Jia Yueting 5 million shares of LETV shares were dealt with by justice last week.

 Jia Yueting 5 million shares of LETV shares were dealt with by justice last week.

The newspaper Xinle TV network announced yesterday evening that according to the inquiry of China Securities Registration and Settlement Limited Companys stock pledge and judicial freeze details, we learned that the companys major shareholder Jia Yueting holds 5 million shares of Le TV network shares on October 26 to be unloaded. According to Jia Yuetings e-mail reply, this time the stock was unloaded and pledged as a result of the courts judicial execution caused by the default of his personal stock pledge business. After the 5 million shares were released from the pledge, Jia Yueting held 9,924.75 million shares of Le Video, accounting for 25.05% of the total capital stock, of which 86,888,871,140 shares were pledged, accounting for 21.78% of the total capital stock of the company; the companys shares were all frozen, waiting for freezing.

According to the information disclosed in the announcement, Jia Yueting responded by e-mail to the reasons for the release of the pledge, saying that on October 29, Jia Yueting received a notice from the company that the 5 million shares of the shares held by him in the custody of the Eastern Securities Seat were unloaded on October 26. After understanding that this part of the stock changes into the courts judicial enforcement operations, before Mr. Jia Yueting and Oriental Securities reached a stock pledge repurchase business, the loan amount of 200 million yuan for Lexus Holding Liquidity, due to the failure to repay the business default on time, this business is in the judicial implementation stage.

It is reported that all Jia Yuetings pledged stocks have touched the liquidation line stipulated in the agreement. The disposal progress of his Lexus TV network stocks is affected to a certain extent by the pledge and freezing status of his stocks, which may lead to the risk that the actual controller of the company will change.

In addition, last night LETV also released its three quarterly report. Data show that the company realized a loss of 1.489 billion yuan in January-September this year, an increase of 9.82% year-on-year, of which a net loss of 386 million yuan in the third quarter. The stock price of LEVIEW dropped 10.09% to 2.94 yuan per share, trading 2.53 million hands a day, with a turnover rate of 8.24%.

Source: Beiqing Net - Beijing Youth Daily editor: Wang Zheng _NN7526