2019 spring landing Microsoft Intelligent Cloud three carriages gathered in China

 2019 spring landing Microsoft Intelligent Cloud three carriages gathered in China

Ke Ruijie, senior vice president of Microsoft Corp, chairman and chief executive officer of Greater China (AlainCrozier)

Alain Crozier, senior vice president of Microsoft, chairman and CEO of Greater China, said: Smart clouds, smart edges and artificial intelligence across them are building a new technological foundation for the world. Microsoft is trying to integrate advanced artificial intelligence into our products, services and platforms. Every organization and everyone is benefited from the changes brought about by AI. Over the years, the healthy development of Microsoft Azure and Office 365, which are operated by Century Internet, has exceeded expectations in the Chinese market and set a successful precedent for international cloud services to operate legally in China. Dynamics 365 is scheduled to land in China next spring, allowing Microsoft Smart Cloud Troika to gather in China to provide a better product, service and innovation platform for the local market. Faced with the trend of economic globalization, the constantly improving Microsoft Smart Cloud will better help Chinese enterprises to go global and help multinational enterprises to take root in China.

Ke Ruijie, senior vice president of Microsoft, chairman and CEO of Greater China, demonstrates the 3*3*3 advantage of Microsoft Smart Cloud in the Chinese Market

Microsoft Intelligent Cloud three carriages gathered in China, fully integrated into artificial intelligence

MicrosoftAzure, Office365 and Dynamics365 are called the three carriages of Microsoft intelligent cloud. Microsoft Azure and Office 365 announced their official commercial presence in China in 2014 through Century Interconnection with local operators, and have grown beyond expectations in the Chinese market over the past four years: Azure has won the trust of more than 110,000 corporate customers and more than 14 cloud partners, with more than 1.8 million paying corporate users in the Chinese Market Use Office365.

Microsoft Senior Vice President, Greater China Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ke Ruijie shows Microsoft Smart Cloud Troika to China

As a key part of Microsofts smart cloud, Dynamics 365 Enterprise Application Cloud Platform is scheduled to land in China in the spring of 2009. Dynamics 365 is a new generation of intelligent enterprise application platform rooted in the cloud. It integrates many functions of CRM customer relationship management and ERP enterprise resource planning. It can manage the intelligent management of business processes of different industries such as market, sales, service, operation, finance and talent with application modules built on demand. The main advantages of Dynamics365 include:

Modernized function modules, to meet different business needs: Dynamics 365 provides a modern breakdown function module for rapid business innovation into artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI), hybrid reality (MR), social and mobile applications.

Flexible expansion of existing applications to adapt to changes in business development: Dynamics 365 can be extended by joining third-party applications, and then build new solutions, constantly responding to changes in business development, for this flexible, secure, scalable platform into more technological innovation. This also provides a promising market for the partners of the third party developers.

Unify data model, innovate productivity and business processes: Based on OneMicrosoft strategy, Dynamics 365 breaks through the data barrier with Microsoft platforms and partner solutions such as Office 365, LinkedIn, Bing Search, etc. It can easily achieve unified and efficient management of data, documents, relationships, processes, and radical innovation. Enterprise productivity and business process.

As the core of Microsoft intelligent cloud, MicrosoftAzure has become the best cloud platform for AI. By introducing cognitive services, dialogic AI, open platforms and tools, Microsoft is committed to promoting the popularization of AI and enabling anyone to create their own AI applications. At present, Azure core AI services, represented by cognitive services, machine learning services and CosmosDB, occupy the first place in the world outside the United States in the Greater China region. There are thousands of enterprises using Microsoft cloud AI for development. With the help of Microsofts artificial intelligence translation technology, Cheetah Mobile has developed a cheetah AI translation stick, which can translate Chinese, English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean into each other during the journey.

Developers can call on the 23 APIs Azure Cognitive Services offer around the world to develop their own applications at any time. Microsoft will soon launch voice APIs, content review APIs, text analysis APIs, and text translation APIs at Microsoft Azure, which is operated by Century Internet, to meet the needs of running native applications more efficiently in the domestic market. In addition, Microsoft Intelligent Cloud will be introduced in succession to combine BOT and manual online customer service, and can easily carry out large-scale parallel experiments and training depth learning and AI model of BatchAI and other artificial intelligence services.

