Can Mick Schumacher continue to make his surname brilliant?

 Can Mick Schumacher continue to make his surname brilliant?

Open the official website of Mick Schumacher, and this hot declaration comes into view. Mick Schumacher, the son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, feels familiar but rarely heard by F1 fans. This month, he became the European F3s annual champion. It is widely believed that he will take over his fathers clothes in the next year or two. The brilliance of the Schumacher family in the paddock? Can he interpret the greatness of the surname given to the racing car?

1. a career contrary to fathers intention.

Despite reading too many stories about the father and son in F1, Hill, Villeneuve and Rosberg all became world champions, even though the family had the advantage of Michael Schumachers own seven-time championship as the first man in F1 history, and the story of racing with his brother Ralph in the paddock. But Michael Schumacher never intended to take his child on this path.

The Schumacher family

The Schumacher family

But in 2008, Mick Schumacher did not hesitate to sit in the cockpit of a kart. To protect the familys vital privacy, Mick initially used his mothers surname and the alias Mick Betsch to compete. During his six-year career as a kart driver, Mick did not stand out. In national and international competitions, Mick even changed his name again, taking second place in Germany, Europe and the world in the name of Mick Junior, his highest achievement in the karting industry.

In 2015, Mick finally regained his status as Schumacher and joined the Dutch team Van Armsford. That year, he won the championship in the third leg of the opening game against Germany, but for the rest of the season, Mick was no better and eventually ranked 10th in the drivers standings. After switching to Prema Powerteam in 2016, he ushered in an explosive period, won five championships throughout the year, and eventually ranked second in the standings.

After upgrading to the European F3 in 2017, Mick continued his long, mediocre F4-era burst of rhythm: 2017 ended the season with 12th overall points, even worse than Zhou Guanyu, the Chinese driver of the same team, who finished last among the four drivers of the same team, which made it possible that the son of the king might be real. Limited. In the first half of the 2018 season, Mick was still in the spotlight, although he was able to score points steadily, until Spa won a sub-station championship, but then he broke out again, eventually won eight sub-station Championships throughout the year, to 365 high points for the annual championship, nearly 60 points more than the second place.

Its hard to say that the son of the King of Cars is mediocre in the face of such a growth record, but his unstable play has never made him the brightest young man in the cockpit.

2. evaded Schumacher and the ubiquitous Schumacher

But this lack of sparkle may have a lot to do with the familys dedication to protecting privacy, and the mystery of the Schumacher family over the past few years has been fully reflected in Mick. Qian Jun, a Chinese photographer, witnessed Micks ascent on the spot on the weekend of the opening battle in 2015. No one else can be photographed. He doesnt participate in any activities, signature meetings and so on. Its almost out of sight.

Schumacher suffered a skiing accident in 2013, and his condition has never been known to the outside world.

In the past few years, Mick has rarely been interviewed, and most of the information available on the Web is repetitive and monotonous. Since Michael Schumachers fatal skiing accident at the end of 2013, his fathers illness has been hidden from the family, and this is a topic that everyone will not touch on. He spoke about his father in public only a few times. He entered Europe F3 in 2017, Mick in an interview with German RTL television. My idol is, of course, my father. Obviously he is the best. Even when he drove Benetton into Spa that summer to celebrate the 25th anniversary of his fathers first championship here, there were few words: I learned a lot from my father. Looking back on his career, it was great to see him achieve that.

Peter Caesar (left), long-time close friend of Mick and Schumachers family, and Sabine Com, Schumachers manager (right)

But he still has too many Schumacher elements.

Michael, Schumacher and Sabine combe

Michael, Schumacher and Peter - Kaiser

Michael Schumacher loves driving, he sees the opportunity to drive in the car, he is full of desire to win, Hamilton once said of Michael Schumachers driving style, the same phrase was applied to Mick. Mick wasnt the kind of person who got better in the race, he was very fast from the start, said Van Armsford, owner of the Van Armsford team at the start of the F4. He had a very smooth style, a very technical sense, a very precise handling, and a 100 percent investment in the car, Prema Powerteam said. Rene Rossie, the chief executive of the motorcade, also conveys the message that he is Schumacher.

Mick traveled to India in 2016 to compete in the MRF series. He arrived early before the race began, and Indian driver Caskiyan took him to the track. He went straight to the car, looked at the chassis of the car, and asked some technical questions, which he could ask at his age, so to speak, were very mature. What impressed Caskiyan most was his race on the track. He had a strong desire to overtake and had two collisions with a driver named Ann Calderon during the race, although the opponents had some complaints about the collision, claiming that Mick had run into his car without even taking the first turn. But Marcus Simmons, a veteran automotive journalist, said, Its a sign that the driver is gradually improving his driving level. Its clumsy, but in the eyes of some engineers, the feeling of ambition is stronger than the lack of decisiveness.

Hes not shy at all about his actions, hes really involved, he shifts very simply and the whole person looks confident, said Lubbert, the 2013-14 MRF champion.

