Qing?

The territory Map of the Western Han Empire and its neighboring countries

In the face of the critical situation, Yizhi of the Huns decided to take the initiative to attack and attract the main forces of the Han army to the desert for annihilation. With swords drawn, Emperor Wudi sent a large number of people and horses, led by Wei Qing and Huo Qubing, to march into the desert. At this point, war is at stake.

The battle of Mo Bei

Wei Qing adopted the strategy of dividing the soldiers into two paths, and led by himself all the way through thousands of miles of desert to find a single decisive battle. Another route, led by Li Guang and Zhao Shiqi, attacked from the East Road, pinching the main flank, intending to wipe out the main force alone.

Wei Qing led a fine soldier through thousands of miles of desert and finally found the main force. After fierce fighting, the main force was defeated. Wei Tsing pursued all the way, captured Zhao Xincheng and got a lot of heavy food.

However, due to Li Guang and Zhao Shi lost their way and failed to arrive on time, Wei Qing was gradually surrounded by re-assembled forces, into crisis.

At this time, Wei Qing made a bold decision: he personally controlled Yizhi in Zhaoxincheng, ordered Huo Qubing, originally from Dingxiang, to start from Daijun and lead cavalry to plunder the rear of the Huns.

After receiving instructions, huo qu disease led fifty thousand cavalry to start from Dai County. From the prisoners mouth, huo qu disease learned that the desert was the main seat of Zuo Xian Wang. So on the fifth day, he rushed a thousand miles across the desert, defeated the Hun King Beizhang in the middle of the road, and met with the main force of the Zuo Xian King.

The fascinating story of Wei Qinghuos death has been widely sung, and now more than two thousand years have passed, and Wei Qings bold decision-making is a great lament. However, today, there are also Wei Qings bold stories in the hand tour of Leading the Land.

X078 area is full of heroes, Yanzhou Legion is sharp, in the face of the combined state, Liangzhou army, one enemy and two unexpectedly did not fall down, Yizhou players decided to rush to Liangzhou and Liangzhou, Yanzhou part of the players killed to bite Yizhou Legion, attracted the other sides firepower, for the main force of Yanzhou to strive for time. Sure enough, their procrastination for the main force won a lot of time, Yanzhou main force fell into a positive enemy, expand the advantage, become a modern version of the Huo go sick.

In the battle of northern Iraq, the main force led by Wei Qing was defeated by Li Guang and made the war turn from victory to victory. However, based on the understanding and trust of Huo Qubing, Wei Qing, as a bait, held back Yizhis main force, Huo Qubing did not disappoint the public expectations, with 50,000 light riding across the desert, worthy of the reputation of the champion. And in the hands of Run the Shore of the Land, you can also achieve their own fame, using their own wisdom, experience the ancient celebrities galloping in the sand.