There is light in the flash. The young couples bedroom found the camera 8 thousand diamond ring also disappeared.

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 There is light in the flash. The young couples bedroom found the camera 8 thousand diamond ring also disappeared.

It should have been the safest harbour.

But he lives in Xishan reservoir.

A small woman near the district (a pseudonym)

Recently, I dare not stay alone at home.

Oct. 3, Xiao Na and her husband at home accidentally found that the bedroom wardrobe top was installed with a pinhole camera, as well as the attached rechargeable treasure, data line memory card and other full set of camera equipment! Xiao Na also found that a 8000 yuan diamond ring purchased at the time of marriage was lost.

Did anyone install this video camera device when they were burglary? At present, Xiao Na has called for help.

In an interview with reporters, Xiao Na said he still felt Shiver when he remembered it. She said she had lived with her husband for two years after her marriage. In the evening of October 3rd, when we were talking in our bedroom bed, we suddenly felt a sense of being peeped. Xiao Na said that her husband felt that there was a flash of light on the top of the wardrobe on the side of the double bedroom.

They were startled when they looked closely - after a suitcase on the top of the wardrobe, they found a pinhole camera for taking pictures. There are also data connection lines and memory card charging treasure.

Our first reaction at that time was to get into the thief at home! Xiao Na said, because the door of the family is intact, the device must have been secretly installed by outsiders. After careful examination, I found that I had lost three rings in my family. The two is the fake ring used in the wedding ceremony. One is a real diamond ring, worth more than 8000 yuan.

Xiao Na told reporters that they suspected that the thieves entered the room after theft, I do not know why the monitoring equipment installed in the bedroom wardrobe. Because we had tidied up our bedroom at the end of September, and we had been out on the 11th, it was preliminarily judged that the thieves had entered the room in the two days before and after the 11th. Donna said.

Xiao Na also told reporters that in the memory card, the couple saw many videos taken. Each video is a one or two minute clip. But in the end, I saw a video of a strange man debugging a camera. From the background, the location of the camera is installed in my bedroom. At that time, he was putting the camera on the top of the wardrobe. Xiao Na said she suspected the man was the suspect who installed the camera in the room.

At present, Xiao Na couple have called the police and handed the video and surveillance equipment to the police. This man has met in the district before, but it never happened again after the incident. Xiao Na suspected that the man lived nearby. She also hoped that insiders could provide clues to help solve the case.

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