Mick and his father Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher often comes to the factory, but never gives orders. He always thanks everyone for their work. He explains whats going on with the car, then goes to work himself, infecting everyone else and encouraging them to move forward with him. Ross, Brown, old fellow of the iron triangle of Ferrari, once commented on Michael Schumacher. This kind of hands-on work style was inherited from the Schumacher family. If Mick wasnt in the cockpit, he would assist the mechanic, and the degree of close communication is rare, and I think thats wisdom. The other driver Ive met whos going to do that is Nick Rosberg, and David Lovey, a partner in the MRF series, is impressed with the details. Although Micks leadership qualities have not been seen for a while, the qualities that make him a great driver have long been embedded in his racing career.

My goal is also to become the F1 world champion, Mick, 18, confirmed when he made his European F3 debut in 2017. Its not time yet, but the time is ripe and everyone will see it.

After winning the European F3 in 2018, Mick also got a super drivers license in F1, and he had some options. Obviously I can drive F1, but its a big goal. Its unrealistic at the moment. To be 100% ready, I think I need to go through all the different levels of equations.

Although many people believe that because the current F1 driver seats are not ideal, Mick did not immediately take action - Ferrari Mercedes and other upstream teams have no vacancies, and do not want to be wronged in the downstream team, after all, he is Schumacher - but Mick into the F1 is a sure thing.

The name of Michael Schumacher has written a brilliant chapter in the history of Ferrari. The door of Maranello is always open. How can you say no to such a name? Ferrari leader Brrivabene has publicly expressed his pursuit of the young man. Hamilton, the fifth world champion of his career, said: I believe he is 100% fit for F1, partly because of his father, but more importantly because of his excellent results. Like Rosberg and his sons, sons can inherit their fathers good genes.

Mick and Ferrari driver Raikkonen

Has Mick inherited the good genes of his father? If Michael Schumacher is in normal condition, maybe Micks development will be much better... said the Chinese champion Week.

Although todays F1 is completely different from 30 years ago, there are still some rough indicators to measure. Although there is no definite answer, Mick is basically certain that he will play F2 next season, so his fastest entry into F1 should be at the age of 21 in 2020, which is close to his father Michael Schumachers 22-year-old first entry into F1, and his uncle Ralph Schumachers 21-year-old. Before F1, Michael Schumacher grew up for three years in different types and levels of equations. Konig Formula champion in 1988, German F3 runner-up in 1989, German F3 champion in 1990 and the Grand Prix champion in Macau proved that he was a talented driver. Ralph Schumacher spent five years between the kart and F1, but almost every season he was able to top three in all the equations: the 1994 German F3 runner-up, the 1995 German F3 runner-up, the Macau Grand Prix champion, and the 1996 Japanese Formula One champion. Vertical comparisons show that it is difficult to accurately compare the three Schumachers because of the age gap, but it is certain that the gap between Mick and his father before entering F1 is not a gap.

Michael Schumacher and Ralph Schumacher

Some people are throwing cold water. Its too early for you to compare Mick Schumacher with Vistapin Jr. Red Bull team consultant Dr. Marco believes that at least in horizontal comparison, Mick is far inferior to another second generation Vestapan. Dr. Marcos words are not unreasonable. Compared to Mick, who had hardly won a championship in a kart, Vistapin, who was born in 1997 and drove a kart at the age of four, won the Belgian kart MINI championship at the age of eight, and has since thrown out of control to earn almost all the championships he participated in. In the bag, he won the KZ1 championship at the age of 15 when he was only at the age of 2013. Between the kart and F1, Vestapan stayed in the European F3 for only a year, finishing third in the year with 10 race championships. When he landed in Formula 1 in 2015 to represent the Red Bulls, he was not yet 18 years old, and even more frightening, Vestapan won the division championship in Formula 1 at the age of 19 in 2016.

Micks contemporaries include Le Claire, who almost copied and pasted Vestapans championship after starting his karting career at the age of eight, and ended his karting career at the age of 15 in 2013 (losing to Vestapan) after winning KZ1 runner-up, with 16-year-old Le Claire winning 2 in the year of Renault F2.0. At the age of 17, he was promoted to the European F3, four race Championships and fourth place of the year, making him happy to mention the seat of the 2016 F1 test driver, while the GP3 series (equivalent to the European F3) ended with three race Championships and an annual championship. In 2017, when he was less than 20 years old, he won the F2 championship as F1 driver. Next year, at the age of 22, he will be in the cockpit of Ferrari.

In the horizontal comparison with Vista Pam and his peers, Mick really failed. Some may wonder why Mick always compares himself to the greatest driver in history, or to the best of his peers, simply because he is Schumacher. Maybe thats what Michael Schumacher didnt want his beloved son to face, but Micks statement on the official website says it all, and hes not afraid. These pressures.

He has proven his fathers race car gene.

He has everything he needs and he can be one of the greatest riders in our sport.

After winning the three-year European F3 championship, all the praise poured into Mick. Can he get into F1 and become a good horse? Can he continue the glory of his surname? He could not answer these questions for the time being, but fortunately he was marching with enough calmness and composure towards the honor of the great family name.

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