Qin army airborne! Once in a while, the White Emperor played the service of Wei.

 Qin army airborne! Once in a while, the White Emperor played the service of Wei.

When the time has come, the Qin State resolutely dispatched troops. Owing to the stalemate between Wei and Zhao allied forces and Han Jun in Huayang, Huayang is far apart from Qin. Wei and Zhao allied forces estimated that the Qin army could not reach Huayang support in the short term, so they were negligent in guarding against it. However, the commander of the Qin army also thought of the speed of the March. He adopted the tactical policy of surprising and unprepared and ordered the army to start from Xianyang and make long-distance raids at a speed of 100 miles per day. In only eight days, he arrived at Huayang City.

In this war, Wei army was destroyed by 10 thirty thousand people, and Zhao Jun twenty thousand people sank in the Yellow River. Subsequently, Qin army quickly attacked and took the girders of Wei Du, and Wei was forced to cut Nanyang for peace. Wei also sought support from Zhao and Yan on the other hand. Qin Jun Wen Zhiyan and Zhao joined forces to save Wei, so they returned quickly after accepting Nanyang. So far, the Huayang war ended with the victory of the Qin army.

On the strength of the army, the Qin army could not compete with Wei and Zhao allied forces. But because Bai Qi chose the right strategy, he was able to seize the first opportunity before the Wei and Zhao allied forces prevented and assisted the Han and Qin armies.

Bai Qi, as a famous ancient military strategist, his ferocity need not be repeated, the use of Blitzkrieg in Chinese history is not uncommon, and the passage of time, Run the shore of the land hand tour also has the idea of Blitzkrieg.

After the X130 service was opened, the forces expanded rapidly. Among them, the alliance of ink and divine soldiers is particularly obvious. Soon, the Alliance launched a lightning attack, first to break the pass of Kaocheng, since Yang Yan, the army attacked the small town of Fengqiu before the Guanqiu City, the alliance immediately vigilant, rushed to send troops to lay out the battle, how can you [Shenbing] Allied soldiers noble speed, all the way to attack Yanzhou Linqiu, Shiyi, all the way to advance to Guandu area, [Mo] Allied Although it was expected, it was defeated.

In the Huayang battle of surprise and unprepared attack, Bai Qi made a long-distance raid at a speed of 100 miles a day. The Qin Army was like airborne and gained tremendous advantages in World War I. And in the hands of the beach of land tour, there is also a world martial arts, but fast not broken mentality, as long as players have their own ideas, they can lay down their own rivers and mountains here.

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