Office 365, one of the most popular cloud productivity platforms, is also increasing security while incorporating a large number of AI innovations. Office 365 already has nearly 60 AI functions, including spell correction, PowerPoint designer, slideshow smooth switching, real-time speech translation, Excel one-button analysis, Excel smart filling, smart anti-spam, data loss protection, and so on. On this basis, the latest upgrade features for Microsoft Teams include video background blurring, meeting recording, cloud video interoperability and other functions; Excel introduces inspiration charts, stock and geographic location data types, picture insertion data, dynamic array and other four artificial intelligence; Outlook Mobile adds 5 new enterprise information protection And new features for mobile management; in addition, Office 365 connects with LinkedIn accounts, allowing users to send mail or share files directly to LinkedIn contacts in Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Office 365 Micro Assistant, launched for the Chinese market, integrates Office 365 mobile office suite features in its micro-letter. More than 900 companies have deployed Office 365 Micro Assistant to achieve in-depth integration with SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, OneDrive and other work applications. In addition, Microsoft Teams, Microsofts fastest growing commercial application in Microsofts history, has served more than 329,000 companies worldwide, and the Android-oriented Microsoft Teams application has been launched in China. In addition, in order to help SMEs enter the fast lane of digital transformation, Office 365, which is operated by Century Internet, will launch the promotion of Microsoft Love SMEs Cloud Purchasing Festival from Oct. 25 to Nov. 11. It will offer a 5% discount promotion for the business collaboration version of Office 365. A variety of cloud office services such as box, online document management system, online meeting, OfficeOnline and so on.

Focus on hybrid cloud, Internet of things, intelligent edge to meet diversified customer needs.

While leading the digital transformation and technological innovation with the worlds leading cloud services, Microsoft fully considers the diverse needs of different customers, provides a seamless convergence of private cloud and hybrid cloud services, and introduces the latest technologies and achievements on Microsofts smart cloud into the private cloud or local data center oriented. The mixed cloud deployment enables all enterprises to advance the technological innovation in the cloud age with the times.

Kang Rong, vice president and general manager of marketing and operations of Microsoft Greater China, demonstrates the full coverage of Microsofts IaaS, PaaS and SaaS to create the best public cloud service

WindowsServer2019 is officially commercial. As the latest generation of Microsofts data center platform, Windows Server 2019 further integrates more cloud computing and new features of the big data age, including more advanced security, widespread support for container infrastructure, native support for hybrid cloud extensions, and low-cost hyper-convergence architecture that allows users to embrace local data centers as well. There is an innovative platform for convergence in the future. Similarly, to meet customers who cannot migrate to the cloud in the short term, Microsoft officially launched Office 2019 for local deployment, which provides classic versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook to enhance local functionality, but simplifies administration and cloud scalability.

SQLServer2019 public preview. The new version of SQL Server 2019 provides data-related functions, including OLTP, data warehouse, business intelligence (BI), advanced analysis of artificial intelligence and other functional modules. In addition, it opens the barriers between different database management systems such as Oracle, Teradata, and MonoDB to provide faster business analysis without moving data. Its built-in Spark and Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) is used to extract, store and analyze large amounts of data. It also has R language advanced analysis and provides end-to-end mobile BI. It can achieve all functions from data capture, analysis to presentation.

From the Smart Cloud to the Smart Edge, Microsoft has developed a clear cloud deployment strategy and provides a comprehensive range of products and services: from pure Microsoft Azure public clouds to locally deployed Azure Stack hybrid cloud solutions, to Azure DataBox offline and online data migration solutions, and Azure IoTEdge cloud + end for edge device management. And the chip-level Azure Sphere solution -- able to fully meet the various application scenarios and requirements from the smart cloud to the smart edge.

The AzureStack hybrid cloud solution brings Azure to local data in an integrated system manner and provides services, tools, Cloud Application models, and partner ecosystem support that are fully consistent with Azure to meet the needs of offline deployment, industry compliance requirements, and diversification of cloud applications running locally. Lenovo, HUAWEI and DellEMC have launched the AzureStack integrated system in the Chinese market. Huada Gene has deployed a hybrid cloud of Azure Stack and Azure for gene sequencing related work, and has used Office 365 to modernize its global collaborative office.

