Goodbye Li Yong: you didnt leave, but the audience turned to God.

 Goodbye Li Yong: you didnt leave, but the audience turned to God.

This morning, his wife, Harvin, posted the sad news on her micro-blog today: In the United States, after 17 months of anti-cancer treatment, I will never love....

Many people and netizens were shocked and sad when they heard the news.

Only in April did Li Yong see the long hair that he had cut off for many years. A short hair and his daughter photographed him so young handsome, many netizens are still joking: suddenly get to Li Yongs Yan.

I didnt expect to hear his news again.

Speaking of Li Yong, the first impression is that when he was young, he often watched lucky 52 and very 6+1. Humorous and humorous style of hosting is loved by the whole family.

His long, iconic hair is said to have been around since he was very young, because his young dream was to be a painter. He was born in an intellectual family in Xinjiang. There are two sisters in the family, he is the youngest child, so he is loved. Li Yong also said that he was much more free than his peers.

Li Yong, who did not act as a painter, was admitted to Communication University of China with excellent results. During his college years, he not only harvested love, and then classmate Harvin talked about love, but also began to take off career, the first three directors of Lucky 52 is Li Yongs classmate Beiguang.

Beginning in 2002, Li Yongs hosting career was at its peak, and many times appeared in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

His wife, havin, began acting as director of CCTV Spring Festival Gala in 2012.

Talking about this experience, Li Yongzengs affectionate expression has a deep memory of the Spring Festival Gala, because it is of great significance to fight side by side with his wife.

The hosting experience of CCTV Spring Festival Gala is a great honour and affirmation to any host. After hosting the Spring Festival Gala for ten years, Li Yong chose to leave CCTV in 2013 and return to campus with his wife, Harvin, as a classmate. Li Yong jokes: 30 years ago, he was a classmate. He was a classmate after 30 years, and no one ran out of his palm. (from December 2016 NetEase entertainment interview)

There is a lot of speculation about this outside world, Li Yong did not explain too much, but he has mentioned that because he and his wife are participating in the Spring Festival Gala, their daughter for many years the New Years Eve is a person, love his daughter and finally have enough time to accompany the children.

In 2015, NetEase entertainment once had a day with Li Yong. Look at his mental state after he left CCTV.

Talking about the usual dress habits, Li Yong said: Normal dress is not as rigid as seen on television, at home dressed casually, like to wear casual sportswear when going out, just happy themselves.

Li Yongs staff said he was not as far away as he was on TV. He liked to chat with the staff during the intervals of recording the programs, chatting about his family and often joking. In everyones mind, Li Yong is a family-minded, caring and humorous person, especially loved by his grandparents and aunts.

Recording a program takes a long time, not more than a few hours, so Li Yong does not eat before recording, he is afraid of affecting the video effect, but after recording back home basically no appetite to eat again. So Li Yong stays excited by eating chocolate during the interval of recording the program, and Li Yongs assistant often brings chocolate with him.

Every time Li Yong recorded, she would find some enthusiastic audience to interact with each other, and the audience who performed well would be especially generous to give some gifts. For the final losers, they will not let others go home empty-handed, after expressing their gratitude, they will also generously give gifts. Li Yong jokes that these are all sponsors and do not give them away.

In addition to hosting other programs, Li Yong began more attempts. When we sing the new song of China, we will also sing on the stage.

As a mentor, the first speaker of the super orator.

It even said crosstalk - comedy comedy and Yu Qian were amazing.

He also has more time to accompany his daughter. Everyone says Li Yong is a daughter control and he once said that a daughter is a very important part of life.

(from December 2016 NetEase entertainment interview)

Li Yong and Harbin are very democratic and equal in their daughters education, giving her full freedom to make her own choices.

Another interesting thing about my daughter. There was a time when Li Yong posted a picture of her daughter on the Internet. When the picture of the little girl was sent out, everyone said it was ugly and aroused heated discussion. But there is an everlasting prophecy called the eighteen changes of women. Just a few years later, when Li Yonghawen replayed the photos, their daughters came and went out in a beautiful and graceful way. Netizens even compared her to miss world Zhang Zilin.

Li Yong was also very proud of his daughter and asked him about his new years wishes for 2017. He replied that he hoped his daughter would achieve all the goals in 2017 and be more sunny.

(from December 2016 NetEase entertainment interview)

Unfortunately, the world is unpredictable. As early as August 9, 2017, Li Yongs wife, Harvin, wrote on her micro-blog in anticipation of a cancer vaccine: AIDS vaccines are available, cancer vaccine is still far away? Come on, scientists!

At that time, netizens thought it was just an ordinary sigh. Looking back now, its actually the deep hope of a wife who loves her husband and wants technology to get over the disease.

In the months before Li Yongs death, havin sends good morning and early every morning. Regardless of the weather. She is reminding herself to cherish every day of life, and every morning with you is worth remembering.

Li Yong gave a speech on The Last Day of Life during her lifetime. Ill find a quiet place to stay. I wont apologize, I wont leave, and I wont complain. Ill just thank you. All the audience in front of the TV set, thank you for your wonderful memories.

Today, he really left. But just like what his audience said: you didnt leave, but the audience turned to God.

Im host Li Yong. Ill see you next time.

May heaven have no pain and go all the way!

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