The bus was 1 yuan, and 2 underage girls were driven off by bus drivers at night.

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 The bus was 1 yuan, and 2 underage girls were driven off by bus drivers at night.

Two girls aged ten or so

Take Changsha 7 bus to dance training class.

However, two people sat less than one stop.

The bus driver got out of the car.

Dispute over ticket purchase

Two girls are being half-way off.

Mr. Zhous daughter, Yuanyuan, is 10 years old. Every weekend, Yuanyuan and Jiajia, a girl two years older than her, take a bus to a dance training class. However, at about 7 oclock last night, Yuanyuan and Jiajia took the No. 7 bus and started off from the Orange Garden Overpass Station to go to the dance training class near Yaoling Station, but they were driven down by the bus driver.

This kind of experience made Mr. Zhou and other family members sweat a lot. Fortunately, Yuanyuan and Jiajia both carried their telephone watches and called their parents at the first time, then they received them home in time. After the incident, Yuanyuans family found the bus company and transferred the monitoring at that time, which was the whole story.

The bus driver has a dispute with the girl.

After the dispute, the girl invested another dollar.

The girl was driven out of the car.

After Yuanyuan and Jiajia got on the bus, they had a dispute with the driver. The reason for the dispute was the ticket problem. Usually two people used the bus card, and yesterday because they forgot to take the card, the two people put together a total of three yuan. But parents think this is not the problem of money.

In this regard, bus driver Li Guoqing gave such a statement.

According to the Changsha Bus Rules: Children above 1.2 meters (including 1.2 meters) in height are eligible for tickets. Each passenger can carry a child under 1.2 meters free of charge. More than one passenger should buy tickets according to the number of people. Childrens collective driving should be purchased according to the actual number of people. If you brush the bus card, you can enjoy a certain discount.

Li Guoqing believes that although Yuanyuan and Jiajia are young, they are both over 1.2 meters tall and should buy the full ticket. What made him angry was that they did not buy the full ticket and never explained why, but wanted to get through.

The driver admitted that the way of handling was wrong.

Childrens safety is the first and rule consciousness should not be ignored.

In the drivers opinion, it is not intentional to dump Yuanyuan and Jiajia on the way, but to act strictly according to the rules. However, for two girls aged ten or so, bus drivers may be doing something wrong.

Li Guoqing said that he has been engaged in bus driving for more than ten years, and this is the first time he has encountered such a situation. At that time, in the process of handling, he really took the mood to make such a move. Afterwards, he realized that he had done something wrong.

In this regard, Hunan Longjian Bus Line 7 Chief Li Zheng also said that he would take the incident to all drivers to do a training and education.

At the same time, Yuanyuan and Jiajias parents also believe that the children did not buy tickets according to the regulations, and they also expressed their understanding of the bus drivers behavior.

Xiaobian wants to say that if two children are malicious ticket evasion, the bus driver should act in accordance with the provisions of parents should also do a good job in childrens education. If it is a real accident in the face of two minor girls, bus drivers should first consider the safety of children to make the provisions more humane? Source: cover news editor: Shi Jianlei _NBJ11331

The little editor wants to say

If two children are malicious evasion

The bus driver should follow the rules.

Parents should also do a good job in childrens education.

But if it happens to be accidental

Facing two teenage girls

Should bus drivers first consider the safety of their children?

Let the regulations be more humanized?