The vice president of the 360 vice president of the conference was temporarily upset.

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 The vice president of the 360 vice president of the conference was temporarily upset.

Dissatisfied with the conference, 360 vice president wrestled the microphone (source:)

Tan Xiaosheng, Vice President and Chief Security Officer of 360, wrathed with the microphone and documents at the China Computer Congress in 2018 on the 27th as he dragged on the previous session and added a provisional agenda to the conference, Peng Mei News reported Thursday.

Open video shows that when the incident happened, Tan Xiaosheng on the stage questioned provisional agenda, the front towing hall is uncontrolled, how is the community on the scene to control it? After a few seconds of silence, he first picked up the paper and threw it to the ground, then picked up the receiver and threw it out. Then he stepped down and said, Im sorry, its time to break up and apologized to several guests he invited.

The 2018 China Computer Conference was held in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province from October 25 to 27. The theme of the conference was Big Data Promoting Digital Economy. Tan Xiaosheng was originally the chairman of the conference on Sharing the Future Trend of Economy. He is also the Deputy Secretary General of the Chinese computer society.

According to the Beijing News @ our video report, Tan Xiaosheng said in an interview, (a series of acts such as smashing the microphone) is not a big deal, and the final forum was held successfully.

After the incident, triggered a heated discussion among netizens, for Tan Xiaosheng angrily smashed the microphone behavior, some netizens expressed no support, saying that this is a low emotional quotient performance, many things can be civilized.

Some netizens also think that procrastination and provisional addition of the agenda are excessive behavior, which is a normal expression of discontent.