Sweden, Fan Zhendong and Malone compete for the top four, Liu Shiwen, Lien Chan and Hirano Itou.

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 Sweden, Fan Zhendong and Malone compete for the top four, Liu Shiwen, Lien Chan and Hirano Itou.

The mens singles match, Fan Zhendong, who has just won the World Cup second times, is the number one seed. According to the lottery, Fan Zhendong and Marlon, who appeared in the international arena after two monthsrest, will encounter Franzka of Germany and Fretas of Portugal respectively before the meeting, without any accident in the quarter-final civil war. Lin Gaoyuan, like Fan Zhendong and Malone, will meet Swedens Falk Matthias and Japans Danyu Xiaoxi in the first half, and is expected to play Fan Zhendong or Malone in the semi-finals.

Xu Xin, the second seed in the second half of the competition, will encounter Japans former brother Shuigou Falcon. His opponent in the quarter-finals will be between Huang Zhenting in Hong Kong, China, and Ding Xiang-en in South Korea. In the second half of the quarter, the famous German player, Ocharov, will face Frances best player, Gartz, and if he enters the final eight, he may face Japanese 15-year-old Zhang Benzhihe, who will defeat Chinese Taipeis best player, Zhuang Zhiyuan. Wang Chuqin, Liu Dingshuo, Xue Fei, Zhou Kai, Yu Ziyang, Liang Jingkun, Zheng Peifeng, Zhou Yu and Zhou Qihao should compete for the qualifying first.

Zhu Yuling, as the top seed in the upper half, will meet Eckholm of Sweden, Du Kaizhan of Hong Kong, China, or Zheng Yijing of Taipei, China, in the quarter-finals. Wang Manyu, Chen Meng and Zhu Yuling are in the same district. They are expected to meet each other in the final eight, but they will defeat Japans Sato Pupil and South Koreas Xu Xiaoyuan first.

In the second round of the second half, Liu Shiwen will meet Miyu Hirano of Japan. The potential opponents in the quarter finals will be Miyuki Ito or Feng Tianwei of Singapore. Ding Ning and Chen Xingtong, together with Liu Shiwen in the lower half, will stage a civil war in the second round. The winner will compete with Japans first sister Kazuo Ishikawa for the top four seats. Eight national womens table tennis singles players, including Wu Yang, Zhang Rui, Liu Gaoyang, Sun Yingsha, He Zhuojia, Zhang Gang, Chen Ke and Wang Yidi, will play the qualifying first. The mens doubles table tennis team is composed of Malong/Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong/Liang Jingkun. On the womens side, Chen Ke/Wang Manyu and Chen Xingtong/Sun Yingsha are directly involved in the main competition. Liu Gaoyang/Zhang Rui is going to take part in the qualifying competition. According to the schedule, Sweden qualifies from October 29 to 31 and competes from November 1 to 4. Source: NetEase sports writer: Leon editor in charge: Lu Ting _NS5242