Provincial Committee asked to participate in the circle of friends, Wine Bureau cadres to explain what happened?

 Provincial Committee asked to participate in the circle of friends, Wine Bureau cadres to explain what happened?

Henan: 2 million 603 thousand and 100 party members and cadres in the province promised not to participate in the small circle.

In order to solve the existing problems of the Official-Centered ideology and circle culture, Henan Province has carried out a special investigation on the political discipline and rules of the Party to rectify the circle culture.

Organizing Party members and cadres to commit themselves to fulfilling their promises, 2.6031 million public party members and cadres in the province signed promises of not participating in small circles and not engaging in gangs, gangs and other acts. Party members and leading cadres are required to make explanations on the existence of organizing or participating in the circles of card-mates, ball-friends, wine clubs and alumni, and whether they take the lead in resisting and governing the circle culture at the special democratic life meeting or the organizational life meeting. In Zhengzhou and other 10 provincial and municipal peoples congresses leading groups of the CPPCC, the existence of gangs and small circles into the cadre inspection. Strengthen the partys political and cultural construction, advocate loyalty and honesty, justice and uprightness, seek truth from facts, honesty and other values, inherit the fine traditional Chinese culture and revolutionary culture, cultivate a clean atmosphere of the soil.

Sichuan: the influence of Zhou Yongkangs poison is highlighted in five aspects.

Sichuan Provincial Party Committee insists on eliminating the influence of Zhou Yongkangs drug abuse as a long-term political task, with a strong political will to continue to grasp to the end. Peng Qinghua, Secretary of the CPC Provincial Committee, pointed out that Zhou Yongkangs influence on the epidemic in Sichuan was manifested in five aspects: 1.

They are gangs and gangs.

Loss of ideals and beliefs, as two sides and two sides.

Trampling on the principle of Partys management of cadres and corrupting the ranks of cadres;

Use authority to make money trading and transfer of interests.

The family spirit is corrupted and the children of their relatives are encouraged to use their powers and interests to gain private benefits.

In order to learn from the lessons of Zhou Yongkangs case, the Sichuan Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China has made a decision on thoroughly eliminating Zhou Yongkangs poisonous influence and continuously purifying Sichuans political ecology, eradicating the sources of political pollution in an all-round way, and striving to create a positive political ecology and a sound environment for development. We will continue to strengthen the construction of political morality, carry out extensive patriotic propaganda and education, and introduce a number of advanced models, such as fighting poverty, learning from Lei Feng in his posts, and the example of the Sichuan people and the model of the times. We will carry out a series of good wind propagandist activities to select and collect 100 classic family traditions. This year, 420 units and more than 21,000 people from all over the province have been organized to go to the provincial law and discipline education base for education. Promoting the formation of a good atmosphere among Party members and cadres through the correct selection and employment orientation, the Organizational Department of the provincial Party Committee has formulated and promulgated the Measures for Strengthening the Investigation and Implementation of Cadres by Highlighting Political Standards, regularly conducted collective honest and clean government talks before the new promotion of provincial leading cadres, and guided Party members and cadres to speak clearly about politics.

Liaoning: renovating privileged cars, Liaohe A09 plate all recovered

In order to solve the problems of formalism and bureaucracy, Liaoning Province has carried out special rectification of privileged cars and other problems.

From March 31 to August 24, a special rectification of the problem of privileged vehicles was carried out in the whole province, focusing on eliminating the privileged ideas in the management and use of official vehicles, standardizing the management of license plates for official vehicles and rectifying violations of regulations. Liao A09 license plates are all recovered, all borrowed license plates are recovered within a certain time limit, stop using, and complete the replacement of ordinary license plates according to the provisions. On this basis, the Liaoning Provincial Party and Government Official Vehicle Management Measures was promulgated to establish a long-term mechanism to continue to consolidate the results of special rectification.

Fujian: all the cadres occupying the provincial level should vacate their homes and have already retired.

