When the fire ox broke the enemy, how did he create the battle of Jimo?

 When the fire ox broke the enemy, how did he create the battle of Jimo?

After this war, the main force of Qi army was broken. When Qin Han and the two armies withdrew, Yan will break up Qi, and over 70 cities in 6 months. Qi remained only two cities of Ju and Jimo (southeast of Pingdu, Shandong). Qi Tian was elected to be the general, and he insisted on Jimo. Tian Shan, on the one hand, has vigorously developed the public to set up the work of protecting the city, while waiting for the right time to counter attack.

After Tiandans surprise attack succeeded, Qi immediately launched a counter-offensive, and soon drove the Yan Army out of the country to recover the occupied city. This war was later known as the Battle of Jimo. In this battle which is related to the survival of the country, if there is no Savior on a single horse of Tiandan, waiting for the destruction of the Qi state will be.

In the battle of Jimo, Qi resumed its country in the first World War and regained its initiative in the war. This kind of battle situation is not uncommon in the hand tour of Run the Land Shore, and players have restored the battle of Jimo.

X129 area master gathered, [edge] and [Mo] two leagues united to confront [Sao] league, the two sides launched fierce fighting, due to the other sides fierce situation, [Sao] league can not defend, retreat, have lost the camp and other places, the defense line contracted for a time. When the Allied forces rushed to Linzi, the army could not retreat, and the wall remained clear.

At this time, the member of the League eternal Mingsao came forward, he imitated the story of Tian Dans surprise attack, staged Savior on a single horse. He first allied himself with the border forces in the State Capitol and quickly struck a gap, occupying Southeast Qingzhou. Then he attacked the coalition and made it impossible for them to escape. On the other hand, he let the friendly forces cooperate to break through the Qingxu Jun County barrier. The danger of the coalition was greatly alleviated.

In the Battle of Jimo, Tian Shan was resourceful enough to defend the isolated city, paralyze the Yan Army and actively create the conditions for counter-offensive under the circumstances of the breaking of the national siege and the disparity in strength between the two sides. Players on the Tour can also make full use of these factors to actively organize counter-offensives and perform good repetitions of classics. In the thirteen states, everyone is the main character, and everyone can be a brilliant military adviser.

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