Hongkongs wine and cuisine tour has been disturbed by more than 40 drones.

 Hongkongs wine and cuisine tour has been disturbed by more than 40 drones.

The number of 100 is shown by the lights of the 10 UAVs. Photo source: Hongkong Wen Wei Po reporter Ceng Qingwei / photo

It was reported that the 10th anniversary of the Wine and Food Patrol sponsored by the Hong Kong Tourism and Development Bureau (HKTDC) first arranged 100 UAVs to hover over Victoria Harbor four nights in a row to perform light and shadow performances with different patterns made by lights. However, only two nights of performances were performed, but on 27, more than 40 UAVs were suspected of being disturbed by hackers, resulting in the loss of control of the UAVs. The night of the night and the evening of 28 may be cancelled.

The brigade was very angry about the incident and thought it was intentional interference. The police network security and technology crime investigation team has taken over the investigation, and no one has been arrested for the time being.

A four-night wine and food tour was held from October 25 to 28 at the Central Seaside Activity Space and Tima Park. A seven-minute UAV light and film show was scheduled at 7:00 p.m. and was successfully completed the previous two nights. It was very popular. The brigade therefore decided to make a special addition on the evening of 27, which is to be held at 6 pm and 7:30.

But the first performance on the evening of 27 seconds before the problem, the UAV global positioning (GPS) system was disturbed, so that unmanned aerial vehicles out of control, including more than 40 UAVs more out of control crashed into the sea, resulting in two UAV performances were temporarily cancelled.

The staff then checked, suspected that the signal was hacked and interfered and decided to call the police.

Until the 28th, because the supplier can not replenish the damaged UAV in time, so that the last night of the wine and food tour UAV light and film show will be cancelled.

Liu Zhenhan, Director-General of the Bureau of Tourism and Development, said that nearly half of the UAVs were damaged by signal interference on the evening of 27, and some of them fell into the sea. The UAV light and film show was cancelled on the evening of 28 because it could not be arranged to replenish new UAVs and adjust computer programs in a short day.

Liu Zhenhan was very angry about the disturbance of the UAV performance. He said it took half a year to prepare for the performance. He hoped that the audience and the people could feel the atmosphere, but the disturbance could not continue. This not only disappointed the public, but also affected the image of Hong Kong.

Hong Zhongxing, general manager of the Bureaus program and tourism product development, said the suppliers computer was not affected in the incident and could normally lift the UAV into mid-air, but it was disturbed when the UAV received signals from the Global Positioning System (GPS) so that it could not reach the designated position out of control, so the incident was considered deliberate interference. UAVs receive global positioning signals, but the authorities have not received any extortion messages so far.

Police Cyber Security and Technology Crime Investigation Team took over the investigation on the evening of the 27th. The interfered UAV will be taken away for inspection to check the source of the interference signal. However, it is not yet clear whether the incident was intentional or was affected by the environment.

The HKTDC said that the co-sponsors were sought through open tenders, and the company has performed similar UAV performances in various parts of the world, including Europe, over the past two years and can be successfully completed. As for the amount of the loss, the HKTDC said that due to trade secrets, it was not allowed to disclose, but the loss of more than 40 unmanned aerial vehicles, each worth tens of thousands of Hong Kong dollars.

Source: China News Net editor: Han Jiapeng _NN9841