Chongqing Wanzhou bus crashed into the Yangtze River frontal impact video exposure

 Chongqing Wanzhou bus crashed into the Yangtze River frontal impact video exposure

A bus and a car crashed into the Yangtze River Second Bridge in Wanzhou District of Chongqing on the 28th. The video captured the buss frontal impact on the car and crashed into the river.

According to Hua Xi Metropolis Daily micro-blog, the new video exposure of Chongqing Wanzhou bus crashed into the river. On the 29th, a bus crashed into the river across from a Chongqing Wanzhou bus. The traffic recorder showed that at the time of the accident, the No. 22 bus ran into the bridge and suddenly turned left to cross the real line and crashed into a red car. Video display time is about 10:02 in October 28, 2018, video for up to 21 seconds. After crossing the opposite lane, the bus crashed into the river, less than 5 seconds.

Chongqing bus collided with car collided with private car driver driven by police

On October 28, a road traffic accident occurred in Wanzhou District of Chongqing, which caused a collision between a bus and a private car and a bus crashed into a river. According to the Wanzhou District patrol police detachment, private car driver Kuang has been controlled by the police.

Chongqing police: a total of more than 10 people were involved in the impact of the bus crossing.

According to the preliminary field investigation, when the accident happened, the bus suddenly crossed the central solid line, hit the normal car and rushed onto the road, broke the guardrail, and fell into the river. It was initially confirmed that there were more than 10 drivers and passengers on the bus. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.

Details of Chongqing bus falling into the river: red car brake lights on before two cars collide

New Beijing News reporter on October 29 from the red car behind the car traffic recorder to see that the incident happened when the red car was running in the outside lane, the bus from the opposite direction, the front of the electronic display screen has been flashing. Video recorders showed that the bus suddenly turned sharply across the yellow solid line in the middle, the red car brake lights on, and then the car head and the bus collided.