12 football dreams of Xinjiang children, will they make Chinese soccer a success?

 12 football dreams of Xinjiang children, will they make Chinese soccer a success?

At present, Shandong Luneng Taishan Football School has 480 outstanding football seedlings from all over the country, including more than 20 young players from Xinjiang.

12 people were interviewed and photographed for them. They are thousands of kilometers away from home, pursuing their dreams, their dreams, carrying the hope of Chinese football.

He is 11 years old. He is from Yili, Xinjiang. I like to eat all kinds of Xinjiang rice. The goal is to play in the Super League. The biggest dream is to play in Spanish football.

He was 10 years old. I love Ronaldo and I dream of entering the Chinese national team.

Ai Sai Du La, 9, from Yili, Xinjiang. My mother is a doctor, my father is a teacher, and I am good at math at school. Because my brother started playing football.

Eyre patty, 11, from Yili, Xinjiang. When he was in Xinjiang, the teacher asked him to choose between hip-hop dancing or football. He chose to play football, and then he was selected to the football school.

He is 11 years old and comes from Yili, Xinjiang. In the class is a group leader. When I grow up, I want to play football like C and Messi.

Ibrahimi, 9 years old. My father is a football player and his dream is to go to Real Madrid to see Ronaldo.

_Soapy, 16, from Yili, Xinjiang, captain of the Chinese Junior Team, winner of the Golden Boy Award in 2017. The goal is to enter the national team.

Haier, 12, is from Yining, Xinjiang. I think football is the most interesting game and the goal is to win the golden ball.

Mu Mu ti is 10 years old. I like playing football. The goal is to play with Neymar.

Yihe San, 10 years old, from Kashi, Xinjiang. Luneng U10s main goalkeeper. I felt satisfied that I saw Buffon and C Luo.

He is 17 years old and comes from Yili, Xinjiang. Luneng has been in Brazil for seven years, maybe next year to train in Portugal or Portugal.

He is 12 years old and comes from Kashi, Xinjiang. Less than a year in Lunengs school.