The court arrested the old man for digging twice, and several policemen were injured. The perpetrators were arrested.

 The court arrested the old man for digging twice, and several policemen were injured. The perpetrators were arrested.

At noon on October 24, 2018, near the end of work, the Executive Bureau of the Peoples Court of Songming County, Kunming City, came to a party who said there were property clues provided by the person being executed.

Loan 200 thousand yuan did not return, the borrower and guarantor became old Lai.

After the execution of the police inquiry, the original Department of Songming Rural Commercial Bank and a branch of Yue Mou, Liu Mou, Yang Mou, Li Mou a financial loan case, to provide clues to the party is the case was executed Yang Mou. In 2014, Yue Mou and his wife Liu Mou loaned 200,000 yuan to a branch of Songming Rural Commercial Bank, which was guaranteed by Yang Mou and his wife Li Mou. Due to the overdue repayment of most loans, the bank sued the court in May 2016.

After the judgment came into effect, Yue and his wife fulfilled part of the loan, the remaining 150,000 yuan and interest has not been fulfilled. The bank applied to the Songming court for enforcement in May 2018.

After filing the case, through the implementation of the police system investigation and control, Yue found that a couple temporarily no executable property, the applicant also did not provide other property clues. However, the police investigation and accusation that the guarantor Yang and a couple of vehicles, bank accounts have part of the funds, then take measures to seal up, freeze.

The guarantor actively seeks and provides borrower property clues.

When Yang learned that property was under control, he searched for other property under the name of Yue Mou and his wife in many ways and found the parking place of all a digger in Yue Mou.

The sunshine at noon is a bit lazy, but the clue is command. Deputy Executive Director Zhu Yi rushed to organize the police force, arrange the deployment work, the police rushed to lunch again to verify the authenticity of property clues to the guarantor and excavator parking location.

The guarantor, Yang Mou-mou, said that the excavator was purchased by himself accompanying Yue Mou-mou, indeed Yue Mou-mou, and was willing to bear the loss caused by false clues and related consequences. The police officers should be contacted in time to contact the trailers and drivers to prepare for the seizure of the excavators.

During the lunch break, the police officers were arrested.

At 1:00 noon, more than ten policemen were driving to the excavator parking area. The sharp sirens whistled through Huanglong Street.

Arriving at the entrance of a village in Guandu District, Deputy Director Zhu Yi once again confirmed to the guarantor the authenticity of the property clues and the location of the excavator.

When the police officers arrived at the parking place, they found a family yard. After the police officer indicated his identity, he communicated with the owner of the yard. The owner of the yard said that the excavator was leased by others to park in the yard, and did not know the name and contact information of the other side, only knew to work in the nearby site. When the police officers explain the situation to the police, they will put the excavator on the trailer and prepare for the seizure.

The man claimed to be a creditor and was arrested for driving a road.

The convoy had just traveled more than 50 meters and found a van in the middle of the road completely blocking the road, leaving the driver nowhere to go. The policemen went out to check and found a man on the roadside who was verified to be the owner of the van. The policeman then asked him to move his car. The man said the owner owed him more than 30,000 yuan, so he could not tow the excavator away. The policeman repeatedly explained to him that he should protect his rights according to law and issued three law enforcement warnings. The man still refused to move his car.

In the process, the owner of the yard also came out, saying that the owner of the Baker was his brother Miu, and the police asked him to persuade Miu to move the car, but Miu insisted that the arrears of the hauling digger had not been landed and refused to move the car.

Deputy director Zhu Yi saw the situation and made a decision to control Mou Mou and to force the car to move. Execution of the police officer before, Miao refused to cooperate, and finally, the police officer on the implementation of a compulsory detention of Miao, and detained vehicles blocked the road.

In a fierce rebellion, some of the policemen were injured in the process of control.

After a wave of unrest, the escort of the motorcade was followed by vehicles.

Executive team returned to Songming County, two pronged, a team with Miao Moumou and blocking the road vehicles back to the court, another team escorted to court designated parking point digging machine.

In the process of escorting the convoy, the vigilant executive officer found that there was a vehicle following, and a car inserted between the police car and the trailer during the convoy, and then stopped at a spacious road, found two vehicles following. Executing policemen get off the car to ask, one of the two men, one of whom said he bought the excavator from others (Yue Mou-mou).

After the escort convoy called for support, Deputy Director-General Zhu Yi arrived and took the trailing vehicles and personnel back to the court for further investigation. The excavator was towed to the designated parking place.

Lesson! Judicial detention for 15 days, a fine of 20 thousand yuan

Executing policemen take Miu back to the court, and then they inquire about it, admonish it and educate it. Miu realizes that his actions have violated the law, which constitutes an obstacle to execution.

Finally, Miao Moumou for obstructing the implementation of the court by judicial custody for 15 days and fined 20 thousand yuan, the implementation of police officers will be sent to the Miao Moumou detention detention.

In October 25th, the family member of Moumou came to Songming to pay a fine.

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