The couple rescue the police dog is identified as theft, saying that there is no information on the police dog.

 The couple rescue the police dog is identified as theft, saying that there is no information on the police dog.

On the night of October 27, Jindong Public Security Branch of Jinhua City issued a circular saying that a police dog scattered near the entrance of the police station was stolen on the evening of June 29. After filing a case for investigation, the Jindong Branch took compulsory measures on July 3 against Zhu and Yingmu suspected of theft on bail pending trial. After preliminary investigation, the dog is not a special breed of police dog base, is a multi-lake police station used for vigilance, patrol dogs and wearing a collar. The suspect, Zhu Mou, should know that the dog is a rare breed of German shepherd dog.

There is no information about identity on this dog. On the afternoon of the 29th, Ms Ying told Peng Mei Shimbun: My husband and I always thought we were collecting dogs, not stealing. Since the incident, the police have visited us five times, the last time this morning, came not before the police, attitude is much better, mainly to listen to our statements, asked very carefully.

News of the surging news shows that the German shepherd dog in the multi Lake police station is not the first to be stolen. On May 31, less than a month before Ying and his wife stole the dog, the police dog, Lao San, was stolen by a father and son who worked as carpenters in Jinhua. Both of them were sentenced to criminal responsibility.

The victim said there was no effective information on the police dog.

The 30-year-old woman said that should love dogs, the cumulative received 16 of stray dogs, before marriage I will stray dogs in the side, while the most in 6, married last year after pregnancy, the stray dog in an abandoned pig farm friend, do not regularly go to see, raising cost are my responsibility.

6 29 April 20 pm, my husband and I passed near the Lake police station door, found a German shepherd in the trash for food. When the day was very hot, Im afraid the dog will eat unclean things to get sick or die from thirst, also worried that it didnt tie the rope will hurt passers-by, husband to consult with the dog back. My husband waved off, the dog ran over, dirty and smelly, we use electric vehicles to take it home, give it a bath, feeding. Judging from the fuzz whose legs are not completely removed, it will be about 6 months old. Madam Ying.

Should be said that the past picked up stray dogs had brought to the public security department, asking them to help find the owner, but they let me back, so this did not report found. Unexpectedly, 4 days later, the police found us and said that I was stealing a police dog, which was a criminal offence.

Should be said that in the police station to accept the deal, she noticed a price appraisal, indicating someones dog for the German shepherd dog, called third, the value of 15000 yuan.

In July the first record finished, they said we suspected theft, can apply for bail, we pay after the signing was put out. Now, we have two pieces of cover seal is written: the police station, to ensure that the amount of 5000 yuan bail receipt, no legal documents issued by the police. Madam Ying said that she had hired a lawyer.

The police dog was robbed two times in a month.

News of the surging news shows that the German Shepherd Dog Lao San in Duhu police station is not the first to be stolen.

China public trial network on the trial of video display, the prosecutor stated the police number 15015601110101953 in the court, called the third, was born in January 1, 2018, more than 15000 yuan so Lake sent from the Municipal Public Security Bureau police dog base purchase, for security patrol. In June 5th, Jindong District Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade received Lake police station report, said a stolen in a sheepdog station. The police investigation found that Ding Moujia and Ding Mouyi have a major suspect, the day will be arrested two people, two people to steal the dog confessed.

Surging news video learned from the trial, Ding Mouyi, Ding moujia as father and son, is Hangzhou Jiande people, engaged in carpentry work in Jinhua at the time of the incident.

In the trial, the prosecutor asked the suspect Ding Moujia to commit the crime. Ding Moujia said he saw the dog in a housing area at the entrance, at that time in the rain, the whole body wet dog. He first sent a letter to his friend whether he wanted to raise the dog, and his friend said no. Because he liked dogs, he decided to take the dog home and whistle and the dog came running.