AzureSphere, the first chip-level cloud + end-of-the-art secure connection management solution, is now open for public preview worldwide. AzureSphere is designed to fully guarantee the security of networked microcontrollers through a full range of solutions ranging from chips to cloud services. There are up to 9 billion Microcontrollers in use worldwide each year. Only 1% of them have networking capabilities. AzureSphere will open up a broad market prospect.

Microsoft Intelligent Cloud continues to upgrade, facing the global market, giving power cloud innovation.

Microsoft Intelligent Cloud provides wide coverage in the global market. Among them, Microsoft Azure has 54 Azure regions worldwide, serving more than 140 countries and regions worldwide, exceeding the total number of other international public cloud service providers; Azure has built the worlds largest high-speed network system, with a total length of more than 100,000 miles; and Azure continues to update its infrastructure and application services, large data and Artificial intelligence services continue to provide innovative momentum for customer business, 95% of the global Fortune 500 companies adopt Microsoft Azure. In China, two new Azure areas in Microsoft Azure, operated by Century Interconnection, were officially commercialized in June, tripling the size of cloud computing.

Microsofts Senior Vice President, Greater China Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Ke Ruijie presents five features of Microsofts Smart Cloud

Azure, both for the global and Chinese markets, adopts the same platform and technology architecture, which can fully meet the requirements of the Chinese market for information and data, while achieving seamless convergence of technology platforms and applications to achieve one development, global deployment. Therefore, the environment and application developed by domestic enterprises on Azure in China can be rapidly deployed on Azure platform operated by Microsoft in other markets around the world to achieve rapid deployment of overseas business platforms; at the same time, overseas enterprises can also rapidly migrate their systems and applications deployed globally to China, which operates through the interconnection of centuries. With less IT investment, shorter preparation cycle, and more flexible cloud deployment, Azure can safely and regularly distribute the Chinese market. With the help of Azures global deployment, Chinese millet enterprises, long-term energy and other enterprises have achieved faster and more convenient overseas expansion.

Globally, Microsoft Smart Cloud has received more than 70 legal certifications and requirements related to security, compliance and privacy; Microsoft Azure and Office 365, which are operated by Century Internet, have passed Chinas Trusted Cloud certification and three-level protection evaluation, and acquired the Internet Resource Collaboration Service (IRCS) in August 2017. Business license. Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 all meet the strictest requirements of the European Unions General Data Protection Regulation (GDP R), which ensures that users can use Microsofts smart cloud to innovate and develop without worries. In the process of exploring digital transformation, the hospital affiliated to Taipei Medical University adopts Azure block chain service to develop patient information management system. Intelligent contract based on block chain technology can fully meet the requirements of GDP R for data privacy protection.

To help more people learn about all of Microsoft Azures products and application scenarios, Microsoft launched the Microsoft Learning (Microsoft.com/Learn) platform, offering free interactive online tutorials to help them improve their self-esteem by tailoring learning paths for developers, IT administrators, solution architects, and business analysts. At body level, the new interactive learning platform can step by step guide users from the basics to learn and master the full functionality of Azure. The tutorial provides a hands-on experimental and programming environment, and teaches you all the knowledge and operations you need to master Azure in full Chinese.

In addition, Microsoft has provided more functions and services upgrading for Azure, including:

Virtual Machine: Azure officially provides M-series virtual machines in China. It is currently the most widely certified HANA production environment in the public cloud market (7 kinds), the largest memory (up to 4TB per node), support SAPHANA virtual machines, and will provide the perfect SAPOn Azure solutions and services for the Chinese market through partners.

Database: data factory launches AzureintegrationRuntime and database migration service;

Internet of things: IoT center equipment pre configuration service, timing analysis TimeSeriesInsights;

Development Services: New Integrated Naming and Publishing R&D Services such as Azure DevOps, Azure App Center and Signal RService;

Management and security aspects: User connection services support SMS notification, third-party login, authentication code login, Azure monitor support AppInsights, LogAnalytics, Cloud Shell, firewall, Information Protection Premium information protection, DDoS protection, security center.

Kang Rong, Vice President and General Manager of Marketing and Operations of Microsoft Greater China, reiterates the 3*3*3 advantage of Microsoft Smart Cloud in the Chinese market.

Kang Rong, Vice President and General Manager of Marketing and Operations of Microsoft Greater China, reiterated the 3*3*3 advantage of Microsoft Smart Cloud in the Chinese market.