US media explosion Crazy Bomb life: worship Trump

 US media explosion Crazy Bomb life: worship Trump

Trumps world, bred his madness! Local time 26, shocked the United States, bomber Cesar Sayork was arrested by U. S. police. He has been charged with multiple felony charges and will face a half century of prison life for the rest of his life. The disappointed half-life, badly-behaved ex-convict is the iron loyal fan of U.S. President Trump, who salutes him unconditionally. American public opinion satirizes that Sayorks illness is the by-product of Trumps political agenda and the true embodiment of Trumps undisturbed version.

According to CNN on the 28th, Sayork, who sent 14 improvised bombs in succession, began committing crimes in the early 1990s and has long been a regular customer of police stations and courts. In 1991, SA York was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment for theft. In 1994, he was beaten by his family by beating his grandmother. In 2002, he threatened to blow up the power company in a dispute, and was subsequently prosecuted. Over the next ten years, he has repeatedly violated the law because of illegal drugs, theft and unlicensed business.

According to the social standards of the United States, SA York is a typical big loser. He went to university twice, but he failed to graduate. He had given out pizza, played discs at nightclubs, and even watched the field for strip clubs, but his career never improved. Sayork himself declared bankruptcy in 2012 after his mortgage was withdrawn from the bank because of income instability. For the past 10 years, he has basically lived in his van. However, SA York likes to pretend to be a successful person in front of others. In his opinion, he started a new company almost every three months and worked for the Italian Football Club AC Milan. Although he is a Philippines descendant, he claims to possess the noble lineage of North American Aborigines. One acquaintance said that Sayork spent his life trumpeting and faking to find his identity. Even if he mopped the floor at Apple, he dared to say that he and Jobs invented the Apple computer together. According to Sayorks family, he has certain mental problems, emotional fluctuations, extremely immature. Because of his obsession with fitness, Sayor overcame steroids and was suspected of eating his brain out.

According to the Washington Post, Trumps political career was a major turning point in Sayorks life, and he suddenly showed a keen interest in the U.S. election. He quickly applied to join the Republican Party, applied for a Twitter account, and shared far-right rhetoric and conspiracy theories with Trump mindlessly. Lawyer Roy, who took up Sayorks case earlier, said Sayork was in the same state as all extremists in the United States and outsiders who were marginalized. He essentially agreed with all Trumps controversial views and preached hatred, discrimination, xenophobia and homophobia.

The New York Magazine commented that it was no coincidence that Trump could find a strong sense of identity in Trump by popularizing his partys political agenda as an incubator specializing in morbid people like Sayork. According to the Beast Daily, Trumps active social media campaign is itself a weapon of radical thinking, and the president himself is to blame for this terrorism campaign. The newspaper believes that the bomber is probably only one of Trumps million creations. These Trump supporters, corrupted by radical ideas, are now likely to lurk in society, with plenty of gunpowder and ready to move.

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