Before the Premier League, the army boss crashed and crashed before the crash.

 Before the Premier League, the army boss crashed and crashed before the crash.

The clubs owner, Thai businessman Victor Srivad Hanaprabha, and his crew (five in all) died in an air crash in a parking lot near the Royal Court on October 27, the clubs official statement said.

The image of the wreckage at the crash site is shown in watermark.

On the evening of October 27, 60-year-old Vicky took off in the middle of the Royal Stadium in his privately owned AW169 Italian Agost Westland helicopter after watching Leicester City draw 1-1 with West Ham United.

Vicky has always had a slightly extravagant habit of landing his private helicopter in the middle of the Royal Court after every home game, waving goodbye to the fans and stepping on the plane. The board members and players of the team were the passengers of guessing. They often left together with Victoria.

The helicopter crashed into the Royal Court parking lot a few minutes later, before fans could get a point from the teams last-minute strike.

_Local time May 16, 2016, Leicester City, England, Leicester City Team held the championship parade, pictured Vicky holding the trophy. Picture East IC

Last moment

The helicopter went to the least vacant area.

Red Star News correspondent access to information found that the Agusta Westland AW169 helicopter is a four-ton all-round, multi-purpose transport type of rotor aircraft, designed to meet the VIP and EMS markets and developed the latest light twin-haired helicopter, can carry two pilots and 8 to 10 passengers or two stretchers. There are only 60 AW169 aircraft in the world. They were put into the market in 2015.

On the same day, the helicopter returned to his home with Vicky in addition to his own pilot Eric Swav, Erics girlfriend Izabella Rosa Le Jovich, Vickys assistant Kawib Pampere and Vickys former Miss Universe runner-up Miss Thailand Nursala Sukhnami. Previous media reports that Vickys daughter and Leicester City club coach Claude Pierre were not on the helicopter.

The helicopter appeared something strange shortly after take-off. Fans who saw the scene said, I heard the sound of the helicopter, saw it right above the stadium, and made an unusual sound. Then it tilted and the propeller stopped turning. According to the British Mirror reported that pilots before the crash to try to steer the plane to the direction of the Royal Court parking lot, to avoid more people were injured in the accident. You know, shortly after the game ended, the 32,000-seat Royal Court had a large number of fans leaving, and there was a childrens paradise and parking lot beside it. The space on the right side of the court was relatively small.

Crash site (inside the red circle) and nearby terrain, Tutu, according to foreign media.

I dont know how the pilot did it, but he slowed down the helicopter and floated toward the corner of the parking lot, Mirror quoted sky sports photographer Dan Cox as saying. He let the helicopter hit the ground directly, there was no one there. He is a hero. Two policemen in front of me are trying to help. They are also heroes. Since the incident was only about an hour after the end of the game, many fans and staff remained near the Royal Court. If the plane did not crash in the corner of the parking lot, but landed in a crowded place and even hit the Royal Court, the consequences would be unthinkable. In the mirror report, there were at least 1000 people around the stadium.

Photos of the wreck helicopter pilots and their girlfriends during the lifetime

Up to the time of the press release, except for all five people on board the plane were killed, there was no news of other casualties on the scene, Vickis helicopter avoided the fans before the crash. Witnesses said two policemen ran to the crashed helicopter to try to break its glass after it crashed, but the explosion and hot fireballs forced them to retreat. As the explosion occurred during the fall, the scene was full of fire, cries and cries cut through the supposedly quiet night sky.

The team lost its soul.

Players receive psychotherapy

Leicester City Club said in an official statement that the Royal Stadium would be open for mourning on October 30, local time, and announced that the League Cup match between Leicester City and Southampton would be postponed in the middle of this week, the club will provide psychological counseling to the players in an attempt to make them accept the tragic fact.

I cant believe what happened, Schmeichel Jr. wrote in an article in his personal Instagram in memory of Vicky. I was devastated and very sad. I cant believe everything I saw last night. Its not true! I cant find the right language, but for me youre a legend and the soul of Leicester City, the champion wrote. Maguire, the central defender, wrote, words can not describe my feelings. I will never forget the support of the president, not only when I played in Leicester City, but also when I was playing for the World Cup.

If it hadnt been for their miraculous ascent to the top of the Premier League in 2016, these civilians might still be fighting in silence. In the previous season, they were just a relegation team, with a Thai owner most people couldnt name, and the casino even humiliated them by offering an astonishing odds of 1:5000. However, all these low points have become the biggest footnote of the miracle of Leicester later.

_Local time May 16, 2016, Leicester City, England, Leicester City Team held a championship parade, the soldiers took the bus to accept the worship of the fans. Picture East IC

Lead the weak team to win the championship.

His son also has a Chinese name.

As Schmeichel said, When you signed me in 2011, you said to me that were going to be the Premier League champions in six years and were going to do great things. You let me experience something that only happens in daydreams.

The Vicky family invested tens of millions of pounds into the club, improving the teams debt and facilities, introducing football technology and facilities, and Leicester City was promoted to the Premier League in 2014. At the time, Vicky was ruthless to the media: We wanted to stay as long as possible in the Premier League, but we had to stay first and then try to challenge for the top five. I want to do that. We need to spend 1 billion baht. But I think we can achieve that goal within 3 years. Eventually, the humble Premier League team showed solidarity and cohesion, beating Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool to win the Premier League title in the 2015-2016 season.

His arrival gave Valdi, Cantor, Majeres, Maguire and other civilian players a platform to display their own, completed the life of the rebellion in Leicester City, including the former coach Ranieri also took off the Millennium sophomore hat.

Vicky was a highly successful businessman, starting from scratch, founder of King Power, a Thai tax-free shop group, and the Forbes Rich List counted his fortune at $4.9 billion. After winning the Premier League in 2015-2016, Vicky delivered a BMW X Series car worth 100,000 to every Leicester City player. Fans often receive gifts from their owners, such as free beer and donuts. In addition, a fixed bus ticket to Leicester for any Premier League away match is always 10.

You changed the football forever! Pepo Schmeichel finally wrote in mourning.

Countless fans came to mourn the source of the picture and see the watermark.

Source: Red Star News Editor: Ji Xue Ying _NN6784