The princess of Japan, who was married to the princess, smiled and said, I am so happy.

 The princess of Japan, who was married to the princess, smiled and said, I am so happy.

Oct. 29, overseas network Xinhua Japans Royal Princess Shiko in the morning of Oct. 29, Tokyo Meiji Shrine with fiance Shouguhui held a wedding. The two sides met in December last year and engaged for nearly half a year. According to the Royal regulations of Japan, after marriage, she had to give up her royal family and become a common citizen like her husband.

According to Fuji Television, Shigoku told reporters at the wedding: Its really rare to have a day like this. Im deeply grateful for the support of all parties. She also said, its really great to be able to hold a wedding ceremony at Meiji Shrine. Its a happy thing to get so many peoples blessings here.

Gorgeous Princess and Shou Gu arrive at Meiji Shrine (current news agency)

Sun Zi Princess and Shou Gu answer reporters questions (Fuji TV)

When the reporter asked how to look at the new life, Huazi smiled and said, I will be strict with self-discipline, every precious day, daily small things, I also want to two people together, to enjoy happiness and joy.

Sun Zi Princess and Shou Gu answer reporters questions (Fuji TV)

In the afternoon, the couple will go to Tokyo Harbour District Government to apply for marriage, and Shinzo will leave the royal family after completing her new household registration.

Kokos mother Kuko also expressed her feelings through the Japanese Palace hall, saying the wedding was held on schedule, reassuring but also thanking all parties for their support. I hope that two people can build a good family full of joy and happiness.

Princess Xuan asked reporters questions (Fuji TV).

According to the Asahi Shimbun quoted by Taiwan media, Japans Royal Model stipulates that a Japanese Royal woman should give up her royalty and go to civilian life after marriage, but in order to maintain the Royal familys dignity, she will receive a fee (6.17 million yuan) as a wedding gift.

Princess gorgeous 1 years old with family photo (Japan NHK TV)

The 28-year-old princess is the third daughter of the late cousin of the emperor, Prince Kao Yuanyuan and Princess Kao Yuanyuan, who graduated from Chengxi International University in Japan. The 32-year-old unmarried man, Shougu Hui, graduated from Keio University and worked for Japans largest shipping company, Japan Shipping Corporation.

Hyun Zi and Shou Gu Hui attended the press conference to announce their engagement. (visual China)

In December 2017, Huanzi met Shougu with her mothers introduction. On July 2 this year, Huanzi and Shougu held a press conference to announce their engagement. Huanzi said that he had a good time talking to Shougu when he first met him, and had seen him several times afterwards. He felt that Shougu was gentle, intelligent, decisive and charming. Later, he began to associate with each other on the premise of marriage.

On August 12, 2018, Japans Princess Shiko and her fianc-in-law Shougu Hui officially established their engagement at the high imperial palace in Akasaka, Tokyo. Reported that although the gorgeous princess had to give up her royal status after marriage, but in the future will be able to enjoy the rights of civilians to vote, vote, and follow the husbands surname and other rights.

Japanese gorgeous princess married today, the royal wedding in the afternoon.