Fujian Provincial Party Committee resolutely opposes the privilege idea and privilege phenomenon, educates and guides the Party members and leading cadres in Fujian Province to establish a correct view of power, straighten out their own position, and be a good servant of the people.

First, we must do a good job in special clean-up and renovation. To carry out self-examination and self correction and special inspections for related issues. Nine provincial-level cadres, 25 department-level cadres and one department-level cadre have not transferred out of their wage relations and all have completed the transfer of wage relations. The provincial cadres who occupy the houses that should be vacated have all vacated their homes, and have made explanations and checks in the talks at the special democratic life meeting for inspection and rectification. Xiamen City combed 41 leading cadres in arrears of rent, property fees and other issues, before August 20 to complete the collection of all fees.

Two, we should further improve the system and implement it. Strict implementation of cadre exchanges, job avoidance, personal matters related to the reporting system, the promotion and appointment of close relatives in the leading cadresunits (systems), or the promotion of leading cadres in the region to assume a leading position at a lower level, requires the higher level of organization departments to agree before making a decision. We must strictly enforce the regulations governing the secretaries of leading cadres, and strengthen routine supervision and management of secretaries. The Circular on Further Standardizing the Transfer of Wage Relations after the Transfer of CadresWork requires that when cadres communicate across regions and departments, the wage relationship should be transferred simultaneously with administrative and organizational relations. To revise the measures for the management of provincial public housing and the turnover housing of cadres at the provincial and departmental levels, and to construct and distribute housing in strict accordance with the provisions of the central policy.

The General Administration of sports: the relevant family members at the bureau level should not register for the recruitment of directly affiliated units.

The Party group of the General Administration of Sports strictly enforces the avoidance system, establishes and improves the long-term mechanism, and effectively prevents and treats inbreeding.

Starting from the two aspects of current reform and permanent establishment, we should resolutely put an end to the increment of inbreeding and actively and steadily eliminate the stock. The working conditions of the spouses of the spouses, children and children of the leading cadres in the General Administration system were carefully investigated and the inbreeding work table account was established. To revise the Measures for Implementing Open Recruitment in Institutions and Institutions of the State General Administration of Sports, it is clear that spouses, children and spouses of cadres at the department level of the General Administration of Sports are not allowed to apply for open recruitment posts in the units directly under the General Administration of Sports in principle, and the following cadres are ordered to refer to the implementation, establish a long-term mechanism for the prevention and control of inbreeding and effectively control

Market supervision administration: do our best to deal with the vaccine case of longevity in Changchun

After the Changchun Changsheng Problem Vaccine Case, the CPC Central Committee and the State Council attached great importance to it. General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang made important instructions on many occasions. On the one hand, the Party Group actively participates in the work of the investigation group of the State Council, further increases its manpower, dispatches more capable forces, and makes every effort to do a good job in the investigation and handling of the front plan and in the coordination and safeguard of the rear; on the other hand, it organizes special forces in the rear to deal with the case in an all-round way. To investigate risks, research and improve the vaccine management system, and strengthen public opinion monitoring and guidance.

Changchun Changsheng Problem Vaccine Case exposed many loopholes, such as inadequate supervision, weak supervision and guidance, lax checks, neglect of responsibility and so on. On August 17, 2018, after the study and decision of the Party group meeting, the relevant responsible persons were given serious treatment, and the results of the treatment were submitted to the public. Cloth, the Party branch of the SFDA also made a deep examination to the CPC Central Committee and the State Council.

At present, the follow-up work of Changchun Changsheng vaccine case is being carried out urgently. The Party group will reflect profoundly, draw lessons, resolutely implement General Secretary Xi Jinpings Four Strictest requirements, resolutely look for loopholes in an all-round way in accordance with the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, rectify and implement them in a timely manner, always give priority to the health of the people, with the determination to take drastic drugs to remove scabies and scrape bones to cure poisons, and improve our vaccine. The management system, resolutely guarding the security bottom line, and fully safeguarding the vital interests of the masses and the overall situation of social security and stability.