Why do influenza viruses fight every year? Vaccine protection period is only half a year

 Why do influenza viruses fight every year? Vaccine protection period is only half a year

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Vaccination is related to the health of every child, and whether the vaccine is safe will affect the hearts of countless parents. Previously, the long-lived vaccine was exposed to rabies vaccine production record falsification, 100 white-tetanus vaccine as inferior medicine and so on, causing social repercussions. The vaccine question is so concerned, so does influenza vaccination every year really work? What are the effects of vaccines on human immunity?

If you were vaccinated last year, it doesnt mean that you dont need vaccinations this year. Because the protection provided by influenza vaccine will not last forever. Although the protection period varies from person to person, in some cases, the duration of protection may be about 6 months.

Assuming that you have been vaccinated for 6 months, there is no medical reason not to vaccinate. In addition, influenza viruses vary every year. Therefore, the strains of influenza vaccine and the strains you ultimately need to protect are different every year.

The results showed that about 23% (or 772) of the children eventually tested positive for influenza.

Children may be vaccinated against two different types of influenza each year: live but weakened viruses that are sprayed into their noses and dead viruses that are injected into their arms.

The researchers tried to estimate the effectiveness of influenza vaccines by comparing the proportion of people who had been vaccinated against influenza with those who had not. This is an indirect way to estimate the effectiveness of influenza vaccine. In addition, children with fever and respiratory symptoms do not represent the general population. The study also showed no evidence that vaccination in the previous year would reduce the vaccine efficacy for second years.

In fact, studies have shown that vaccination one year earlier may help to further enhance the protective effect of the vaccine against certain types of influenza (influenza B). Influenza vaccination every year enhances immunity against influenza.

There is no other scientific way to improve your immunity to influenza viruses, which can invade you no matter how healthy you are. Of course, through healthy diet and physical exercise can make the bodys resistance stronger. However, supplements, special foods or health products, etc., do not have the same protective effect on influenza as vaccines do.

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