Li Yong died and he worked hard to make us laugh.

 Li Yong died and he worked hard to make us laugh.

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CCTV host Li Yongs wife and well-known director Harvin Weibo released, In the United States, after 17 months of anti-cancer treatment, October 25, 2018, 5:20 a.m., lost my love forever.

Li Yongs death is a shocking news. He was born in 1968 and is only 50 this year. On February 5th last year, he also participated in hosting Zhejiang Satellite TVs reality show The Second Season of Familiar Tastes, and at the end of last year he hosted the Night of Artistic Screaming on a video platform. By then, he should have been suffering from cancer.

Watching Hunan TV and Internet programs grow up after 90 and 00 may not be familiar with Li Yong. Chinas entertainment program update iteration speed is very fast, even the draft, in 10 years has also undergone tremendous changes. But for many 70 and 80 generations, Li Yong deeply influenced their growth.

In 1998, Li Yong began hosting the puzzle game Lucky 52 on CCTV, and in 2003 he hosted the popular talent show Very 6+1. These two programs made him well known. Later, he hosted many Spring Festival Gala on CCTV and became one of the most famous hosts in China.

Intelligence games, popular talent shows and evenings are actually three basic forms of Chinese entertainment programs, but the forms are constantly changing. In these three forms, Li Yong was an early explorer. Before the launch of Hunan Satellite TVs Super Girl in 2004, Li Yong was one of the most influential entertainment anchors in China.

In CCTV, especially in the host of Spring Festival Gala, Li Yong is quite unique. Because of his popularity in the audience, he was absorbed into the host team of the Spring Festival Gala, but he was very different from other hosts: in him, more is the entertainment of the common people, he and other hosts of the Spring Festival Gala style somewhat different.

Li Yong said: I am the bottom line of CCTV entertainment. This is not empty talk. He presided over the program to entertain the public, but he was not vulgar and vulgar.

From Li Yong onwards, people began to think that the host can also be funny, fun, he worked hard in the program performance, trying to make everyone happy. Li Yongs image in front of the camera can make people think that he is also a happy fruit in daily life, in fact, it is not the case, he is sometimes a very serious person in life, that kind of entertainment, is actually the professional character of the host.

Entertainment is also a part of life that can make people mentally healthier, and for those who entertain us, thats their job, and perhaps the stress that comes with it can also damage their health. Li Yong has made many people happy, but today, many people will be sad because he left. Well remember his professionalism, and remember that there was an astute, enthusiastic, humorous host who tried so hard to make us laugh.