The long rangers of the special brigade were killed by the truck before they were killed, and only 1 months after graduation.

 The long rangers of the special brigade were killed by the truck before they were killed, and only 1 months after graduation.

This is how my comrade Wang Chenglong looked like before.

He wore a student badge at that time.

A soldiers angular smile and eyebrow smile.

Make people feel warm

This is the last 25 seconds before martyr Wang Chenglongs sacrifice.

The blood on the body is heartbreaking.

Doctors and nurses are doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation all the time.

The ECG monitor dripped.

His comrades choked on the side.

Brother, brother, stay a little longer.

Brother, come on, brother.


However, he could not hold on.

Wang Chenglong, 23, died.

In July 2018, Wang Chenglong graduated from Urumqi campus.

4 a.m. on September 12th

In the long haul process of troops

A runaway big lorry.

The troop March to night and day came.

In times of crisis, he stood back in front of his comrades.

Being crushed to severe injury, died after rescue.

It was only a month after graduation.

Live video capture

8 million 200 thousand Chinese college students have entered the society.

They are working hard for tomorrow.

Or full of confidence or hesitation.

And my comrade Wang Chenglong

Just five years of military academy career.

Life after graduation has not yet been extended.

It fell to the devils weekly March at 4 in the morning.

Only 23 years old, heroic sacrifice

Wang Chenglong is the first student in the Cadet brigade.

Sixth of the schools outstanding achievements.

After graduation, he resolutely applied for training the tough Special Warfare Squadron.

Because its closer to the battlefield.

In the conversation with his friends, he explained why he wanted to go to the special war.

August 17, 2018

Wang Chenglong was appointed as the Jinan detachment of the armed police.

First team leader of special operations squadron

He made a state in his circle of friends.

Special battle, I finally came.

26 days after the circle of friends

He died heroically.

Wang Chenglong fell on the devils week training road.

He was prepared to finish the training.

The girl who likes likes to go to dinner.

Its a pity...

Wang Chenglong, playing guitar at dormitory in Baqiao Campus

Wang Chenglong left.

Left an unfinished career.

Left his mother missing him.

He was treated as a revolutionary martyr.

And remember the first grade work.

Awarded the golden medal for dedication to mission.

This is for martyr mother.

It is a comfort that we do not want to receive but cherish.

Sometimes I think.

If Wang Chenglong did not study military academy then

If he doesnt take the initiative to apply for special warfare after graduation

If he walked on foot at 4 in the morning

Think a little about yourself.

Will the ending be different?

Unfortunately, there is no if.

In our country

There are too many people like Wang Chenglong.

They studied very hard.

Test scores for prestigious universities

Go to the army without hesitation.

Give up comfort and comfort

Where most people do not want to go

Go to guard and guard.

In the eyes of some people

Their choices are just like fools.

Cried, ideals are greater than days, but the harder they go forward.

Plunged into the army.

Lifts life with life

Casting loyalty with blood

Wang Chenglong is also such a fool.

He is so stupid that it hurts.

When my peers say, dont give me an ideal, quit.

And he asked himself this.


This is the five self questioning he wrote on the title page of the book.

Contribution, meaning, ideal and true self

This is Wang Chenglongs keywords.

At the beginning of the year, Wang recorded a video of wishes to relatives and friends, in which he wore a handsome bar, sunshine, self-confident and generous 2018 is two months away from next years New Years greetings, but we can not hear goodbye to our brother, Wang Chenglong, you have not completed the route we continue to move forward the source of this article: Peoples Daily responsible editor Album: Shi Jianlei _NBJ11331

The beginning of the year

Wang Chenglong recorded a blessing video for his family and friends.

He wore a bar in the video.

Handsome, sunny, confident and generous

2018, two months to go.

Next years new years blessing, but we can not hear it.


Our brother Wang Chenglong

Lets move on.